Now what, what’s next? 14 ideas.

Now what, what’s next? 14 ideas.

It’s key not to lose your mojo so if you feel worse after listening to the news – then don’t listen or touch that dial!! The same goes for social media, limit it if you feel yourself getting sucked in. Your friends and co-workers will no doubt keep you informed and you’re better off happy than worried, right?


Here’s a list of some random ideas to engage in to stay motivated:


1. Connect with your customers: I’m sure many of you already have reached out to your existing customers via text, email or phone, or a handwritten card to express support or a simple “thinking of you, is there anything I can do to help?”. Showing that you care beyond transactions will make a big difference once this is all over. Continue your call cycle even if you can’t sell, ask them how they’re doing or simply just connect. They may be going stir crazy too after all.


2. Take free assessments:

There are many “lite” assessments, like:

  • GeniusU that also has a network of 1M entrepreneurs that you could connect with and now’s a great time for that, isn’t it?
  • Then there are 5 Love Languages which goes beyond intimate relationships. When you know your needs, and learn to recognize that in others, you’ll be even more effective with your existing customers and prospects.
  • 16 personalities add insights to your personal brand, independent of whether you’re selling or not.

3. Take paid assessments for more in-depth knowledge:

  • My favorite is, of course, CliftonStrengths® that measures how you do/approach anything, it’s all about your hardwiring, the part of you that doesn’t change. Diving into your strengths is not only empowering and fun, it provides you with many insights into how you are when you’re at your best.
  • The BP10™ assessment measures how you’re successful in business) adds a similar perspective from a business point of view. Who we are in business can be different than at home after all as we step into roles that either work or not.
  • The paid GeniusU Wealth Dynamics assessment adds another angle to how you’re successful in business and while it’s directed to entrepreneurs I feel that applies to what salespeople are all about


4. Check your plan
What actions can you take now and how can you plan for what you need to do to hit the ground running as soon as you can resume business? What tweaks do you need to make? CLICK HERE for some ideas


5. Mastermind with some of your co-workers or friends – discuss strategies and game plans on how you can stay productive even if businesses have temporarily closed down. Zoom is a great platform to connect with people globally.


6. Research and map out your prospects, check their websites, values, management team, etc. depending on what you’re selling. What problem do they have that you can solve for them?


7. Create a list of open-ended questions you can ask your prospects to get them to answer what they need your help with so that you can present a solution. Remember it’s about them first, you and your products second.


8. Fine-tune your elevator pitch – Review what you pitch everything from answering the question “what you do” to product pitches. More ideas on this can be found in this blog: What’s your sales process.


9. Call and connect with someone everyday – customers, prospects, friends, co-workers, business associates or people you would like to partner up with, recruiters, …


10. Read a book or listen to an audiobook that inspires you. It’s key to keep your mojo in times like this after all.


11. Create a playlist of your favorite songs, songs that inspire, evoke good mojo


12. Work out – if you don’t have a gym at home find an online hub with workouts or go out for a run, walk, hike keeping your “social distancing”


13. Meditate or simply breathe deeply and visualize what you want to create or listen to one of the many free meditations online.


14. Google funny videos on YouTube – I live by a laughter a day keeps the doctor away 😀


Do whatever makes you happy, take one step and one day at the time. We’re all co-creating this shift so why not make it a fun experience?
Your body is talking to you — are you listening?

Your body is talking to you — are you listening?

Many times throughout my life I’ve had the experience of being in an illusion that I just can’t seem to get out of. It’s so easy to get stuck in mind games and ignoring the body in the process until something happens.

We tend to take our bodies and health for granted and then one day we wake up to body pain, a condition, illness or an injury that may occur as random or persistent. When that happens, do you stop and ask your body what it’s trying to communicate, or do you ignore it? 

Pain is one way the body communicates to us when we’ve ignored lighter signals. Another one could be as simple as heartburn, a pulled muscle, headaches,…

When shit hits the fan you often wish you would’ve listened, yet before you go into conclusion, do you ask yourself if this “pain” is yours or who it may belong to? Or “who’s a pain in your life? “  See more here on heavy and light energy.

