To all the awesome and not so awesome people that I have crossed paths with on my life journey — thank you! No matter what, it has created new awarenesses and a life that I love! One of my core beliefs is that “people come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime”, plus “it takes two to tango”, it makes life easy + fun for me!

Communication is a key piece in life, how we express what’s on the inside and choice which ultimately creates inner peace + freedom, well at least that is my truth :). I’m here to connect people to possibilities so that they are free to be who they really are! What that will look like will be different for each person.

The people and organizations below are a few of the sources that have been instrumental to me in addition to my awesome friends throughout my life, Tara for one!


ONE COMMANDAsara Lovejoy and Kathryn Perry – Simplicity in action to change anything you have no clue as to how.


JENNY SHIH – Her materials represent the missing pieces for me – copy and clarity. Her online course MIWO – make it work online gave me the tools that I needed to pull everything I’ve done to date together. We even had our own copy coaches and more which has been amazing. I highly recommend her course to anyone seeking to build their online business.


GALLUP® – of course 🙂 Without the CliftonStrengths® Assessment I might still know that I’m talented without actually owning it and stepping into my unique perspective. My Signature Themes provide me with a great reminder of what I bring, and a language to express it, in addition to my skills, experiences and other talents. And even here it’s about tapping into what you know is true for you so it works great with all the other tools and philosophies I play with, and yes I still play outside the box, even more so than before. 🙂


MELISSA CASSERA – Award-winning Personal Branding Expert. Actress. TV Addict. Melissa has created an online training program that teaches you how to build an audience that’s completely OBSESSED with you. I attended this year-long class from December 2016-November 2017 and OMG – wow! I was blown away every week by the fun and in-depth content as each new playbook arrived every Monday morning! She made it so much FUN! Sign up for next years class here, you won’t regret it! I have tools for years to come!


DANIELLE M MILLER is a personal brand specialist & strategist. She has a gift with helping women entrepreneurs communicate their brand identity. She was very generous with her time and sharing her wisdom while helping me get clear on my brand and create powerful copy that communicates who I am offline. She has also created a super cool archetype assessment with tools on how to communicate your brand clearly. I recommend her warmly. She also has created an online School of Branding that covers all these tools and more on how to build your personal brand. Check her out!


ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS – Pragmatic tools and processes that change ANYTHING in your life. This is where I truly learned the power of asking open-ended questions, tap into and address the non-verbal energy most of us are aware of! Asking questions and following the energy of the moment is something many of us did as kids, at least I did so it feels so natural to me. I’m so grateful for these tools and I don’t know where I would be without Access Bars® and all the other tools! THANK YOU, Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer for creating all this! There are so many amazing Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitators in this global community of people that have and continue to facilitate and inspire me to continually grow beyond this reality, all bringing out different aspects of me, too many to mention all here so Katherine, and Shannon will be the representatives of that group — thank you for who you be in the world as you continually inspire me to be more of me 🙂


GALLUP® and CLIFTONSTRENGTHS® – I took my first assessment in 2004 and it helped me identify issues that were going on at the time and why it wasn’t working for me. I took this assessment again 12 years later and was amazed over how all but one theme are still all in my Top 10 as there has been a lot of personal transformation + healing during these years. The assessment illustrates HOW we approach life and I’m so excited to now be part of the community as a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach!


JENNIFER BUTLER – has inspired and educated me how to visually communicate my inner essence, through colors and styles (way beyond what “looks good”). It’s been an amazingly powerful energy journey of fully stepping into, and owning my power while expressing myself in a way totally unique to me and my body. I’ve been working with her since 2005 and there’s always something new to explore! Imagine walking into a room and people getting who you are without you saying a word?! That’s what this is all about!


SANDY MCKEE – is someone I’ve been fortunate to have in my life. She’s simply an amazing being and healer with a multitude of gifts & tools, one of my favorites is the “Game of Perceptions“. Sandy, who is also a Reiki Master, certified me as a Reiki I & II healer in 2005, and through her, I started playing with energy and tuning into my channel + intuition from a different perspective.  I have so much gratitude for the guidance she provided me — profound!


LANDMARK – here I received practical tools for continually clearing emotional drama from past events from influencing my future, and the profound “blank canvas” moment of having nothing blocking my future = infinite possibilities and creating my life from that space. I played with these tools 2001-2007 and they are still very much part of who I am.