Pia Jansson is a Gallup-certified Strengths and BP10™ trained Coach for people who are totally ready to be empowered + inspired by who they are while simplifying their life & living and upping their game.

She will show you how investing in your unique strengths + awesomeness will create clarity and success for you in life & business, while sprinkling in a little fun + spontaneity along the way.

Through her natural knack to see possibilities and potential, her questions and guidance may inspire you to see, step into and own your natural talents — while making it all feel easy & fun.

She has been featured in two book chapters that were published in 2016 (The Power of Releasing Judgment & The Energy of Play) and as a guest on several podcasts (Unchained with Becky, The Erica Glessing Show and Happiness Telesummit).

And when she’s not coaching, you can find her indulging in something design related, photography or playing with her dog Rocco.

Meet Pia + get ready to create a life that you love at piajansson.me .

More info can also be found on LinkedIn.