the gift of you photography

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Media | 0 comments

Have you ever had professional photographs taken of yourself? Where the lighting is optimal, makeup & hair is included, and worked with a photographer that you really click with? Would that be fun for you?

While I love taking pictures of others myself I have been looking for someone to use for me. We all have different styles of shooting and natural light photography is what I favor. So recently I treated myself to a photo session with two spectacular photographers, Heidi & Tara with In Her Image Photography. While they are located in Northern California, they do travel around the US and also the world (I’m in Los Angeles).

One of the reasons I love their photography, in addition to the natural light, is that they have the ability to bring out the essence and beauty of each woman they photograph with such ease. To see why I think they are so special and if they would be a fit for you, check out their website and be inspired. They specialize in women, bringing out the goddess to be exact, so for the men reading this would this be a fun & special treat to gift the women in your life? I had so much fun that I will be doing this again for sure, just saying’ 🙂

Having your pictures taken by Heidi & Tara was just plain fun and ease!! I was laughing pretty much nonstop for hours while Heidi directed me. The chosen locations were perfect for what I was looking for and  I knew the end result would be nothing short of amazing. I love seeing myself through the lens of two other women and am so happy with the images that they took of me that I will be playing with them again! Thank you, Heidi & Tara, for the gifts that you bring to the world – you are amazing. – Pia

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