CliftonStrengths®: Futuristic® – What are you aware of?

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You have a vision

Do you have awarenesses of the future? It could be trends, whether it’s a hit or miss, investments, maybe you’re simply fascinated in everything SciFi… tapping into an energy, having a vision, it shows up differently for us all.

For me, it tends to be an awareness. Over my life, I’ve often known or been aware of things years before it becomes a trend. I still remember the early days of the internet. Being aware and acting on something are two separate things. Sometimes we hold ourselves back, at other times not.

Some of us are aware of future events 5-10 years or more in the future, for others, it could be 1-3 years. Because we often can’t verbalize why, we only “know”, selling that vision to others can present a challenge unless you already have created a role where you’re the trendsetter or visionary.

The future inspires you

You see the possibilities of the future and it inspires you. Some people may describe you as someone with “the head in the cloud” as they can’t see what you see.

I think of Sir Richard Branson and Steve Jobs when I think of people with this talent.

For me, Futuristic® is my #4 talent. This is the talent I use when I muse, tapping in the future I wish to create. I love tapping into the future when writing, I have gotten over the years that ideas I presented years ago are now common so, with books, they’ll become current sooner or later, right? 🙂

You speak of possibilities

I also love creating from the future, what I mean with that is that tapping into the energy or vision of what I desire and then creating my action plan from the future rather than from the now, yet I personally project both ways.

A possibility is an energy that can’t be labeled, what actually gets created is often even better when you don’t confine it with limitations, it kind of forfeits the purpose.

Movies and books are great sources for inspirations of the future. I remember the TV wall from the original Terminator movie many years ago. I also recall a childhood Swedish TV program from the 70s called “I fablernas värld” where they had a “picture phone” out in the woods. Well, nowadays we have both mobile phones, talk via FaceTime, Zoom, WhatsApp and other apps and big media walls are all around us.

You may be the go-to person

For people seeking inspiration and guidance, they may gravitate to you. Questions like “What if?..” or “Wouldn’t it be great if?…” are questions that tend to be used by futuristic minded people.

Having a forward-thinking mindset we need opportunities to talk about the future.


Do you have Futuristic® as one of your dominant talents? What future are you fascinated with? Please comment below, I’d love to know.

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