Comfort zones

by | Mar 14, 2015 | Access | 0 comments

Do you feel exposed when you step out of your comfort zone? Do you go for it anyway or does it stop you?

I was just drinking two aloe beverages called “Exposed” and “Comfort” and it inspired me to blog.

I’m the type of person who crave change and have no problem being exposed. The comfort zone is an interesting one as some are easy and others may occur as larger shifts. And still I am fully aware of that being my interesting point of view. And with that POV what do I create? So what choices can I make and what questions can I ask to shift that?

Say you own a house, have a couple of kids and would love to change jobs, do you?  Do you take the leap without having another job or income revenue in place? Do you move or sell your house at a loss? Or do you wait until something else shows up?

To me revenue has been a sticking point, changing and having revenue lined up is different to me than leaving without, and is it? What makes the perception of employment occur as “safe” vs. creating your own thing? Why do we buy into the belief that we can’t  leap without having money for our expenditures so it may make sense to save up money first? And what if that is what stops the flow of new possibilities to show up in your world? Interesting isn’t it?

I have yet to crack the code for that myself so I continue to explore and ask questions. I do know that there is a lie that I have bought into along the way and once I have the awareness of what that is I’ll shift things fast. The fun thing with asking questions is that you open yourself up to new possibilities. I wonder what will show up?

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