Unleash your inner rebel

Rediscover who you are and how to move forward – Be a rebel with a cause, again!

Be confident…

…In the boardroom

…In the bedroom

…In all areas of life

It’s all connected!


This program is for the explorers, seekers, and rebel leaders who have lost their path. You’ve always had a fire, still have, but internal business politics is wearing on you. You’ve spoken up and you’ve played nice, but you’re not being heard, there’s now a gap in communication and no real connection.

Let’s face it, you’ve always been different, a rebel. You may not look like the classic rebel but beyond the surface you are, you think and feel different.

You once embarked on a path with a cause that was clear to you. 

Over the years you’ve kept your focus on the end goal but it’s taken a toll on you with your wings getting clipped along the way. While your fire is still burning the initial cause and mission changed along the way and you no longer know what you bring. 

Now you’re faced with making a choice, invest in yourself and your team, or start something new. You can no longer play politics and save your full self-expression and what you know is possible for a rainy day. Playing games is not your thing.

On the outside, you may look like you have your shit together but inside – Wowza!

You know that there’s more to this game called life and want to play full out. You’ve reached a point in your life where you feel like you’re going to explode if you don’t let it all out!


Some people say or think you’re “too much…”


Whatever your “too much” is, it’s sometimes simply because you haven’t found your tribe.  Either way, you’re done inflicting your stress on yourself, whatever your “poison” is, it no longer works.

That inner restlessness is getting worse by the minute, especially when Sunday afternoon comes along…

You’re done pretending and playing nice while taking it out on yourself.

Life’s too short to waste another minute. You’re ready to unleash your true self fully and turn on your rebel spirit fully coupled with the wisdom gained in the process. 

You’re unique and different, always have been, and you know it. Let’s use that to your advantage and tap into your genius zone, your essence and gold, and create a customized journey for you.

Become a rebel leader with a cause, step back on your path with the freedom to be yourself full out, leaving excuses and attitudes at the door. You’ve got heart and you’re ready to show the world what’s on the inside.

  Reconnect to yourself

  Recreate your life

  Reignite your world

What’s a Coaching Session Like?


In each session, we’ll dive into how your specific talents and theme dynamics play out in your business and life. We’ll review and discuss any questions that you might have, what changes you’ve experienced since our previous session and if any additional tools are needed to keep you pumped up in winner mode in between sessions.

Each session will have a homework exercise that will help you continually discover and address how to dive deeper into your natural talents and develop them into strengths.

You’ll also receive personalized tools, strategies, and ideas to use as needed.  We’ll ongoingly explore and brainstorm how you can work smarter by investing in your talents to change your game.

You’ll leave the sessions energized with a clear direction knowing what actions you need to take next to maximize and focus your natural talents into your business and life. You’ll gain insights, clarity, and confidence in what you contribute to the world simply by being who you are.

15 hours to use as you choose during 3 months

A 1-hour session one week, a 4-hour intensive another week, your choice. Together we’ll design a schedule that works for you. All sessions will be via Zoom.

We’ll use a variety of assessments as tools to quickly access your inner genius and create a customized path for you.

The package also includes a life mojo session – a client favorite that you can think of as a guided meditation.


  • ASSESS – What type of rebel you are – reveal your gold and inner essence
  1. DIG DEEP While keeping it fun and easy. Clear misconceptions of who you are, how you show up, connect to, and express the true rebel inside
  2. CLARIFY – Your truth, to shift your mindset, perform better, identify triggers, beliefs



  1. YOUR MOJO – Identify what you provide and need, and how you contribute. Connect to your cause, targets, and mission. Have mojo in the bedroom & boardroom, let your freak flag out – own it – be it!
  2. YOUR DREAMS – Guided meditation to access your inner rebel
  3. FLIP THE SWITCH – Turn up your mojo fully, doing your thing – being yourself, no excuses



    1. WHAT & HOW – Your targets and action plan. How to apply rebel with a cause
    2. COMMUNICATE – Your cause, vibe, how you dress,  your personal tagline
    • STAYING IN FLOW – Identify key reinforcers that keep your mojo in flow and have the tools needed to stay in rebel with a cause mode

    Clients Who Got Their Mojo Back


    My time with Pia was a highlight to each week. Every session was interesting and provoking; Pia would ask simple questions, and then help guide and navigate through my strengths to clarify what makes me feel alive and passionate about who I am and what I do.

    What makes me unique and valuable as a person, is also what makes me a positive asset in my profession. The exercises and projects she provided to me will be used and treasured for years to come.

    As I grow and develop as an individual, I will be able to use the tools Pia shared with me; to ask those same questions and find the answers that point me toward a rewarding path. —Pamela P, District Sales Manager

    Strategic®, Positivity®, Empathy®, Communication®, Responsibility® – The Catalyst – Supporter


    You thought you understood your strengths; you don’t. You thought you could quickly find your mojo again on your own; but not like this. One of the smartest things I’ve done for my career and personal life. You owe it to yourself, your happiness and your business.—Rob Mitchell, Sales Professional

    Strategic®, Maximizer®, Ideation®, Achiever®, Futuristic® – The Rock Star – Creator


    Take anything you do well, and multiply it by 10 after working with Pia! It was a great and valuable experience I’d recommend to anyone looking for professional and personal growth!
    —Benjamin Deakins, Master of Sales and Self/VP of US Sales

    Strategic®, Woo®, Adaptability®, Communication®, Input® – The Maverick – Star


    “Knowing and understanding what you need and what you bring really opens your mind to all your possibilities.”
    —Erin Andraus

    Futuristic® | Individualization® | Empathy® | Developer® | Relator® – The Beloved – Creator

    Steps to Unleash Your Inner Rebel


    Let’s connect so that we can get you back running on all cylinders.


    Get clear on what you bring and build a team that matches your vision.


    With rebel confidence + clarity you know how to create success

    Are You Ready to Get Started? Excellent!


    Create a life that turns you on!