What is Your Roadmap to Success?

What is Your Roadmap to Success?

Have you sat down to look at what your targets are and how to achieve them? There are many books and teachings about the steps you need to take yet many create success without this. Could it have something to do with how you create individually? 

Your strengths are all different after all. Added to that you have different targets, experiences, skills, backgrounds, desires, … the list goes on. What works for you may look different.

I love to ask questions, a lot of them are internal inquiries at this stage of my life but if you ask people that I work with and friends, they’d probably still say I ask a lot of questions. 

Questions have the power to open you up

Whether it’s to get clear on something you’ve been asking for, new awarenesses,  or simply learning something new.

How we receive them often depends on HOW the questions are asked. Who your audience is matters too. Some questions could, potentially, occur as questioning even when that’s not the intention. 

When people ask you questions it’s important to listen to the tone, vibe, and tune-in to the body language of that person to avoid misunderstandings. 

I love how a question can blow up your belief systems, and expand your awareness. Do you know what I mean?

Questions are so powerful and have the power to forward conversations in a multitude of ways. You learn a lot from each other when you ask questions.

How are you feeling right now?

The past couple of months have brought us all time to reflect, look at what works and doesn’t, and take actions in a variety of ways.

We are living in times of high contrast from many different angles: emotional, physical, and financial well-being to name a few.

I’m grateful for the ease of access to all of the different teachings that I tap into online. Through all the communities that I tap into I’m provided with a range of global perspectives, and reminders of how I best focus my energy so that I can make a positive impact in the lives I cross paths with.

Feeling good or great when people around you are hurting can occur as strange. When you have the ability to stay neutral or even happy on the inside however it’s easier to help lift the spirits up for people around you.

Have you ever found that the crappier you feel, the bigger the insights and wisdom you gain later? As much as we avoid pain, we grow from it AND you can grow without it too!

What questions are you asking yourself?

Through Access Consciousness I learned how conclusive many of my questions were and I still ask many of the questions I learned.

Questions like: 

How does it get any better than this? I mean how brilliant is that? Many people say “it doesn’t get any better than this…” if you tune into the energy of each question you’ll notice a difference. One has you look for more of whatever you’re asking for, the other one stops the flow.

Imagine being in the flow, in your zone, asking “how does it get any better than this”? Try it,  and watch the magic unfold.

A second favorite is: What else is possible? When you ask questions like this you automatically will look for something that can provide you with another option, right?

Both questions work great when you feel crappy too. They help you dig yourself out of the hole one question and choice at the time and before you know it, you’re feeling great.

Your circumstances didn’t necessarily change but your mindset did, and quickly so.

How much more can you create when you FEEL great? Does how you feel affect your productivity?

So going back to how you create your roadmap for success start by asking questions that empower and see what shows up.


Questions like: What is YOUR definition of success? Hint: Look at your strengths 😀
The Power of Releasing Judgment

The Power of Releasing Judgment

The Power of Releasing Judgment

Four years ago this book I co-authored was published (released Mar 15, 2016). A couple of weeks ago, I was reminded of the book after hearing about another celebrity who had committed suicide after being judged in media.

I’m by no means an expert on the subject of suicide but I do know what it feels like to lose hope and I also know that judgment kills.

Judgment is all around us, now more than ever, turn on the news or go online, more time is spent on bullying than empowering people which I find totally insane. 

It’s so easy to pass judgment on other people’s behaviors instead of creating your own life. Many choose to remove themselves as a result of that, whether by suicide, isolation, drugs, and other ways. 

When you follow your inner awareness and focus on your creations, doing work you love, having fun, and being with people you enjoy hanging with you don’t really have time to focus on what other people do, or don’t do.

We all make mistakes

When you’re in the public eye you get judged harshly, for some, one mistake and you’re out.

It could be as simple as speaking up and offering a different point of view or being human and doing something many of us have done without being on camera.

I’m talking about the individuals who have a desire to spread love and make this planet a better place. Think of all the talented musicians we’ve lost over the years for one.

