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Welcome to my blog page! Here I’ll share my life experiences as I explore strengths in myself and others, and what lights me up. My intention is to inspire you by sharing stories that hopefully will inspire and connect you to new possibilities, or if nothing else a different point of view.

I’ll share the tools that I use to continually SIMPLIFY. BE. CREATE. an ever-evolving life that is fun, with full self-expression and kind intentions inside + out. 

The POV’s expressed on this site are mine, inspired my interpretations and/or experiences of the CliftonStrengths® Signature Themes, Access Consciousness® tools, teachings of Jennifer Butler Living Colors, and life in general. Click on the links for more information. 

Enjoy reading the blogs and contact me for any blog post suggestions that you would like to see in the future, or connect via social media below 🙂




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Why CliftonStrengths® and BP10™?

Why CliftonStrengths® and BP10™?

CliftonStrengths® reveals the Signature Themes that guide your behavior through your life without being specific to one particular career, role, or job. It's a strengths-based developmental tool that describes what you naturally do best. When you invest in your...

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