For some of you asking that may occur as weird, not to me. Our bodies are sensory and pick up all the points of views we have of it, and often what others think too. 

Think about things you’ve tried to change and no matter what, nothing does. Could that be a sign that you’re trying to fix something that isn’t even yours to fix?

Do you have a healing body?

When we have healing bodies we often pop into other people’s realities without being aware of it. It could be your spouse, partner, co-worker, friend or a random stranger…

What if you simply asked, “Body, what’s up? What are you trying to communicate? Show me in a way that I can understand clearly.” 

You’ll often get some type of awareness, it could be an event that pops into your mind, a person, an incident. Continue asking questions, like “what is it all about ?” and “is there anything I can do to change this, if so what do I need to do?” and listen without judgment.

My body has been really stiff in recent months. A sponsored ad for a workout that I’ve seen several times for the past year popped in my newsfeed after I asked that question, and guess what, that workout was exactly what my body required to start loosening up my stiff joints.

Simple things like moving your body makes a difference. I think many of us sit way too much. I know I do.

What’s true for you and your body?

Who do you believe?

This is a tricky one. How many people do you listen to and believe and then try to replicate whatever that is, it could be, do this and get wealthy, or, eat this and you’ll get fit, yet it doesn’t work for you.

You can Google most topics and you’ll get different responses or fixes. The key to living a life that you love is to tune into what YOU desire. That could mean that while you share some beliefs with others and many not.

When you trust someone blindly you bypass your own awareness.

I’ve done it many times, until I didn’t and that often came with the harder type of “lessons”. What came out of it was a reminder to listen to my body, inner awareness and wisdom.

Wisdom comes with age

There’s a reason for the saying “wisdom comes with age” after all. We can be young and ahead of our years in maturity but not in all areas of life, and that goes for all of us independent of age. Some never wake up to who they truly are, their greatness if you will, and stay stuck in various forms of “victim” mode.

I learned many years ago that if you’re complaining about anything and not taking action or owning your part of it—you’re being a victim. While it was a tough pill to swallow at the time, it’s easy to associate victim with the cliche of it after all, I got it. 

Does that mean that I’ve always been in integrity? Heck no! I still put others before myself. I’m a work in progress like all of us. I love to grow though and seek experiences that help me expand as a person, and being happy is a priority. I pay attention to who I have around me.

Follow your inner nudges

I follow my inner nudges, take spontaneous actions in the areas I desire to explore, with many hits or misses, but I’ve had fun for the most part. There have also been tougher experiences. From it all I’ve woken up more and more, stepped out of the matrix, can relate to others on a deeper level and be a better guide. 

I’m naturally happy and see the good in people, some people think that’s naive — I think it’s one of my superpowers. It’s a choice—always. I stand for and believe that anything is possible, and many ask for someone to have their back so it tends to work out.

I recently watched a really cool movie on Netflix called HEAL – check it out if it piques your interest, especially if you’re dealing with any health imbalances. Our health impacts our mojo after all.

Why would you invest in CliftonStrengths®?

Why would you invest in CliftonStrengths®?

Are you getting the results and performance you desire in business and life?

How about your employees/co-workers? Is there a bigger “purpose” or mission that you connect on? Are you having fun at work and do you get acknowledged for your achievements and contributions? How often?

In the most recent update of the Global State of the Global Workplace by Gallup®, 85% of the workforce are performing below their potential with only 15% actively engaged! That number alone illustrates to me that the current systems are not working and that is a high price to pay for any individual or company.

Empowerment vs. disempowerment

Having spent most of the last 30 years in fast-growing entrepreneurial companies I’ve worked in workplaces with a higher percentage of engagement. Yet even there I’ve noticed people that were not engaged which impacted the company culture, and not in a good way.

I’ve also experienced what happens when you disrespect people that have poured their hearts into a company that stops caring for or about them, and I’m talking about the engaged people.

So I wonder, why wouldn’t you acknowledge the people that perform at work?

Why focus on what’s wrong with the non-performers? Why not look at the people that perform and add value consistently, and inquire why that is and what they need to perform even better?