Listening to negative press creates nothing good for anyone. Follow your own awareness and truth.

Those of us labeled as sensitive souls feel the pain of the world and for some of us, it gets to be too much as we tend to judge ourselves more harshly than anyone else could.

Why do some adults feel that it’s OK to bully? Could it be that the bullies are just so miserable that they need to project their pain on others instead of dealing with it?

All I can say on this topic is —STOP IT

Get a life and create a life that inspires!

Start with being grateful for what you have, every day. Seek help if needed and consider for a moment what legacy you want to leave behind and let that guide you.

The book “The power of releasing judgment” was a really interesting experience, we were 27 authors, each writing a chapter on our take of the topic at the time and we all offer many different tools to deal with this topic.

Many insights followed after writing this chapter for me personally I would’ve dealt with the situations differently today and that’s what growth is all about. We get insights and do the best we can with the information at hand at that moment.

It may not be an easy read for some, given the subject you may want to read a chapter that interests you and then sit with it before reading another one. You will be left with insights and suggestions on actions you can take.

Always follow your inner guidance.

What can you create instead?

Looking at judgment from a different perspective is why we wrote the book.

Judgment creates nothing good unless you’re willing to speak up, take action and show that there’s another option available.

When you believe the projections and beliefs of other people it’s easy to get stuck in that space, especially if you starting judging yourself.

We all have a choice in how we respond and when people project stuff at you it’s often more about them than you.

Use common sense

As I’m writing this we’re in the midst of a pandemic with many POVs blended with facts and various decisions that will impact us all on many levels globally.

Even here it’s about using common sense, listening to your inner guidance, washing your hands and staying home if you’re sick, feeling hesitant whether you should go or not, or have a compromised immune system.

Connect with your customers, friends, and neighbors and see if you can be of assistance if you get stir crazy sitting at home. Email, text, call or use Zoom and similar platforms to connect.

You can also use this time to tune within, meditate, clean your house literally (clear out closets and cabinets, organize your space to your liking), maybe cook something new?

Take action on what you can do right now and plan ahead for all the action items you can take once the quarantine period is over.

It’s OK to have POVs, judging why and buying into fears keeps you stuck so do your best to focus on what you CAN do.

What can you create today that will light your spirit up? Who can you connect with that would love to hear from you?

Sending you all good vibes, love & light.

Your body is talking to you — are you listening?

Your body is talking to you — are you listening?

Many times throughout my life I’ve had the experience of being in an illusion that I just can’t seem to get out of. It’s so easy to get stuck in mind games and ignoring the body in the process until something happens.

We tend to take our bodies and health for granted and then one day we wake up to body pain, a condition, illness or an injury that may occur as random or persistent. When that happens, do you stop and ask your body what it’s trying to communicate, or do you ignore it? 

Pain is one way the body communicates to us when we’ve ignored lighter signals. Another one could be as simple as heartburn, a pulled muscle, headaches,…

When shit hits the fan you often wish you would’ve listened, yet before you go into conclusion, do you ask yourself if this “pain” is yours or who it may belong to? Or “who’s a pain in your life? “  See more here on heavy and light energy.

For some of you asking that may occur as weird, not to me. Our bodies are sensory and pick up all the points of views we have of it, and often what others think too. 

Think about things you’ve tried to change and no matter what, nothing does. Could that be a sign that you’re trying to fix something that isn’t even yours to fix?

Do you have a healing body?

When we have healing bodies we often pop into other people’s realities without being aware of it. It could be your spouse, partner, co-worker, friend or a random stranger…

What if you simply asked, “Body, what’s up? What are you trying to communicate? Show me in a way that I can understand clearly.” 

You’ll often get some type of awareness, it could be an event that pops into your mind, a person, an incident. Continue asking questions, like “what is it all about ?” and “is there anything I can do to change this, if so what do I need to do?” and listen without judgment.

My body has been really stiff in recent months. A sponsored ad for a workout that I’ve seen several times for the past year popped in my newsfeed after I asked that question, and guess what, that workout was exactly what my body required to start loosening up my stiff joints.

