Imagine feeling great about who you are, and knowing what you bring, would that be a contribution to your life? How do you define success? If you could ask for anything, what would that be? 

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And then there’s Access Bars® – a pragmatic energy modality that you need to experience to get what it’s all about for you. It’s amazing – mind chatter evaporates for one! For more info CLICK HERE.

I love to photograph and capture the essence of who people truly are. I offer natural light photography sessions locally for anyone in need of pictures for social media, dating, etc. We all see life through different lenses and I love to bring out joy, laughter and play and invite my clients to step into the full power of themselves. To see the style of photography that I offer CLICK HERE.

I’ve co-authored two books and it was so much fun that there will be another collaboration book published next year (March 2018). HERE are the published books that I’ve co-authored to date.