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Welcome to my blog page! Here I’ll share stories, tools, and tips from my life as I explore strengths in myself and others. My intention is to provide you with ideas that you can use to create a life that turns you on, and inspires you, every day, no matter what your circumstances currently look like.

I help startup leaders and their teams reconnect and reignite their inner rebel — this time with a cause so they can create a life + business that turns them on from the boardroom to the bedroom.

The POVs expressed are mine.

how to Create a team of winners

how to Create a team of winners

Anyone who’s ever been part of a successful team knows the importance of trust. It's pretty simple, where you have high trust, there’s a flow that creates a win-win for everyone involved. From the company’s vibe being more alive, energized, productive, and happy to...

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where is your flow of genius?

where is your flow of genius?

Most, if not all of you, have experienced flow in some areas of life. It’s that state where things just unfold like magic, hello green lights! Being engaged in a passion or simply being in the zone working on a project where time ceases to exist. In the past 30 years...

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