Creating in a new way

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How do you create? Is it generating the results that you are looking for? Are you using a formula, logic or doing your own thing?

I am stepping into a new space of creating that is really exciting. I’ve always gone with the flow, being a “shortcut” type of a person, being aware of change being the one constant in life and I have made changes when needed so that is not new.

What IS new is that instead of having a specific “thing” as a target or being the possibility of something, I now have a specific energy that represents the target of everything that I am creating. Anything that matches that energy I say yes to, no matter whether it makes sense or not.

It’s very different from setting goals and milestones to reach “the expected outcome” which is what many of us do, whether in businesses or life.

I am thankful to have had the freedom to create and follow my instincts for the most part professionally as my role often has been to change a business area around or build from scratch.

I have been influenced by others though, and it took me many years to see the value and contribution I was simply by not being in an environment that could fully receive what I had to contribute.

I’ve also tried many different formulas over the years mixing it with my own and not creating the results I was looking for.

In recent years I have become aware of how much I still have created from it “making sense”,  jumping to conclusions and looking for answers!

When you follow the energy that makes your body buzz of yumminess, whatever that looks like to you, there is something tangible inside of you that guides you.

And even if you don’t know what that energy looks like to you, just following your “gut” or to use the lingo of Access Consciousness® – choosing from what is light (a yes for you) or heavy (that sinking feeling, push = a no for you).

You step beyond what’s right or wrong, good or bad, and choose what’s true for you, something that will empower you.

This sometimes means saying “no”,  no matter what other people say which takes courage at times.

Staying in question mode, not answering it, rather following your inner impulses and choosing every couple of seconds, knowing that you can always change your mind and direction at a moment’s notice, how cool is that?

If you feel good inside, isn’t that one of the priceless moments in life? What would you like to create in your life?

The more I have tapped into this more fluid way of creating, the more I have been expanding and tapping into my inner knowing.

It’s fun to create when you follow that inner energy, the timing is there, and simply asking “What else is possible?®” and make choices in the moment.

I came across a quote years ago that illustrates where I am coming from and it makes it easy for me to be with what is happening in the moment with ease.

“People come into your life for a season, reason or lifetime” – unknown.

The full quote is longer and the content varies which also is my point, the interpretations are endless as with everything in life so connect within, what is true for you?

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