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Here I’ll share my life experiences as I explore strengths in myself and others, and what lights me up. My intention is to inspire you by sharing stories that hopefully will inspire and connect you to new possibilities, or if nothing else a different point of view. I’ll share the tools that I use to continually SIMPLIFY. BE. CREATE. an ever evolving life that is fun, with full self-expression and kindness inside + out.

The POV’s expressed on this site are mine, inspired my interpretations and/or experiences of the CliftonStrengths® Signature Themes, Access Consciousness® tools, teachings of Jennifer Butler Living Colors, and life in general. Click on the links for more information.

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What’s your life purpose?

... is a question that had me twisted for years, looking for "it" without being able to verbalize the energy of what the "it" was. And yes, while having fun has definitely been a core "purpose" in life for me, what if you can't connect to what fun would be like, or it...

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Empowerment and inner fulfillment

To me, having inner fulfillment is something I prioritize every day. I generally wake up happy feeling peaceful inside, something I tend to take for granted until something happens that I can't shake. I've learned over the years that it's often not mine, simply me...

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Cha Cha Change!

[Rocco on Michael's lap sticking out tongue] May 4, 2016   Do you have those moments/periods in your life when your have a strong awareness of being in the midst of a big shift? Cha Cha Change? I'm in one of those periods, possibilities are showing up out of the blue...

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The choices you make

[ha ha swirl image] posted 4/11/16 Do you have the ability to laugh at yourself and the choices you make? See the humor and ultimately have gratitude for the experience and new awarenesses? I recently closed a chapter of what at times occurred as an interesting 24/7...

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Communication part 1

[picture of me, dad and cousins] mar 9, 2016   Have you ever stopped long enough to look at how you communicate and how it is received on the other end? The words you speak AND the energy which you deliver your communication? Do you ask the people you are in dialogue...

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[dove image from hotel] Jan 31, 2016   What does humility and being humble really look like in your world and how do you express it? Is there a specific way of being that automatically has you be seen as humble? And if you are including your needs into the equation...

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[PV ocean by restaurant - cliff] Jan 22, 2016 Being in allowance is an interesting space to be in as it’s ever changing. It is at times mistaken for not caring, taking action or having any opinions which is not necessarily the case. And it includes the allowance...

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Gratitude and more

[gratitude rock] Jan 13, 2016 The power of gratitude never seizes to amaze me. From one moment to the next you can shift the focus of an apparent judgment by simply asking "what can I be grateful for right now?". And other times while it's an easy action you still go...

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Spontaneity and waiting games

Having always had a bit of a spontaneous personality I gained the awareness early on that if a possibility in front of me seemed fun and I jumped on it, it tended to be a great choice for me and when I was wish washy it really didn't work for me. While it was easy to...

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