Shifting into a strengths-based culture doesn’t mean that you don’t need to look at weaknesses, especially if these are part of your role. When you focus on what you have a natural talent for and invest your time there, engagement tends to happen automatically, and with that confidence and increased performance.

Once you really get the value of what you uniquely bring everywhere (life & business) it becomes really easy to delegate what you suck at, especially if it goes to someone that rocks it. You learn to appreciate the people that are great at what you’re not and that creates a win-win connection that benefits both parties.

Where do you start?

If you own the company or are in management, it starts with you.

Take the CliftonStrengths® Assessment (how you approach anything), add the BP10™ (how you’re successful in business) and hire a coach that you click with to walk you through what it all means for you.

To date I’ve not met anyone who has resisted their results, rather they all say “yep, that’s me”.

Why not start with your talents and see how you’re using them, how you can monetize them and then roll it out to your team. As with anything, it’s not a one-time fix as life is constantly in motion with new possibilities being presented.

Imagine having a team that not only has fun together, but they perform and are engaged? What value would that create?

I can tell you from personal experience that being on a team and in a company where you connect, have fun and trust each other, that it builds loyalty, strong bonds and generates both money for the business and individuals, plus a work environment of self-expression and well-being for all involved. Priceless!

Here is ONE action that you can take this week without even taking the assessment:
  1. Carve out time for a weekly performance pow-wow, 5 minutes where you share your appreciation for what your team has achieved in the past week.
    • Find something positive to say about everyone.
    • Keep it short and sweet, like “thank you for being on time every day”, “thank you for embracing mid-course changes with project X so quickly”, “great job with that account”, you get the point.
    • Repeat weekly and see what this simple effort creates.
    • If time is tight, leave a voicemail or text a voice message!

Try it and let me know how it goes!

Finding Prospects—The Million Dollar Question?

Finding Prospects—The Million Dollar Question?

Do you find it easy to find prospects to convert into customers? And, do they align with who you are? Or, do you find yourself spending time with assholes? 

You’re feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff to do, so how do you find new customers when you’re so busy?

You’re aimless….no purpose… Are you dashing around having too many to do’s and never really having time to stop, breathe and chill without stressing out?

First, connect with your zone of genius. Meaning, do whatever activity that energizes you first, and then get into action.

With us all being so connected to our phones and gadgets, it’s easy to lose yourself into other people’s realities. The web is a network of technology and energy after all — so being focused on what you’re looking for before cruising the net helps you avoid too many distractions and rabbit holes! With a clear mind and focus, you can quickly find what you seek.

Here are 6 ways to consider:

Google Maps

Instead of randomly knocking on doors, why not use Google maps? Via Google maps you can search for your client group in a select area and have all businesses mapped out, from your home and back, making cold calling easier and more efficient.


Go on LinkedIn,  search for people in the profession you sell to. You can drill down to the city, state, and ZIP code using the free version. There are also paid options that make more advanced features available.


Good old fashioned networking. Where are the people hanging that you’re looking for? What mutual interest would be fun to share? Creating a network outside of your industry could create the leads you desire, so check out meetups online and in person.

We all know people in different industries and a personal recommendation will often carry more weight than a cold call. Who would be fun to connect with?

At the end of the day, it always starts and ends with you. How you’re feeling and what you’re doing to nurture you. Follow your instincts, step out of your comfort zone and engage with people in a way that comes naturally to you.

Most of my “Woo” personalities need to interact with people daily. They often have large networks and can often be found at coffee shops or simply next to you in line chatting with people. The same goes for most of the influencing and relationship building domains as people will energize them. Connect with them, and see how you can help each other.


You know the saying “ask and it’s given” —, do you ask your existing clients for referrals? Your friends? Who do they know that’s looking for what you’re selling? Ask them for an introduction via email or have them call them to alert them that you’ll be reaching out.


What communities do you engage in outside work—where do you spend your money? When you’re doing what you love to do you’re in your zone, engaged and feeling great.

I’ve often found that I have more areas in common with the people I end up talking with at the gym or in courses I’ve attended over the years.

