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    Navigating business + life can be challenging, and even the best of us lose our mojo

    I’ve been there myself and know how powerful it is to have someone to talk to that can help guide you without judgment. I’m intuitive business + life strategist for leaders. Whether it’s that you’re not hitting your revenue targets, feeling stuck, like you’ve lost your edge, or simply need tools to sell yourself better, let’s talk. I’ll help you connect the dots and get back in your zone to create the success you desire in business and life.

    With Joy & Gratitude,

    You’re in sales—we all are


    When you focus on the strengths of your people, they thrive in their work, they’re engaged, and it’s a win-win all around for the business, and everyone involved.

    No matter what’s going on in your life or business, it starts with you. When you step into a life where you use what comes naturally to you every day and learn to appreciate the gifts you have, you will gain a new appreciation for the gifts other people have, that you don’t.


    This is an amazing program! The big thing for me was to shift my focus from improving my weaknesses to simply recognizing and augmenting the areas where I naturally have strengths. And narrowing those down to their core is where Pia is really at her best!

    —Robert Johnston, Sales Director

    Competition® | Analytical® | Individualization® | Relator® | Achiever® – The Connoisseur — Supporter

    Ways we can work together


    Debrief session

    Create more flow + mojo

    Rediscover your natural flow

    The value you bring

    How to leverage your talents

    1:1 Custom package

    Reignite your mojo

    Reconnect to yourself

    Recreate your life

    Reignite your world

    Create a life that turns you on!

    Guided meditation

    Create your life mojo

    Access forgotten dreams

    Create a money mojo that works for you

    Create the body mojo you desire

    in person

    In person only

    Access your inner zen

    With Access Bars® – CLICK HERE – in person only


    I’m available for short & long-term consulting projects. From startup setup, reorganization projects within marketing/sales. Book a call to discuss, send an email here or connect with me via LinkedIn.



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