You’re ambitious, results-oriented and a leader who cares about people. You like to be on the cutting edge, are interested in growth and being the best you. You’re working hard to achieve sustainable success, so strategies on working smarter and more effectively are always appealing.

But recently life took a turn, you’ve stretched yourself too thin, you’re overwhelmed—and now you feel like you’ve lost your mojo. You’ve used all the tricks you have to get back in the game, but they’re not working. You’re frustrated and off your game. You realize you need to figure out where you’re falling short.


Hey, I’m Pia, I see possibilities + potential everywhere; it’s how I’m wired! I’m here to connect people to possibilities in every corner of their business & life! I’m a coach for successful men & women who feel like they’ve lost their mojo in business or life. If you want to identify the cause, get clear on what actions you can take to achieve higher levels of success, let’s talk.  I can help you rediscover your natural talents so you can improve your performance, become the best version of yourself, and win in every aspect of your life. I’m a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach + BP10™ trained, or as I like to call it a “Possibility Coach” based out of Los Angeles, CA! I’m also an Access Bars® Practitioner, Photographer, Author, Lover of Life, and more.


In 1989 I began working at a dental implant company in Sweden. They were in an aggressive growth phase which offered various opportunities, one of them being a move to the US. During my 15 years with the company, I worked in a variety of roles–logistics, marketing, sales support, offering creative and effective organizational solutions (IT, creative, logistics). I was also an advisor “ right-hand woman” to my bosses.

But eventually, I felt the need to try new things so I left and did my own thing for a while, until 6 months later when I was offered a position with another dental company. I used to say that if they’d offered me the job two weeks later I wouldn’t have accepted the offer. But in retrospect, I wasn’t ready to do my own thing at that time. I left that company less than a year later, ultimately it wasn’t a fit, and was offered the enticing job of starting up a subsidiary within days of leaving. I’ve been there since 2006 continually growing as a person, and owning my contributions while expanding my business know-how.



The various roles I’ve been in required continual out-of-the-box thinking, tapping into a diverse set of talents and wearing many hats, while sorting out chaos in business areas often requiring immediate action. You know the “growing pains” that come with a fast-growing entrepreneurial company when you have to come up with solutions on the spot? That and re-creating business areas were all part of my roles. I didn’t know at the time that I was actually wired for this. I basically created a lot from scratch as the need arose as part of building the businesses and reorganizing business areas.

Now, while I’m great at many things, my strengths lie in getting things started, whether it’s people or projects. People often found me amusing as I’m a straight shooter who loves to take spontaneous action, have fun and laugh. I’m no stranger to being the jester, I’ll do whatever it takes to get people into action! I’m in tune with what’s going on, see the big picture and am a strategic and objective partner who contributes ideas and gets the job done. Oh yeah, I was born and raised in Sweden, so I brought new, refreshing perspectives with me.

It started early on in life, being the go-to person for friends confiding in me, and it’s a role that has continued throughout my life. I was always fascinated in digging deeper with each person I spoke to, looking for what made them “tick” and helping them feel better (one of my talents I learned later in life). I also had an amazing grandmother, a wise and happy lady who inspired me to go for my dreams with her curiosity and glass-half-full attitude supporting me—and I ended up fulfilling some of her dreams in the process (moving to the US being one we both shared).


After moving to Los Angeles In my early 30s, I starting taking a variety of personal and business growth classes. And somehow I always ended up coaching or being the go-to person. In my early 20s, I read a book called “Who are you?”, so it was a full circle and profound moment in 2017 when I finally found “My Why” (Simon Sinek – Find Your Why) after searching, creating and always feeling like something was missing.

My why is “To connect people to possibilities so that they are free to be themselves fully and create a life that inspires them” so that is where I’m coming from when I coach or advise people.

In my late 30s and 40s, I continued exploring deeper into a variety of transformational courses, just for fun. Landmark® (mind/heart) and Access Consciousness® (energy/body/creation – tapping into what you know is true for you) being the two teachings that had the most profound impact in my life.

These tools are the gifts that keep on giving from different perspectives to date. I still get my Bars® “run” weekly, continue to release limiting beliefs, expand my awareness, silence the mind chatter around me and ability to be with different energies. It’s amazing and frees me up to play a bigger game. To me, everything is connected and I have a big picture perspective added to everything I do.



