Crafting Your Tagline – the Secret to Selling You

Crafting Your Tagline – the Secret to Selling You

Being in sales you know that it’s not necessarily about you when people say “no.” It can range from a hard NO to a soft “not now, but I’m interested.“ When you’re great at closing you also know what questions to ask, how and when to ask for the sale, and when to walk away. When nothing is working despite all that, how do you get more yes’s?

As with most, if not all, things in life, it starts with you. When you know what your strengths are it becomes easier to be more intentional in all of your interactions. People’s experience of you will shift and that too will affect your sales. 

Authentic selling SELLS, it’s what you bring just by being your best self. Your talents and strengths provide you with clues of how you contribute in ways that you may not have thought about before. When you dive deeper into how your strengths show up for you, your life to date will start to make sense in a different way and you’ll have the language to express your talents and how they contribute to you, and those around you. 

When you craft a personal tagline that is created from how you contribute that includes your needs and what you bring it’s easier to stay connected to what makes you special, as a person and professional, and with that, you can sell yourself without telling people and simply show up.

Who are you?

I spent many years trying to find an answer to that question. And while there are many methods for this including reinventing who you are, why not start with how you’re uniquely wired independently on growth, transformation, titles, career, etc. 

Allow your talents to guide you to what comes so easy for you that you don’t think about it.

For example, when you have Strategic® you bring creative anticipation, imagination and persistence and an ability to find the best route forward. One of your needs is to have the freedom to make mid-course corrections

Market these parts of you. Your specific talent lineup is unique, your top 5 in your exact order is 1 in close to 34 million! Just knowing that makes any internal monologue about not being enough silly.

Some talents are more common than others, like Strategic® which happens to be the #5 talent theme globally and in the US of the close to 22 million people that have taken the assessment so far. Yet, while many may share this specific theme, the talent themes surrounding your specific theme lineup make how you express it unique to you. 

In other words, how you serve your customers and who you are is not something that can be replicated, and even if you tried the experience of interacting with you vs. someone else would be different. When you add your skills, experience, and education, it makes the odds of finding someone just like you close to impossible. 

Stand out and show the world what you bring! 

So how do you do that? Start by looking at what you bring and what you need (you can find this in your reports and on your Gallup® dashboard) for each of your dominant talents. Your dominant talents are who you are 24/7 – which tends to range from your top 8-15 talents.

Narrow down the words until you have the top-level word for how you would describe how each theme is expressed in the world for you. You can create a word cloud and plug in all the words in your customized report (All34 or Strengths Insight Report) to get started and notice similar words that stand out throughout your lineup.

What you will start seeing is a theme or a vibe. Maybe sayings and phrases you’ve often expressed throughout life will start to make sense and take on a deeper meaning. What often happens is a deeper understanding of what your drivers are with anything in life. You realize that it’s not a coincidence even when how you express seems random.

When I created my own tagline I started seeing patterns quickly (my #1 is Strategic®). Prior to that I had also read the book, “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek and later the exercises in the book “How to find your why” by Sinek, Mead & Docker only to find that the end result of these exercises “finding your why and how” is spelled out in my strengths reports. When you know what your strengths bring and need you get how you do anything and with that also your why. The bigger scope of what you’re here to create and contribute.

Find your compass

From the theme/vibe you see emerging through the words you’ve narrowed down for each of your dominant talents you’ll be able to create a tagline that speaks to you. This is what you bring to anything you do on and off the clock. Let that serve as your main compass in life and with that stay true to you.

What I created for myself is “Connecting People to Possibilities,” and that includes my main BP10™ role of Conductor. For me to be my best I need to be with people that actually have a desire to change, evolve, grow. 

With that tagline alone I know what I bring and who I serve (my ideal client), what and who to say yes to and with that increase the likelihood of closing a sale, and more which I’ll talk about in later blog posts.

  1. List your top level words

  2. What does your talents & strengths each bring and need?

  3. What sayings, mottos, etc. have you spoken or lived by, that connects with these words?

  4. What are your Top 4 BP10™ talents

  5. What is your main BP10™ role (Conductor, Expert, Rainmaker)?

What is your personal tagline?

 Try it and let me know how it goes!

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3 Simple Ways to Stand Out and Sell More

3 Simple Ways to Stand Out and Sell More

When you’re in sales you represent a company, brand, and product.

