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FIND YOUR MOJO: A KICKSTART STRATEGY SESSION You’re ambitious, results oriented and a leader who cares about people. You like to be on the cutting edge, are interested in growth and being the best you. You’re working hard to achieve sustainable success, so strategies on working smarter and more effectively are always appealing. But recently life took a turn, …

“Pia has an ability to, in a relatively brief conversation, effectively help me organize my thoughts, sort out complex issues and achieve clarity on how to move forward. It’s a skill I can’t explain, the pieces just fall into place.” — Scott


I help people create success in sales, business and life on their terms, while being connected to who they really are (I’m talking about the awesomeness that you are). Lets cut through the BS and have a chat and strategize what would be fun for you to create?

“It’s a life changing event to be the best you. It’s the strengths that move your life forward and make you who you are in every aspect of life. Be open and ready for it so that you can optimize the training and it truly changes your life. Some of your strengths may not be what you think. Don’t waste your time, get in there when you’re ready, and then without a doubt go forward. Don’t not do it, it needs to be done and anyone can benefit from it.” Bob Skundrich, Sr. District Sales Manager

ACCESS BARS® 90 minutes that could change your life, while taking a nap! At a minimum you will be at peace and feel rejuvenated. Would accessing your inner core and zen mode no matter what’s going on around you be of interest?

“After a Bars session with Pia, I often feel transformed and relieved. Free of being ruled by whatever heavy feelings I may have like anger, sadness, hopelessness; or fear. I feel light; clear-minded; and able again.”  — Michael Gilman


Let your true self shine through in the images we capture of you. We can make it as silly as you wish (I’ll be the Jester!). Wanna land a new job, client, date or simply let the world see the true you!?

“Pia is great at portraying me in the most flattering way through artfully choosing the right clothes and colors that are best suited to me; and directing the right settings; lighting and authentic poses.”  — Michael Gilman