Are you looking for productivity apps that will free up your time?

Are you looking for productivity apps that will free up your time?

In recent months I’ve been recommended some really cool free sites that will make any business owner a happy camper.


Are you like me in that you get way too many emails? Adding to that you may have multiple emails and that’s when it’s easy to get to miss the emails that matter. What to do? Get this free app UNROLL ME and start breathing. You have the option to select what emails you receive directly to your inbox and which ones you wish to include in the daily digest, and you can adjust that any time. In my case, I now get 1 email per day instead of the 50+ and with that a peace of mind (thank you Jacq for this one).


Do you work with online images and struggle with sizing them correctly? Trick #1 is to make the image double the size of what the recommended field is, for example, the image box is 100x100 px, you make the image 200x200 with a 72dpi resolution and now have an image that will be crisp and clear on retina screens.

I recently learned that the ideal image size for online images is really 100-300 kb, using the trick above there is one more step you can take to minimize the image without losing quality. Go to KRAKEN and try their free service (for images smaller than 1 MB), drag and drop your images and see them shrink as much as possible without losing quality. This is a really cool app.

And if you’re looking for royalty-free and free images and haven’t heard of UNSPLASH you’re in for a treat. I’ve used images from this site for a couple of years when I don’t have the images myself. Amazing pictures are shared on all kinds of topics. Check it out.

After taking the above steps to optimize my images my website loads much faster and with that more people hopefully stay on the site and browse it, instead of clicking on to the next. As many of you know we have 6-10 seconds (max) to make a first impression online so load times count!


Do you blog and want to be more visible on social media but simply never get to it? If so, check out MISSINGLTR. What’s so cool with this program is that they pull quotes from your post and create a campaign that is spread out throughout the year. No more trying to figure out that you don’t replicate your posts. There’s a free version that offers two campaigns on one platform and paid options for more campaigns and social media platforms.


Do you have some fun apps to share that save time and increase your productivity? Then please share below in the comments section.


Have an awesome day!

What are you focusing on?

What are you focusing on?

Are you focusing on what makes you feel great or do you focus on circumstances that are not? Are you using the talents that come easy for you and take actions aligned with that? What if life could be created with ease by simply focusing on what makes you feel great?

For example, you have an employee that is not performing, what do you do? Has the reason for the lack of performance been identified? Do you need to? What would the action of investing or firing that person create? What would happen with the team involved if the person stays vs. leaves? Would you hire someone new? What actions would you take to ensure that you don’t hire someone with a similar profile yet looking completely different?

These are issues we all deal with on a daily basis and how we deal with it ultimately sends signals of expectations that may not have been communicated clearly. Now before taking any actions, consider looking at what is working vs. not working with this person or team? Do they have all the tools they need to perform? Are they qualified? Do they have the drive and a willingness to perform? Are they happy? Is their manager set up to lead and inspire them?

There are many options to consider before taking the actions and if firing is the consideration maybe address the issues first so that you’re clear on what you are looking for in an ideal hire vs. what doesn’t work. When the person/team gets fired have a clear action plan on what the profiles are of the people you need, and then, and this is key, focus on what you desire to create. Often it’s easy to get stuck in talking about what didn’t work in the past and with that creating more of the same.

My experience has been that just like with relationships we tend to wait way longer than what’s healthy before taking action. As a leader, I’m sure you’ve experienced the impact on a workplace and team when you wait too long. As with many things in life, it’s about finding a balance that works for you, and your team. Maybe have conversations with the people involved asking them what the enjoy with their current job, what they would do if they could have any position in the company or outside of it and what they think needs to be done to address current issues. Just having the conversation will open up and shift things and will also help you get clear on what the issue is. It’s not always with the non-performer or the vocal ones. Listen to them and see if you can find a common thread in their stories.

It’s really easy to do and yet so easy to forget. If we desire to create a work environment that is creative, good feeling, where people are inspired, where work occurs as fun and play while producing beyond the expected outcome then start looking at what an ideal work environment would look like.

Many years ago I read “The Emyth [Revisited]” by Michael Gerber. There’s a lot of goodies in that book on creating the key positions and foundational structures before you even hire people. It has helpful tools even if you’re further ahead in your business endeavor. That book and others helped me see the importance of planning for future positions before you have the need and become too busy to think clearly about what you need or are willing to delegate.

The fun with starting up a business and wearing many or all hats is the freedom it creates when you get to expand and hire people that help you take your business to the next level. Getting you one step closer to actualizing your vision and why you started your business in the first place.



A quick way to get your “what you do” response is to listen to this 10-minute video. Another great read is the book “Find Your Why” by Simon Sinek (especially if you have this nagging feeling that something is missing that you can’t verbalize as to “why” you do what you do). In addition, there’s the CliftonStrengths® assessment that addresses the “how” you approach anything. I found that after reading and doing the exercises in “Find Your Why” that my “why” and the needs of my Dominant Signature Talent Themes where all aligned. Things like that excite me, connecting the dots and seeing similarities in different teachings (my #1 theme is Strategic®). It validates what I know to be true for me. In addition, Gallup offers a great assessment called The Builders Profile (BP10™) where you & your team can see where your talents lay as business builders.

Knowing what drives you is so important as when you’re not happy it’s often connected to not honoring what you need to fill you up. And when you are filled up, your perspective shifts and you see things in a different light. You may choose to take immediate actions instead of letting it linger, or find a different solution from an empowered context.

When you feel good, and focus on making decisions that bring more of that, big changes happen. Yes, it may sound too good to be true, but try it, play full out, one day at the time, for a week or two and keep notes on how you experience each day, what you see shifting in your life if you focus on what makes you feel great and what is working in everything you do and let me know what changes.