Who in your existing network could help? Where do they hang out? Church? Golf course? Soccer game? Pool hall? Yoga? Gym?

Your strengths

Look at your strengths for clues! Start with the activities that light you up and energizes you. When your unique [dominant] talent lineup is all lit up you’ll attract people that “want what you have” with ease.

Communicate with people online or offline when you’re feeling great. Share what you do and ask if they know someone that could use your services. Worst case, they say no, best case you leave with a couple of new leads.

What other ways do you use to build your business? Do share. I’d love to know.

Three Reasons Why Strengths Rock

Three Reasons Why Strengths Rock

Being your best self – your formula for success?

Being your best self, what does that mean to you? For some of us it’s a journey that takes a lifetime, for others it’s a concept, yet for others, it’s not necessarily an inquiry of interest.

I recently read a cool little nugget from “Notes from the Universe“ ( stating: “You can only be your best self, not someone else’s.“ —The Universe. This is one of the reasons why I love the strengths movement, and growth in general. Be you, whatever that means to you.

Focusing on what’s actually right about you, what comes naturally to you with such ease that you don’t even think about it is one of the keys for you being your best. Added to that is, of course, your skills, education, talents in general, personality, desires, you name it, what drives you—your why, which strengths, while it’s about your “how”, also taps into.

Each strength bring something specific and also has specific needs. When you look at what all of your dominant talents bring and need, you’ll find a thread of values and beliefs that are unique to you that will connect to the core of who you are. It’s a very empowering journey.

Do you feel like you’re being your best every day?

I think we all have days when we know that we’re not at peak performance levels yet knowing what makes you, you, is a great start. Staying in an inquiry of how YOU best use YOUR dominant talents every day, both at work and in every area of your life is one aspect that makes a difference. 

When you use your strengths you love what you do, you’re energized, time stops, you’re in the zone, feel great and get to contribute with what makes you great. Think about a couple of things you LOVE to do and then look at  your dominant talents (generally top 10-15) to see how many of them you’ve engaged. Create a list on paper, digitally or simply pay attention to what those things are. Prioritize doing activities like this daily.

Strengths flow

When you’re building a business, whether it’s your territory or a business from scratch, it all starts out with you and the actions you take to make it happen. As your business grows and you’re able to split your region and hire more people, your responsibilities increase and there’s more to do.

One of the things that I love about strengths is the ability to delegate tasks to someone that thrives on doing what you’re really not that good at. What I’m talking about are the things that take more effort for us to get it done and where we have resistance. In other words where we’re working in our lesser talent zone vs. our strengths zone.

When you delegate what your not as strong in to someone that thrives on doing that exact thing, it’s a win-win. This is one of the things that you really get present to when you dig deeper into your strengths results. When you operate in your strength zone you actually get better and better, and feel better and better every day you get to express these talents. Add to that your education, skills, personality, priorities and you have your formula for success.

You’re unique

Your formula for success will look completely different than mine, with strengths you really get how unique you are, 1 in 33 million has the same ranking in their top 5, that alone makes you pretty unique. And even if you found your twins, while you’d probably connect, you’d still come from different backgrounds, have different ages, etc., bottomline is; you’re unique! Now, imagine how you unique your dominant talent lineup is…

How you present yourself to the world is so unique that nobody really can replicate it, their delivery and presentation would not be the same as they’re not you. A master actor/actress can convince us by transforming into a character yet it’s not the same as the real person.

Does that not make you wonder about competition? All these illusions we buy into, and yes, when you’re in sales you have “competitors” but are the products really “the same” and are you as people not all different?

No one sells like you.

Be you and sell in a way that feels true to you. Connect to your prospects and clients and truly LISTEN to what their needs are and then offer a solution that fits their needs.

When you’re with your tribe you connect with many kindred spirits, could that be because you all share a common target or have several strengths in common?

How you view the world, which is one of the things you get from these assessments, is unique to you. I’d venture to say that when we find people with similar strengths themes we can connect and understand eachother even when we do see the world in a different way. 

Why is this all important?