When I took the CliftonStrengths® assessment the first time in 2004, it was a wakeup call. It explained a lot. The company I had been with for 15 years was going through a leadership shift. It was a toxic work environment with high stress and low morale.

My top themes at the time were all about investing in deep relationships, and being a cheerleader very in tune with what’s going on…Unfortunately, my role at the time was in direct conflict with my top themes. It was like being in a corporate war zone, with people getting fired on a weekly basis. No wonder I was feeling like a human dartboard!

The Strengths Insight Guide made so much sense to me, I felt validated and I quit that job within a few months. Unfortunately, no other tools were available at that time so I moved on and didn’t do anything with it for years. I took the assessment again 5 years later as the assessment had changed, and initiated a conversation about implementing strengths at work that didn’t go much further than that. I was ahead of the time (another talent, I tap into the future).

In 2016, I took the performance-based assessment again and this time it clicked on a deeper level. My dominant talents? All are still there in a slightly different order which validated the assessment for me. I’ve changed a lot over these years having explored transformational work nonstop, yet my “hard-wiring” stayed the same.

This time, too the results served as a powerful wakeup call! And this time, a coaching program was available so I choose to take action and put my talents to work. I became a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach in July of 2016. I rarely have any regrets in life, tend to see them as “lessons” that bring me more awareness. And what you don’t know, you don’t know after all. Yet I do at times wonder what I would’ve created if I had access to these tools earlier in life.

Knowing how unique you are and then having the language for what you bring is very powerful. You also start looking for what you can do to invest in what comes naturally for you, instead of investing in weaknesses that lead nowhere.  I spent many years and thousands of dollars searching for what I found in that black and white print. Funny how that works, huh?



At the time of taking the assessment in 2016, I was in a funk. I had invited someone into my life and home, who turned out to be a narcissist. He tried to break my spirit (not an easy feat) and twisted everything I said or did. My home was no longer a safe space, it was a surreal yet thankfully short-lived episode.

I lost my mojo and confidence like never before yet knew that it was not about me. I also got clear on what happens when you are generous to people that can’t receive it. Powerful insights came out of this in the end and the choice to honor myself was a priority.

I took the strength coaching training and experienced a profound energy shift. I reconnected to the core of my being. I was once again reminded of who I am and what I bring, by people seeing my potential and greatness, and expressing it through kindness and no hidden agendas. I’ll never forget this course, the experience was epic and deep. And that was made possible from everything I’d done to date. Landmark® and Access Consciousness® were both very instrumental parts in my healing and transformational journey.

My Dominant Talents: Strategic, Positivity, Maximizer, Futuristic, Activator, Self-Assurance, Adaptability, Relator, Responsibility, Ideation, Arranger, Empathy, Input and Achiever. (These Signature Theme names are all registered trademarks by Gallup®)


With 30+ years of experience in contributing to entrepreneurial business success, I’ve experienced a variety of phases, roles, and situations. From being a business advisor to high-level executives, re-organizing business areas, to starting up a subsidiary from scratch and being instrumental in creating the foundation that exists today, I’m enjoying the fruits of what I created.

So going back to my grandma, who inspired me to go after my dreams and be all I could be as a kid. I’ve realized that the gift we both share, of being able to listen to people without judgment and bring hope, lives on long after you’re gone. I’m still balancing my day job with my love for people seeking change and coaching as I transition into it full-time.

One of many things I bring and love to tap into is infinite possibilities, whether it’s inquiring into a “snag” at work or big life-changing stuff. Losing your mojo sucks whether you’re a man or woman, and finding that balance between doing and being what’s true for you is key. Through CliftonStrengths® , Access Consciousness® , The One Command, and other teachings I’ve found some pretty cool tools that cut to the chase quickly, address your needs, and affect your performance levels, success, and yes, joy factor.


  • What if it was your last day on this planet, what choices would you make that you’re currently not making?
  • Are you living your life full on? If not, what’s stopping you?
  • Are you happy? Have you lost your mojo?
  • Interested in what coaching could offer? Coaching that focuses on exploring what makes you great and how unique and awesome you are?

Wanna find out? I can help!


I would love to hear from you! To learn more about how I can help you get clear, connect to new possibilities or step into your best version of you, check out my “Work with me” page or send me an email.


Please enjoy exploring my website until it’s not fun anymore! Thanks for visiting!

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