Creating spaCe

by | Jun 22, 2014 | Access | 0 comments

Having space, on all levels is that not a priceless state of mind? And to me, ah I can breathe again and the space that I live or work in once again becomes a harmonious reflection of my state of mind and that includes what I chose to wear.

Early on in life, I saw that with a bucket of paint or two, how quickly a space could be transformed from blah to yummy, and how moving furniture around and decluttering my space shifted how a space felt to me, and over the years I’ve played with that a lot. It is amazing how changing the color of one wall makes a big difference in a room.

I recently did some space clearing, and by simply removing ONE piece of furniture from my bedroom and moving another piece, I had created space. I continued to a closet, rearranging & removing some other items, and had the same experience, and the stress I felt before dissipated. When I have that feeling of space, my experience of life is that it flows even better, how does it get any better than that?

So what creates the illusion of having space vs. not to you? Do you get affected when you have too much clutter in your space or is it comforting to you? For some people space clearing, decluttering, etc. creates more space, for others, it evokes scarcity and stress. There is no right or wrong answer on this topic, simply the choice of what feels good to you. Is there something in your home that right now that is calling for your attention? An action you can take? Something, that by taking the action will create the space to be and relax or create something new for you? Have fun!

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