the power of asking questions

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It never ceases to amaze me how powerful questions are. Questions have the ability to transform your life, you know the “Wow, I never thought of that!” moment of insight? 

I recently took another coaching course with Gallup®, this time the Advanced CliftonStrengths® Coaching Course. In it, we practiced different styles of asking questions, some were familiar to me others totally foreign. 

Exploring different styles and approaches was fun and insightful, and I was once again present to the power of asking questions. Especially when it’s about focusing on what makes you special and how your talents can help you create and achieve your targets in any area of life.

Have you ever asked yourself how what you do at work, or in your business, affects others? 

I recently read “Life’s great question: Discover how you contribute to the world” by Tom Rath which includes a code to, you guessed it, another assessment.

The assessment results provide you with the three skills that you can contribute to the most and they fall into three categories – Create, Relate, and Operate. 

The areas you contribute in are broad, and also include your defining roles, your most influential life experiences and personality strengths. 

In this book, one of the questions asked that I really liked was “Who can, does, or will eventually benefit from your efforts?” — Rath, Tom. Life’s Great Question (p. 29). Missionday, LLC. Kindle Edition. 

Who comes to mind when you ask that question? Can you see what you contribute and how that impacts others from a different perspective?

I think we often don’t get close to understanding or even realize the impact we have on others. 

In addition, imagine having a weekly pow-wow at work where you get to acknowledge and also receive an acknowledgment from others. How would that impact your life and how you perceive your workplace/business?

The magic of life lies in our everyday business and I’m a big believer in acknowledging friends and strangers with a smile at a minimum. I love receiving that too 😉

Questions lead to ideas – ideas can lead to groundbreaking transformation and innovation. Listening is, equally, important.—Pia

I was listening to Roger Hamilton, founder of Genius Group on YouTube the other day and he was sharing eight questions that he asks himself every morning.

I think they’re awesome and wanted to share them. Watch the video HERE to get the full context of these questions.



Roger Hamilton’s Daily Practice of Asking 8 Questions
  1. What am I grateful for?
  2. Who do I love?
  3. Why am I so happy?
  4. What am I committed to?
  5. How committed am I?
  6. What is my intention today?
  7. What is my wish (that I’m ready for now)?
  8. Why am I here?
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