What’s your life purpose and what do you do?

… is a question that had me twisted for years, looking for “it” without being able to verbalize the energy of what the “it” was. And yes, while having fun has definitely been a core “purpose” in life for me, what if you can’t connect to what fun would be like, or it still feels as if it’s more than that?

I found this TedX talk the other week and it’s brilliantly simple and well worth the 10 minutes.

In this video, Adam Leipzig shares a simple and quick formula to connect to your life purpose. What I love about this is that it’s a fun conversation starter and a different twist to answering the question “So, what do you do?”. Thank you, for this talk Mr. Leipzig!

Got talents or strengths?

Got talents or strengths?

Yes, you do have tons of talents and some may have developed into strengths*. I’m talking about your wiring, independent of education, skills and other types of talents like sport or art, I’m talking about how you view life, your perspective, say what?

Your perspective comes so naturally to you that you think nothing of it, think everyone sees what you see or feels what you feel, and what if that’s not the case?

When you really get that you are ONE in 33 Million it tends to be pretty profound. All of a sudden things in your life start to make sense. Depending on what’s going on in your life right now, and whether you’ve created a life where your talents have been developed into strengths, that gap can, of course, be intimidating. Yet, the first step to change is to become aware of what the current snapshot of your life looks like, and start there.

You could see the talent to strengths journey as permission to be yourself, fully, without excusing what comes naturally to you. The journey of claiming your dominant talent themes, learning about what helps or hinders you within each of your dominant strengths, and what to be aware of when you’re not feeling it and how each theme affects you and others is a very powerful journey.

Not everyone takes the time to invest the time in themselves to see how they can use each theme in different situations and with that create a different outcome.

Are you open + ready to take the first step? CLICK HERE to take the assessment.



* near-perfect performance every time



Empowerment and inner fulfillment

Empowerment and inner fulfillment

To me, having inner fulfillment is something I prioritize every day. I generally wake up happy feeling peaceful inside, something I tend to take for granted until something happens that I can’t shake. I’ve learned over the years that it’s often not mine, simply me being aware, yet in the moment it occurs as real as it’ll be one of those moments in life where you have something similar going on. So you buy that energy as yours. It could be someone you bump into when walking or driving, in other words, a stranger.

Of course, at time it could be the people that you hang, work, live with, which can make it a bit harder to separate. So when you end up caught up in the moment, in a vibe that isn’t working for you, what can you do?

The first step is simply dropping any barriers that you have, any type of protection, defense, standby mode, waiting game type of energy. I get that it’s contradictory to drop your barriers when you are in fight or flight mode yet if what you’re reacting to is not you, then why hang onto it? It’s like the good ole’ “surrender” piece, but quicker and without any logic.

So are you ready to drop your barriers? Ask your body to drop the barriers/walls to way below your feet and trust that your body will.

Next, take FIVE deep breaths and just focus on breathing deeply in & out. For any thought that pops in your head or passes by simply say “bye bye”.

Third, connect with the inner you, you know the being in your body that might be talking right back at ya, and expand it beyond the room you’re in, beyond the house, neighborhood, city, state, country, continent, planet, and as far out as your inner being desire to go. Continue breathing deeply.

Are you yawning yet? Releasing that energy? Feeling a shift? Take a couple of more deep breaths and thank your body. You can do this whether you are still or moving. I like to close my eyes if I’m sitting down, to focus, yet that’s optional.

Have you ever wondered

Have you ever wondered

… what you would create if you tapped into even a fraction of the full potential of who you are?

That is how I feel about strengths coaching. While I embarked in a slightly new direction as an independent Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach in 2016, it compliments all the tools I’ve played with prior, like Access Consciousness. Those of you who know me, know that I’m a mix n’ match person after all! With time who knows what this evolves into? I’ve spent most of my life advising & coaching while learning, exploring and implementing the tools in my own life and the businesses I’ve been involved with and asking open-ended questions is one of the keys to creation.

In this social media era, I’ve realized the importance of having an online presence of my personal brand so I retired my old websites (previously creativepower4u.com and space-2-play.com), and am now blogging here. I will infuse as much of my voice & vibe as I can so that you get a sense of who I am and what I stand for and also add my older posts, slightly tweaked, as they may add value.

Imagine the world we could create if everyone focused on what could be created and stepped into our greatness? What if we focused on developing our unique talents into strengths and used them every day? What if we acknowledged each person’s unique mix of talents? After all, it’s how we’re wired so what if that is not a problem?!

What I love about the Clifton StrengthFinder® Assessment is that my signature themes have remained the same over the years. Sure the order shifted a little yet when I took the assessment 12 years later yet all but one are still in my Top 10, 12 years later. During these years I’ve been focused on transformational work so the fact that the results are still the same speaks volumes of the “strengths” of this assessment. Everyone I know and that I’ve coached so far all say “that’s so me”. The next question often is, OK so now what? How can I use this? That’s where I can help!

Today, 16,312,161 million people have taken this assessment globally, with thousands added daily!

My movement is to inspire you to explore new possibilities + use your unique strengths to create a life & living that is fun + empowering to you. I wonder what that would look like to you?

THANK YOU for reading!!

Why Strengths?

Why Strengths?

What makes the Clifton StrengthsFinder® so awesome from my perspective is that it not only empowers you, it teaches you to embrace and look at other people through the lens of their unique gifts. And while this assessment is not about what you do or necessarily be, rather HOW you approach anything in life, it’s a great tool to access the blind spots that we all have and own who we naturally are.

With a lifelong passion for exploring and learning about what makes people choose what they choose I’ve found these tools to fit so naturally into where my journey has taken me. Have you ever found yourself hearing the same message/teaching from different perspectives? I have, and to me, that is what is so powerful about this, it fits into our lives so easily whether you are into growth or not. I mean can learning about your greatness be anything but empowering? So for me, with my top 2 strengths of “Strategic®” and “Positivity®” this is gold!

The journey of embracing your strengths can look like this: you take the assessment, you look at your top 5 and see yourself and think “well that’s cool”, and then what? Mind you I was one of the people that just let that information sit without really looking at how I could create from my strengths. Now 12 years later when I’m at a point in my life where I am stepping into who I am in a way that I haven’t before I’m absorbing the materials in-depth and having so much fun while coaching others into seeing and embracing their greatness.

If you are interested in learning more about the different strengths, Gallup has an excellent YouTube channel filled with video’s that talk about strengths, with deep dives into individual themes. CLICK HERE to access Gallup’s Strengths Center.