Depending on the size of your company, it’s easy to forget what you add to the equation.

Let’s face it, no matter what the size of the company is, in direct sales, at the end of the day it comes down to a person selling to another person.

So, how do you sell yourself when the competition is breathing down your neck? 

First of all, stand out by staying true to who you are as a person, know what you bring and add to their business and/or life, depending on your sales cycle.

1. Who are you?

Hint, your strengths are a quick way to find a language to express your hardwiring. Added to that are your skills, experience, interests, and more. Being yourself authentically is an attractive quality.

What do you offer as a person – salesperson – experience – knowledge? 

How can you improve your client’s business and even their lives because they were lucky enough to interact with you, ie how are you and your products helping them? What is the need that you’re helping them solve?

When you know what you bring, and have confidence in what you deliver others will too. 

2. Listen to…. [your people?]

To know what your prospects or existing clients are asking for, ask them open-ended questions,  and then shut up and listen while taking notes.

To build trust you need to listen and zap the word vomit pitch that will kill any sale or relationship. Focus on finding out what their problem is and then customize a response on how you and your products can help.

3. Review how you dress

When you present yourself in a way that brings out your best you feel great. You can dress stylish and professional and be comfortable. You can be stylish in a casual way too. Different industries have different dress codes and there’s still room for some personality.

Suits come in more colors than black and gray after all, and does the shirt really need to be in a crisp white? Pick fabrics and styles that make you feel and look awesome that match your personality, and compliment your skin tone, eyes, and hair color.

If you’re in the tech industry and wear jeans, your tee doesn’t need to be in monochromatic colors, it’s OK to add a pop of color. Pick some rad shoes or socks if nothing else.

So, what colors and fabrics make you feel like a rock star, successful, confident, happy, [fill in the blank with how you want to feel at work]?

The clothes you wear say a lot about you. Shoes too.

You don’t have to be into fashion unless that’s your thing. What do your clothes say about you? I’m not talking about a fashion image, I’m talking about what story you’re creating about yourself, does it align with who you are?

When you dress with intention, you add another layer to the sales conversation. People buy when they trust you (unless you have “THE” product that everyone just wants to get their hands on) but even there I’d say the sales experience comes down to the personal touch of the salesperson.

What impression do you want to project and leave behind?

When you dress in a way that complements who you are without apology, and I’m talking about the best version of you, the people you want to do business with, will be drawn to you, and the rest, will not. Saves a lot of time, doesn’t it?

This works in dating too, whether you’re in a relationship or not 🙂 Create your business with people that actually appreciate what you bring, and who you are.

Here are some resources for you:

  • To get help with colors and styles that work for you, and create your “After” CLICK HERE. Jennifer is someone I’ve worked with for over 15 years and I’m super grateful for everything I’ve learned from her. She’s a genius in selecting colors that bring out the best in you so that you can project who you are and dress in colors that match your personal intensity.
  • There are of course a number of other people around you that you can work with or simply ask for ideas from. Ask the people that dress in a way that you like where they shop or who they use.
  • Many men that I know use stylist services like Trunk Club (for men & women), StitchFix and Bombfell so that’s another option. They will follow different criteria like your budget, body shape and desired look.

Here’s a link to an article I found on Business Insider that might be of interest too “12 places to find affordable men’s workwear online.”


Try it and let me know how it goes!

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Defining Your Version of Success

Defining Your Version of Success

Have you ever considered why success is important to you and how you’d define it?

Some people are the same 24/7, others display distinctly different personalities or focus, at work with co-workers and clients vs. at home with families and friends.

In sales, life and business tend to get blended so it’s extra important that you stay true to who you truly are to create the success you desire long-term.

What that success will look like is a topic worth musing about especially what happens after you have created that. In other words, what will the success you desire create for you?

Is it Freedom? Happiness? Power?… What will you create with your success? 

Let’s say you’re making $1M+/year, what would your day look like? Where would you live? What would you be wearing, driving? Who would be there with you? What would you want to do once you have all the  stuff that you’ve wanted, what would you like to experience next? Who or what would you invest your time and money in?

Take some time to ponder this, and if you have your CliftonStrengths® All 34 Report you’ll be able to identify some underlying needs that drive you.

