humility, what is that?

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What do humility and being humble really look like in your world and how do you express it? Is there a specific way of being that automatically has you be seen as humble? And if you are including your needs into the equation does that mean that you are not humble? That you are ego-driven or selfish? Does being humble make you a better person? Is it your authentic expression or the desired behavior? And if you are not expressing it the way someone else thinks it “should be,” does it mean that you are not humble? Are you humble with all people?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines humility as “the quality or state of not thinking you are better than other people: the quality or state of being humble.”

So does that mean that you are not humble if you think you are awesome and aware of people not being so awesome? If you acknowledge your special talents or could it mean that other people are also talented whether they have chosen that or not? Can you be aware of people making interesting choices and still be humble? Is there a need for individuals to “be or express it” in a specific way for it to be considered “humble”? Does speaking up mean that you are not humble? Are you humble in all areas of life or select areas? And if you are humble does that automatically mean that you suppress your needs in lieu of something bigger?

In many areas of the world, it’s important to not think that you are any better than anyone else resulting in many holding back on their talents & gifts for a variety of reasons. Choosing to comply and blend in while dying inside, how sad is that?

Definitions sure are interesting. Are definitions the truth and are there room for different interpretations? And in the end, does it matter? To me, words and definitions can often limit who a person is and who they are not, most of us change and grow after all. And at other times there are words that match an energy smack on that can generate and open up new conversations, awarenesses, and realms of possibilities. In the end, who you are being, moment by moment, how you show up, if you are being true to yourself, is that not what matters? The full experience of you? Even if the experience of you will be different for different people?

And if/when we express our greatness, do we not inspire others to do the same? And when we express what we love to do are we not often happy and connected? [insert your mood] What would our planet look like if we all tapped into what truly makes us happy? Whether I’m seen as humble or not, I will choose to be me, express myself, have fun, and spread as much joy and laughter as I can, how about you? What have you chosen so far? Is there something else that you can choose that would bring you more of your greatness?

What gift are you that you haven’t yet chosen to be? What energy do you have to contribute to the Earth?
– Gary Douglas, Access Consciousness®

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