why strengths?

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Strengths | 0 comments

What makes CliftonStrengths® so awesome from my perspective is that it not only empowers you, it teaches you to embrace and look at other people through the lens of their unique gifts. And while this assessment is not about what you do or necessarily be, rather HOW you approach anything in life, it’s a great tool to access the blind spots that we all have and own who we naturally are.

With a lifelong passion for exploring and learning about what makes people choose what they choose I’ve found these tools to fit so naturally into where my journey has taken me. Have you ever found yourself hearing the same message/teaching from different perspectives? I have, and to me, that is what is so powerful about this, it fits into our lives so easily whether you are into growth or not. I mean can learning about your greatness be anything but empowering? So for me, with my top 2 strengths of “Strategic®” and “Positivity®”, this is gold!

The journey of embracing your strengths can look like this: you take the assessment, you look at your top 5 and see yourself and think “well that’s cool”, and then what? Mind you I was one of the people that just let that information sit without really looking at how I could create from my strengths. Now 12 years later when I’m at a point in my life where I am stepping into who I am in a way that I haven’t before I’m absorbing the materials in-depth and having so much fun while coaching others into seeing and embracing their greatness.

If you are interested in learning more about the different strengths, Gallup has an excellent YouTube channel filled with videos that talk about strengths, with deep dives into individual themes. CLICK HERE to access Gallup’s Strengths Center.

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