Welcome to my website!

Welcome to my website!

Hey, I’m so happy that you found me! 🙂

Have you ever wondered what you could create if you tapped into even a fraction of the full potential of who you are? That is how I feel about strengths and coaching. While I’m embarking on a new path as an independent Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, I’ve spent most of my life advising & coaching “on the side” while learning and exploring a bunch of awesome teachings.

In an era driven by social media and having an online presence, I’m choosing to create my personal brand with as much of my voice & vibe as I can so that you get a sense of who I am and what I stand for.

The main focus of this site will be about my experience of the CliftonStrengths® Signature Themes as I dig deeper into the theme dynamics with clients & friends and see how they play out in my life, and in others. I’ll share stories from my life and the various tools that I play with. I’m a mix n’ match person after all! With time who knows what this evolves into? You will also find some of my older posts, slightly tweaked, that originated from my previous site “Space-2-Play” poppin’ up in time.

Imagine the world we could create if everyone focused on what could be created and stepped into our greatness? What if we focused on developing our unique talents into strengths and used them every day? What if we acknowledged each person’s unique mix of talents? After all, it’s how we’re wired so what if that is not a problem?!

What I love about the Clifton StrengthFinder® Assessment is that my signature themes have remained the same over the years. Sure the order shifted a little yet all themes but one theme are still in my Top 10, 12 years later. If anything the order of my top Signature Themes today represent who I am more than ever. In the 12 years that passed between assessment, 1 & 2 I’ve shed so many limiting values and beliefs that weren’t even mine so to me this speaks volumes of the “strengths” of this assessment. I’m of course a bit bias as my themes are all about seeing possibilities & forward movement and I’ve heard this from so many people.

Today, 14,927,941 million people have taken this assessment globally, with thousands added daily!

I have so much gratitude for all the people that have been part of my journey to date (too many to list, some are mentioned HERE) and am looking forward to what will be created next?

My movement is to inspire you to explore new possibilities + use your unique strengths to create a life & living that is fun + empowering to you.

THANK YOU for reading!!


Guest on Unchained with Becky

Guest on Unchained with Becky

Earlier this summer I was invited to be a guest on my friend Becky’s show “Unchained with Becky” on A2zen.fm (now called “Inspired Choice Network”). The topic of the day was about having more fun, in other words, “Stop being so darned serious”. Wow, has this been an intensely productive summer or what?

Check it out if it speaks to you! I personally love the invitation Becky is in this world, the conversation topics and content that she offers on her show. You can also subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.

The space of inspired action – why would you take inspired action?

The space of inspired action – why would you take inspired action?

Do you take inspired action? If not, what is stopping you? What does inspired action mean to you? To me it’s all about following my inner guidance, you know that inner knowing that has you say “yes” to exploring further.

I’m a person who loves to learn new things, all the time, every day, it inspires me and is one of the factors that has me continually choose to grow and evolve.

My life motto is “the day I stop being curious about learning new things is when it’s time to leave this body”.

I’m currently on an extra intense “roll”, having tapped into some new communities of inspiring people that I’m really connecting with. They are taking action, creating companies with products that are created from passion and inspiration all while being themselves. So much fun!

To me when I tap into the space of inspired action it never seizes to amaze me how I end up finding the people that I’ve been asking for with total ease. The good ole’ adage of “when the student is ready the master(s) appear” and at times I’m present to taking quantum leaps by simply finding these people.

Have you ever found when searching online for example how the search results often line up exactly with what you were looking for? And how one search leads to another and another and then all of a sudden you find something that really connects? There are infinite possibilities and search results yet your focused attention and the words you select lead you exactly to what you were looking for? It’s amazing and one of the things I love about the internet as it’s a fast forum to find people and connect.


Three months ago a friend of mine shared a post where a branding expert, Danielle M Miller, was interviewed. It spoke to me, I purchased and read her book (great read), connected with her, attended some free webinars, explored her brand/branding and offers and have signed up for a mastermind program with her.

Through her I ended up listening to her being interviewed by Ryan Rhoten on “A brand new you” podcast which I connected with big time. While immersing myself in personal branding, listening to all his podcasts and learning so much about personal branding from him and his guests and connecting with his work (DICE – cool stuff too!)

I was made aware of Marie Forleo via Danielle (yeah I know I’ve been living under a rock). Marie rocks and she was recently interviewed by Tom Bilyeu of Inside Quest (now Impact Theory) another awesome YouTube channel & Podcast with inspiring interviews and loads more with people that I am already following or desiring to connect with. He is the co-founder of Quest Nutrition and more (also someone I had not heard of before).

And the list goes on as through all these new people I have tapped into several new tribes of people that I connect with.

My point with all of this is when you following the energy whether it’s inspired or your just in flow mode pay attention to what shows up, it could just change your life!

“Clarity comes from engagement, not thought. If it’s not fun it doesn’t happen”

– Marie Forleo

“Do I care enough about this to fill the glass?” (Rather than asking if the glass is half full or half empty?)

– Naveen Jain

What inspired action(s) are calling you, right now?

A 4th of July book launch!

A 4th of July book launch!

Happy 4th of July! I am celebrating the launch of my second book today with a topic close to my heart – The Energy of Play! Will you check it out?

Click on the link below for available purchase options. I wonder how much fun this book will contribute to our readers? 🙂


How To Fascinate and Create Your Unique Tagline

How To Fascinate and Create Your Unique Tagline

Have you ever wondered why people are drawn to you? What makes you special? If there was a way for you to communicate that in two words, would you?

I just finished reading the book How to Fascinate by Sally Hogshead and from that, I created what’s referred to as your “Anthem” aka YOUR unique tagline.

You create this from the short assessment that you take (comes with the book). Once you receive your Fascination Advantage Report it will include your Archetype and the two Advantages (your most effective mode of communication) that create the Archetype. Does that sound like fun?

From there you get ideas of words specific to your combo and you create your Anthem. And yes you can choose a different word too (I did). What this tagline can create is a quick introduction when you meet people of simply stating what you are about without a need to get into the story. Would creating your personal brand tagline be a contribution to you? A tagline that states the essence of you?

To me it simplifies, this will serve as my elevator pitch and the first step in creating my personal brand. After all, we all have a brand whether we define it or not (how we walk, talk, dress, etc.) and why not create something that states the essence of who you are when you are at your best?

I know for me I will now start asking “what will it take for me to step fully into/be “this”* today?” for one 🙂 l love taking assessments and what I love about this particular one is that in addition to all the tools and awarenesses I have already is that I now will use my tagline – *Energizing Explorations – moment by moment. After all, I can always change it if I become aware of something more expansive for me – woohoo!

Click below if you are interested in reading the book and creating your own personal tagline (the Kindle version includes a code too – you just click on a button inside the book when it’s time to take the assessment). The book includes descriptions of all Archetypes.

If you do take the assessment I’d love to hear what your Archetype and Anthem is. There is also a FREE abbreviated version of the assessment available on Sally Hogshead’s website that you can check out first if you wish. The book assessment is longer and more in-depth. CLICK HERE for the FREE version.