Create a list of priorities related to your needs and summarize it with a simple statement. It could be something like “My success statement: Making $1 million, or more, a year will provide me the freedom to create whatever I desire on my timeline and connect more people to the same just for fun”. Your turn:

Your definition of success

When you have achieved this success you will be able to: 



After you’ve purchased all the stuff and still have loads of money left, what would you do? ___________________________________________________________________________



Your success statement is:

Making $________ will ________ me ________ and ________ to ________.

Paste your statement

Into your calendar and set daily reminders to keep yourself present to why success is important to you. You can also post notes in your car or select places at home

Ask a question

You can add questions like: What action you can take “today” to not only make this happen but also contribute whatever follows your “me” statement above NOW? = 

What action can I take today to havethe freedom to create whatever I desire on my timeline and connect more people to the same just for fun”

This can spur ideas on how you can further incorporate ideas/action into your daily business and life with more intention, if you haven’t already. 

In a creative mood?

Add an image or create a collage that illustrates what successs looks like for you. 

Try it and let me know how it goes! 

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How Do You Know What Your Sales Talents Are?

How Do You Know What Your Sales Talents Are?

First of all, if you’re drawn to sales there’s something that intrigues you about selling, enough to try it out. Maybe you just ended up in sales on a fluke. Whatever the reason you’re in a sales role, it could be that you get to connect with people, whether it’s deep or simply the thrill of winning them over in the moment and helping them fix a problem.

What being in sales looks like can vary between different businesses. Being in retail vs. wholesale, short-term vs. long-term sales, selling a tech product vs. building equipment or dental implants, all require a different set of talents.

When you fail in sales it could be as simple as selling a product you don’t believe in, being in a business that you don’t really connect with or having a personality that could be better served=appreciated in a different business area.

Take the BP10™

The BP10™ is another cool assessment that Gallup® offers as it measures your level of entrepreneurship aka builder talent. In this assessment you are measured against the top builders in the world who have all 10 builder talents high, think Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, Oprah.

Why does this matter? Knowing your entrepreneurial talents will add a layer to your CliftonStrengths® profile as it identifies how you can be successful in business.

There are 10 builder talents:


You have a strong belief in your business and that you have what it takes to be successful in business. You know yourself, are action-oriented and can influence others.


You delegate with ease and know that more gets done by not doing it all yourself. You recognize other people’s talents and draw on their abilities.


You’re quick to make decisions and act. With a high work ethic, you don’t give up and face conflict fearlessly. You have a persistence and grit to recover from setbacks and keep on going.


You’re curious and a quick learner filled with ideas and initiatives. You’re constantly thinking of new ways to propel your business forward by introducing new products, services, and/or technology.


You take an idea from start to finish and have the ability to build and operate a company on your own. You’re a jack of all trades with a high level of competence, responsibility and multi-tasking abilities.


You have a strong desire to know everything you can about all aspects of your business and anticipate needs. You will constantly search for new information and add new experiences to navigate your business.


You have sharp business instincts,  making money with a profit-focus focus is your main objective. By establishing clear targets, objective measurables of the progress, growth strategies you’ll run a tight ship.


You have a high social awareness and build mutually beneficial relationships with people that will benefit your business, and often beyond. You’re open, with a positive attitude and personal integrity that helps build trust.


You instinctively know how to manage high-risk situations. With your strong personality, charisma and confidence you enthusiastically take on challenges with a rational approach to decision-making.


You’re the influencer and evangelist of your business. The person who represents the face and voice of your business, spreading the word boldly as often as you can with a clear growth strategy.

Take the BP10™ assessment HERE and then:

[diti_timeline horizontal_line_color=”rgba(0,150,143,0.75)” _builder_version=”3.26.6″ body_font_size=”18px” background_color=”rgba(0,0,0,0)” border_width_all=”2px” border_color_all=”rgba(0,0,0,0)” _i=”12″ _address=”″ /]

Try it and let me know how it goes!

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3 Actions to Identify Your Sales Process and Fix Your Problems

3 Actions to Identify Your Sales Process and Fix Your Problems

You’re a high-achieving salesperson who normally hits your targets and now you’re all of a sudden falling behind.  You don’t know how to dig yourself out of the hole.

When you’re not hitting your numbers, do you have a problem? Yes.
Is it a symptom? Yes. 

