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Being your best self – your formula for success?

Being your best self, what does that mean to you? For some of us it’s a journey that takes a lifetime, for others it’s a concept, yet for others, it’s not necessarily an inquiry of interest.

I recently read a cool little nugget from “Notes from the Universe“ ( stating: “You can only be your best self, not someone else’s.“ —The Universe. This is one of the reasons why I love the strengths movement, and growth in general. Be you, whatever that means to you.

Focusing on what’s actually right about you, what comes naturally to you with such ease that you don’t even think about it is one of the keys for you being your best. Added to that is, of course, your skills, education, talents in general, personality, desires, you name it, what drives you—your why, which strengths, while it’s about your “how”, also taps into.

Each strength bring something specific and also has specific needs. When you look at what all of your dominant talents bring and need, you’ll find a thread of values and beliefs that are unique to you that will connect to the core of who you are. It’s a very empowering journey.

Do you feel like you’re being your best every day?

I think we all have days when we know that we’re not at peak performance levels yet knowing what makes you, you, is a great start. Staying in an inquiry of how YOU best use YOUR dominant talents every day, both at work and in every area of your life is one aspect that makes a difference. 

When you use your strengths you love what you do, you’re energized, time stops, you’re in the zone, feel great and get to contribute with what makes you great. Think about a couple of things you LOVE to do and then look at  your dominant talents (generally top 10-15) to see how many of them you’ve engaged. Create a list on paper, digitally or simply pay attention to what those things are. Prioritize doing activities like this daily.

Strengths flow

When you’re building a business, whether it’s your territory or a business from scratch, it all starts out with you and the actions you take to make it happen. As your business grows and you’re able to split your region and hire more people, your responsibilities increase and there’s more to do.

One of the things that I love about strengths is the ability to delegate tasks to someone that thrives on doing what you’re really not that good at. What I’m talking about are the things that take more effort for us to get it done and where we have resistance. In other words where we’re working in our lesser talent zone vs. our strengths zone.

When you delegate what your not as strong in to someone that thrives on doing that exact thing, it’s a win-win. This is one of the things that you really get present to when you dig deeper into your strengths results. When you operate in your strength zone you actually get better and better, and feel better and better every day you get to express these talents. Add to that your education, skills, personality, priorities and you have your formula for success.

You’re unique

Your formula for success will look completely different than mine, with strengths you really get how unique you are, 1 in 33 million has the same ranking in their top 5, that alone makes you pretty unique. And even if you found your twins, while you’d probably connect, you’d still come from different backgrounds, have different ages, etc., bottomline is; you’re unique! Now, imagine how you unique your dominant talent lineup is…

How you present yourself to the world is so unique that nobody really can replicate it, their delivery and presentation would not be the same as they’re not you. A master actor/actress can convince us by transforming into a character yet it’s not the same as the real person.

Does that not make you wonder about competition? All these illusions we buy into, and yes, when you’re in sales you have “competitors” but are the products really “the same” and are you as people not all different?

No one sells like you.

Be you and sell in a way that feels true to you. Connect to your prospects and clients and truly LISTEN to what their needs are and then offer a solution that fits their needs.

When you’re with your tribe you connect with many kindred spirits, could that be because you all share a common target or have several strengths in common?

How you view the world, which is one of the things you get from these assessments, is unique to you. I’d venture to say that when we find people with similar strengths themes we can connect and understand eachother even when we do see the world in a different way. 

Why is this all important?

When you live in your strengths zone, you’re happy. Happy people create a world that is more fun to be in that everyone can enjoy. There are infinite ways to express happiness so why not bring that energy to every area of your life and see what gets created?

 #1 Be your best by applying your dominant talents every day

#2 Delegate what you’re not good at to the people that love doing it

#3 Own the uniqueness of who you are and create a life that you love

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