How Are Your Rainmaking Abilities Expressed?

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Do you have a natural knack to make it rain i.e. create and build a business?

There are three business-building roles: Rainmaker, Conductor, and Expert.

Today I’m going to focus on the Rainmaker. Whether you’re in sales or running a business your focus and talent lay in making it rain. You could be focused on sales or revenue generation.

If you’re a Rainmaker, you’re probably highly self-confident, focused on profitability, persuasive, forward-thinking, intensely driven, high sales talent, high relationship talent, and optimistic perception.

The Rainmaker is defined as: “You are boldly self-confident in your capacity to be successful, and you, rarely miss a moneymaking opportunity.”—Gallup®

Two of the people that I’ve coached are both Rainmakers yet with vastly different roles, both with a profitability focus. One is an executive, who has had roles as a CFO and President, the other has spent his career in Sales.

Rainmakers focus on the HOW in whatever they do.

Rainmaker #1: While looking at HOW they can build the business from a sales perspective, Relationship™ is the #1 Builder Talent and Competition® the #1 CliftonStrengths® talent.

This means that they are constantly comparing themselves with, and keeping an eye on what their competition is doing while focusing on people. How he can connect people, who he knows that can fulfill on his HOW.

Rainmaker #2: As an executive with Confidence™ as his #1 Builder talent, this individual knows himself well and has the ability to convince others of their ability to get positive results which of course is an asset in this role.

He also has the Strategic® CliftonStrengths® talent as his #1 which means that he has an ability to see the big picture down to the details. Together these talents may indicate that he is able to assess new business ventures.

Whether you have the “role” as a Rainmaker or not you still have abilities to make it rain, just with a different focus AND your unique blend of roles*.

How are you making it rain?

Are you in a role where you get to exercise your natural ability to make money?

Do you find yourself asking HOW you can make more money or a more profitable business? Then you may be a Rainmaker.

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* Gallup® offers a CIR report that will reveal your individual mix of roles.


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