When you think about it, the reason you’re not hitting your numbers is that there is something missing in the process that you haven’t yet identified. 


Fixing symptoms won’t fix your sales

When you identify the actual underlying problem, it goes away, and you hit your targets. When you’re fixing symptoms, different issues continue to pop up. You keep taking actions yet don’t hit the desired targets.

When you’ve lost your mojo and aren’t hitting your numbers you have lost sight of what you bring as a salesperson…. So what can you do to solve your problem, and how can you make it more “fun”?

And by fun, I mean what drives you? For someone with Positivity it needs to be fun, for other talents it will be a different driver. Your strengths will provide the clues.  

How you sell varies from person to person, as does the strategy for planning. What IS needed is some sort of an action plan that aligns with who you are and that supports  you in hitting your targets.


Review your sales process

Looking back at what actions you took in the past can sometimes be helpful yet how you approach a target will vary from person to person. Let me expand on this:

Your strengths DNA profile (CliftonStrengths® All 34 Report) has your unique blend of any of the groups above, review yours and then take the “action” needed that sparks for you.

In sales, there are never any guarantees of closing a deal. What can make the process easier is having plenty of prospects in the pipeline for one and identifying the best way for you to close the deals. 

Identifying YOUR sales process is key to increase your performance, and what actions you tend to take to make it happen is another. And no matter who you are, you do have a process even if the order changes from person to person, I recently identified that myself 🙂 

Call it your magic sauce. Your predictable formula. Your mojo. You have one.

Here’s how to get started: 

1. Your Success Formula

a. Write down the different actions you take from identifying a prospect to closing them. Pick 5 different clients and compare them side by side to see what you did for each and what actions overlapped.

b. Create a list of what the actions are and look at your current prospect list to see what you have done and what steps you may need to take

2. Determine Your Ideal Client

Who is your ideal client? Have you sat down to think about and describe what that person would be like to interact with? Where would they live, age, gender, values, interests, etc.?

Doing business with people that you enjoy serving, that appreciates you, makes life a heck of a lot more fun

3. Apply Your Strengths Daily

Shine every day by making sure that your talent needs are met daily. If you use your talents with intention, they will develop into strengths. You’ll feel fulfilled, and find yourself in the zone more often than not. 


Try it and let me know how it goes!

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The Clues Inside Your Natural-Born Talents

The Clues Inside Your Natural-Born Talents

In the coaching process, you dive really deep into exploring how each of your talents shows up in your life currently and how you can apply them more intentionally moving forward.

You become a detective of your own life studying how and when you’re using your talents, what really energizes you, when you’re in the zone, and what you’d like to do more of. The process creates a lot of self-awareness and it’s fun.

One thing that I take my clients through is creating a collage, tagline, and a personal playlist. It’s fun, and you’ll be blown away at how awesome you are. How’s that for a change? It beats putting yourself down, doesn’t it?

A blindspot with a purpose

Embracing your greatness, talents, and strengths could potentially be intimidating but in this case, since it’s your hardwiring it’s talents that you use all the time that you didn’t even think of. It’s a blindspot in a sense, all that comes so easy for you. And why no do more of that?

There are also scenarios where you may think you have talents that you don’t.

Sometimes it’s a talent combo that looks very similar that comes from a different perspective and with different driving forces.

Your talents are grouped into different domains, they are:
  • Strategic thinking
  • Relationship building
  • Influencing
  • Executing

You can be a strategic thinker living in your head, or depending on your lineup of talents, come from a heart-based or influencing approach.

Others simply achieve by doing.

In other words, there simply is no right or wrong way to achieve your targets, only your way.

And yes, we all have blind spots. When you own who you are, delegating what you’re not, becomes really easy and enjoyable.

Creating a life with intention

Another thing that you learn in the process of deep-diving is what to pay attention to with your dominant talents especially.

There’s a penthouse mode and a party pooper version for all and it’s your responsibility to manage them if you want to create a life that nurtures you and the people around you.

Becoming aware of when you’re at your best vs. not is powerful. When you’re aware of what’s helping or stopping you, you can do something about it.

To quote Marianne Williamson “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?”

In the strengths process, ou focus on what you have going for you, and while you’ll be stretched it’s a painless journey when you focus on turning your talents into strengths.

Are you curious about what your talents/strengths are? CLICK HERE to take the assessment.

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