Got talents or strengths?

by | Sep 20, 2017 | Strengths | 0 comments

Yes, you do have tons of talents and some may have developed into strengths*. I’m talking about your wiring, independent of education, skills and other types of talents like sport or art, I’m talking about how you view life, your perspective, say what?

Your perspective comes so naturally to you that you think nothing of it, think everyone sees what you see or feels what you feel, and what if that’s not the case?

When you really get that you are ONE in 33 Million it tends to be pretty profound. All of a sudden things in your life start to make sense. Depending on what’s going on in your life right now, and whether you’ve created a life where your talents have been developed into strengths, that gap can, of course, be intimidating. Yet, the first step to change is to become aware of what the current snapshot of your life looks like, and start there.

You could see the talent to strengths journey as permission to be yourself, fully, without excusing what comes naturally to you. The journey of claiming your dominant talent themes, learning about what helps or hinders you within each of your dominant strengths, and what to be aware of when you’re not feeling it and how each theme affects you and others is a very powerful journey.

Not everyone takes the time to invest the time in themselves to see how they can use each theme in different situations and with that create a different outcome.

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* near-perfect performance every time