When you live in your strengths zone, you’re happy. Happy people create a world that is more fun to be in that everyone can enjoy. There are infinite ways to express happiness so why not bring that energy to every area of your life and see what gets created?

 #1 Be your best by applying your dominant talents every day

#2 Delegate what you’re not good at to the people that love doing it

#3 Own the uniqueness of who you are and create a life that you love

The Zone of Greatness: The Keys to Your Power

The Zone of Greatness: The Keys to Your Power

In the process of searching for my full self-expression, I uncovered teachings of the body, mind, heart and soul/energy realms that I’ll be grateful for forever. On this 40+ year journey, one of the core drivers for me was searching for what I bring, what made me special, and how I could create a life around that. I’ve gathered many tools over the years, some of the tools that I now have would have saved me years of searching if I would’ve had access to them earlier in life. I’m an explorer by nature who lives in the now while tapping into the future so I have no regrets, I do the best I can with what I have and have an innate curiosity… there’s always something new to be discovered after all.

Seeing what other people bring, or not, is always easy, isn’t it? 

Seeing your own greatness is different, it’s easier to put yourself down. Focusing on what’s actually great about you is the key focus for me and one of the reasons I love the strengths movement. I love to acknowledge and cheer people on, I just can’t help but see the silver lining #positivity. There are so many limiting beliefs and judgments flying around on this planet and it’s easy to get caught up in someone else’s reality and adopt these opinions as “yours” when it often isn’t.

Being happy and having fun has always been very important to me, and I’ve fought tooth and nail for it at times not knowing why doing whatever it took to get people to smile, if even for a moment. As I matured and realized the impact of judgments, and how often people around me didn’t prioritize happiness nor the impact of this in their lives I wondered why that was. Then I realized how it often happened, working “hard”, being so caught up in doing and providing for your work, lifestyle, family, etc. that you end up getting caught up in the rat race and beating yourself up for what you’re not doing. 

There are always stakeholders

Let’s face it there are always stakeholders to consider when you’re in sales, even when you’re the CEO, which can be draining. Until one day, when you’ve had enough… you want to simplify life, be happy and enjoy each day. Maybe you just get yourself a Harley to feel alive — there are no margins for slacking on a bike after all, or maybe you suffer inside as you work harder and harder being a little off your game, or not as hungry as you used to be, and feeling a bit jaded. 

At this point, you may no longer know what you bring to the table, however, or so busy in the midst of building that kingdom of yours with no time to stop and breathe, until you just can’t take it anymore… 

Would you like to change to another track?

After advising many men and women over the years, I’ve learned that people tend to trust me quickly. I also quickly earned the reputation of getting things done, not being afraid of trying new things and going for it. The common thread throughout my life has always been a curiosity about people from different perspectives and it still took me many years to “get” that I was good at it and could actually get paid to coach professionally.

I spent years with various energy modalities and still practice them today. Through these ventures, I realized how aware I had been, long before I “knew” it, or had a language for that awareness. Learning to separate what’s mine and what actually belongs to others has been profound, pragmatic, and so much fun.

Asking questions is key —so is allowing the answer to come to you instead of forcing it. Think of it as a energetic contribution and awareness rather than a head response of conclusions. 

I remember the first time I read the book, “Being You, Changing the World” by Dr. Dain Heer, it was profound and simple at the same time and FUN! I was on fire reading that book, and recommend it warmly to anyone seeking expanded awareness no matter what profession you’re in, and still re-read it once a year.

And that’s the interesting thing for me as I tend to share new tools with the people I interact with. Many people often classify energy modalities as a separate thing, something woo-woo and then, is it really?

When you stop long enough to check in why you make the decisions you may find that you tune into your instincts and hunches on things no matter what the facts say yet some will only base decisions on facts. When you interact with people energy is present, it’s the energy we all radiate that has people be drawn to us, or not. You can choose to acknowledge it, or put the head in the sand and pretend that it’s not there. 

When people “crash”, lose their mojo or take drastic measures, I’ve often found that it’s because the individual has lost touch with the core of who they are.

Connecting to your awareness will help you in business too. Never forget that you matter. That the world is a better place with you in it. That being said, are you creating a business and life that you really love?