Have you sat down to look at what your targets are and how to achieve them? There are many books and teachings about the steps you need to take yet many create success without this. Could it have something to do with how you create individually? 

Your strengths are all different after all. Added to that you have different targets, experiences, skills, backgrounds, desires, … the list goes on. What works for you may look different.

I love to ask questions, a lot of them are internal inquiries at this stage of my life but if you ask people that I work with and friends, they’d probably still say I ask a lot of questions. 

Questions have the power to open you up

Whether it’s to get clear on something you’ve been asking for, new awarenesses,  or simply learning something new.

How we receive them often depends on HOW the questions are asked. Who your audience is matters too. Some questions could, potentially, occur as questioning even when that’s not the intention. 

When people ask you questions it’s important to listen to the tone, vibe, and tune-in to the body language of that person to avoid misunderstandings. 

I love how a question can blow up your belief systems, and expand your awareness. Do you know what I mean?

Questions are so powerful and have the power to forward conversations in a multitude of ways. You learn a lot from each other when you ask questions.

How are you feeling right now?

The past couple of months have brought us all time to reflect, look at what works and doesn’t, and take actions in a variety of ways.

We are living in times of high contrast from many different angles: emotional, physical, and financial well-being to name a few.

I’m grateful for the ease of access to all of the different teachings that I tap into online. Through all the communities that I tap into I’m provided with a range of global perspectives, and reminders of how I best focus my energy so that I can make a positive impact in the lives I cross paths with.

Feeling good or great when people around you are hurting can occur as strange. When you have the ability to stay neutral or even happy on the inside however it’s easier to help lift the spirits up for people around you.

Have you ever found that the crappier you feel, the bigger the insights and wisdom you gain later? As much as we avoid pain, we grow from it AND you can grow without it too!

What questions are you asking yourself?

Through Access Consciousness I learned how conclusive many of my questions were and I still ask many of the questions I learned.

Questions like: 

How does it get any better than this? I mean how brilliant is that? Many people say “it doesn’t get any better than this…” if you tune into the energy of each question you’ll notice a difference. One has you look for more of whatever you’re asking for, the other one stops the flow.

Imagine being in the flow, in your zone, asking “how does it get any better than this”? Try it,  and watch the magic unfold.

A second favorite is: What else is possible? When you ask questions like this you automatically will look for something that can provide you with another option, right?

Both questions work great when you feel crappy too. They help you dig yourself out of the hole one question and choice at the time and before you know it, you’re feeling great.

Your circumstances didn’t necessarily change but your mindset did, and quickly so.

How much more can you create when you FEEL great? Does how you feel affect your productivity?

So going back to how you create your roadmap for success start by asking questions that empower and see what shows up.


Questions like: What is YOUR definition of success? Hint: Look at your strengths 😀

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