Simple things like moving your body makes a difference. I think many of us sit way too much. I know I do.

What’s true for you and your body?

Who do you believe?

This is a tricky one. How many people do you listen to and believe and then try to replicate whatever that is, it could be, do this and get wealthy, or, eat this and you’ll get fit, yet it doesn’t work for you.

You can Google most topics and you’ll get different responses or fixes. The key to living a life that you love is to tune into what YOU desire. That could mean that while you share some beliefs with others and many not.

When you trust someone blindly you bypass your own awareness.

I’ve done it many times, until I didn’t and that often came with the harder type of “lessons”. What came out of it was a reminder to listen to my body, inner awareness and wisdom.

Wisdom comes with age

There’s a reason for the saying “wisdom comes with age” after all. We can be young and ahead of our years in maturity but not in all areas of life, and that goes for all of us independent of age. Some never wake up to who they truly are, their greatness if you will, and stay stuck in various forms of “victim” mode.

I learned many years ago that if you’re complaining about anything and not taking action or owning your part of it—you’re being a victim. While it was a tough pill to swallow at the time, it’s easy to associate victim with the cliche of it after all, I got it. 

Does that mean that I’ve always been in integrity? Heck no! I still put others before myself. I’m a work in progress like all of us. I love to grow though and seek experiences that help me expand as a person, and being happy is a priority. I pay attention to who I have around me.

Follow your inner nudges

I follow my inner nudges, take spontaneous actions in the areas I desire to explore, with many hits or misses, but I’ve had fun for the most part. There have also been tougher experiences. From it all I’ve woken up more and more, stepped out of the matrix, can relate to others on a deeper level and be a better guide. 

I’m naturally happy and see the good in people, some people think that’s naive — I think it’s one of my superpowers. It’s a choice—always. I stand for and believe that anything is possible, and many ask for someone to have their back so it tends to work out.

I recently watched a really cool movie on Netflix called HEAL – check it out if it piques your interest, especially if you’re dealing with any health imbalances. Our health impacts our mojo after all.

Empowerment and inner fulfillment

Empowerment and inner fulfillment

To me, having inner fulfillment is something I prioritize every day. I generally wake up happy feeling peaceful inside, something I tend to take for granted until something happens that I can’t shake. I’ve learned over the years that it’s often not mine, simply me being aware, yet in the moment it occurs as real as it’ll be one of those moments in life where you have something similar going on. So you buy that energy as yours. It could be someone you bump into when walking or driving, in other words, a stranger.

Of course, at time it could be the people that you hang, work, live with, which can make it a bit harder to separate. So when you end up caught up in the moment, in a vibe that isn’t working for you, what can you do?

The first step is simply dropping any barriers that you have, any type of protection, defense, standby mode, waiting game type of energy. I get that it’s contradictory to drop your barriers when you are in fight or flight mode yet if what you’re reacting to is not you, then why hang onto it? It’s like the good ole’ “surrender” piece, but quicker and without any logic.

So are you ready to drop your barriers? Ask your body to drop the barriers/walls to way below your feet and trust that your body will.

Next, take FIVE deep breaths and just focus on breathing deeply in & out. For any thought that pops in your head or passes by simply say “bye bye”.

Third, connect with the inner you, you know the being in your body that might be talking right back at ya, and expand it beyond the room you’re in, beyond the house, neighborhood, city, state, country, continent, planet, and as far out as your inner being desire to go. Continue breathing deeply.

Are you yawning yet? Releasing that energy? Feeling a shift? Take a couple of more deep breaths and thank your body. You can do this whether you are still or moving. I like to close my eyes if I’m sitting down, to focus, yet that’s optional.

The space of inspired action – why would you take inspired action?

The space of inspired action – why would you take inspired action?

Do you take inspired action? If not, what is stopping you? What does inspired action mean to you? To me it’s all about following my inner guidance, you know that inner knowing that has you say “yes” to exploring further.

I’m a person who loves to learn new things, all the time, every day, it inspires me and is one of the factors that has me continually choose to grow and evolve.

My life motto is “the day I stop being curious about learning new things is when it’s time to leave this body”.

I’m currently on an extra intense “roll”, having tapped into some new communities of inspiring people that I’m really connecting with. They are taking action, creating companies with products that are created from passion and inspiration all while being themselves. So much fun!

To me when I tap into the space of inspired action it never seizes to amaze me how I end up finding the people that I’ve been asking for with total ease. The good ole’ adage of “when the student is ready the master(s) appear” and at times I’m present to taking quantum leaps by simply finding these people.

Have you ever found when searching online for example how the search results often line up exactly with what you were looking for? And how one search leads to another and another and then all of a sudden you find something that really connects? There are infinite possibilities and search results yet your focused attention and the words you select lead you exactly to what you were looking for? It’s amazing and one of the things I love about the internet as it’s a fast forum to find people and connect.


Three months ago a friend of mine shared a post where a branding expert, Danielle M Miller, was interviewed. It spoke to me, I purchased and read her book (great read), connected with her, attended some free webinars, explored her brand/branding and offers and have signed up for a mastermind program with her.

Through her I ended up listening to her being interviewed by Ryan Rhoten on “A brand new you” podcast which I connected with big time. While immersing myself in personal branding, listening to all his podcasts and learning so much about personal branding from him and his guests and connecting with his work (DICE – cool stuff too!)

I was made aware of Marie Forleo via Danielle (yeah I know I’ve been living under a rock). Marie rocks and she was recently interviewed by Tom Bilyeu of Inside Quest (now Impact Theory) another awesome YouTube channel & Podcast with inspiring interviews and loads more with people that I am already following or desiring to connect with. He is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition and more (also someone I had not heard of before).

And the list goes on as through all these new people I have tapped into several new tribes of people that I connect with.

My point with all of this is when you following the energy whether it’s inspired or your just in flow mode pay attention to what shows up, it could just change your life!

“Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. If it’s not fun it doesn’t happen”

– Marie Forleo

“Do I care enough about this to fill the glass?” (Rather than asking if the glass is half full or half empty?)

– Naveen Jain

What inspired action(s) are calling you, right now?

How To Fascinate and Create Your Unique Tagline

How To Fascinate and Create Your Unique Tagline

Have you ever wondered why people are drawn to you? What makes you special? If there was a way for you to communicate that in two words, would you?

I just finished reading the book How to Fascinate by Sally Hogshead and from that, I created what’s referred to as your “Anthem” aka YOUR unique tagline.

You create this from the short assessment that you take (comes with the book). Once you receive your Fascination Advantage Report it will include your Archetype and the two Advantages (your most effective mode of communication) that create the Archetype. Does that sound like fun?

From there you get ideas of words specific to your combo and you create your Anthem. And yes you can choose a different word too (I did). What this tagline can create is a quick introduction when you meet people of simply stating what you are about without a need to get into the story. Would creating your personal brand tagline be a contribution to you? A tagline that states the essence of you?

To me it simplifies, this will serve as my elevator pitch and the first step in creating my personal brand. After all, we all have a brand whether we define it or not (how we walk, talk, dress, etc.) and why not create something that states the essence of who you are when you are at your best?

I know for me I will now start asking “what will it take for me to step fully into/be “this”* today?” for one 🙂 l love taking assessments and what I love about this particular one is that in addition to all the tools and awarenesses I have already is that I now will use my tagline – *Energizing Explorations – moment by moment. After all, I can always change it if I become aware of something more expansive for me – woohoo!

Click below if you are interested in reading the book and creating your own personal tagline (the Kindle version includes a code too – you just click on a button inside the book when it’s time to take the assessment). The book includes descriptions of all Archetypes.

If you do take the assessment I’d love to hear what your Archetype and Anthem is. There is also a FREE abbreviated version of the assessment available on Sally Hogshead’s website that you can check out first if you wish. The book assessment is longer and more in-depth. CLICK HERE for the FREE version.