You like to be on the cutting edge, and provide a high level of service. You’re working hard to achieve sustainable success, so strategies on working smarter and more effectively are always appealing.

You know that your business is only as strong as its clients—naturally, you put them first. Your peers and direct reports look up to your work ethic and charisma, but as soon as you sit down and fire up your computer, you feel overwhelmed. There’s a pit in your stomach that doesn’t feel right. Something’s missing.

Recently life took a turn, you’ve stretched yourself too thin, you’re overwhelmed, not hitting your numbers—and now you feel like you’ve lost your mojo. You’ve used all the tricks you have to get back in the game, but they’re not working. You’re frustrated and off your game.

You need to get your head back in the game fast so that you can start getting results again.


I’ve moved, tried, explored, learned, built, and changed a lot throughout my life. Spending most of my life in fast-growing start-up companies wearing many hats while at the same time taking a variety of transformational courses.

I spread myself too thin for years too while thriving on the inside for the most part, until it all came down. On the outside many didn’t know – clients first, right? For me, it took chaos in business, and life, financially, my home, health, and more all hitting at the same time to start choosing for me, and even that has taken a while to sort out. Finding and using the tools I now have made all the difference.

I see you, your potential, and your possibilities.

Hey, I’m Pia! I’m a coach and strategist for entrepreneurs, leaders, and salespeople.  I help them unlock, reconnect, and ignite their inner power so they can create a life and business that they love.
Let’s explore what that could look like for you.

A strategic thinker and energizer who gets stuff done, I take my clients from good to great and help them rediscover their natural-born talents—you know, those things you do that feel completely effortless and totally enjoyable. Together, we focus on your strengths so you can up your performance, reconnect to the top-notch version of yourself, and win at business and life.



Having spent 30+ years helping build and reorganize businesses, I’ve built areas within marketing, sales support, and education, while also functioning as a strategic partner and executive coach.

The various roles I’ve been in required continuous out-of-the-box thinking, tapping into a diverse set of talents and wearing many hats, while sorting out chaos in business areas often requiring immediate action. You know the “growing pains” that come with a fast-growing start-up company when you have to come up with solutions on the spot? That and re-creating business areas were all part of my roles.

Now, while I’m great at many things, my strengths lie in getting things started, whether it’s people or projects. People often find me amusing as I’m a straight shooter who loves to take spontaneous action, have fun and laugh. I’m no stranger to being the jester, I’ll do whatever it takes to get people into action! I thrive on taking action, jumping off the cliff and sorting out solutions on the way down – that’s when I’m fully alive!


When I took the CliftonStrengths® assessment the first time in 2004, it was a wake-up call. It explained a lot. The company I was working for was going through a leadership shift. It was a toxic work environment filled with high stress and low morale.

My top themes at the time were all about investing in deep relationships, and being a cheerleader very much in tune with what’s going on… My role at the time was in direct conflict with my top themes. No wonder I was miserable on the inside!

The report made so much sense to me, I felt so validated. No further training was available at that time so I moved on and didn’t do anything with it for years. I took the assessment again 5 years later as it had changed, and initiated a conversation about implementing strengths at work that didn’t go much further than that. I was ahead of the time (another talent, I tap into the future).

In 2016, I took the performance-based assessment again and this time it clicked on a deeper level. This time too, the results served as a powerful wake-up call! And this time, a coaching program was available so I choose to take action and put my talents to work. I became a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach in July of 2016.


All are still there in a slightly different order which validated the assessment for me. I’d changed a lot over the years having explored transformational work nonstop, yet my “hard-wiring” stayed the same.

My dominant talents (me all the time) are Strategic®, Positivity®, Maximizer®, Futuristic®, Activator®, Self-Assurance®, Adaptability®, Relator®, Responsibility®, Ideation®, Arranger®, and Empathy®.

I rarely have regrets, I see them as lessons that bring me more awareness. And what you don’t know, you don’t know after all. Yet I do at times wonder what I would’ve created if I had access to these tools earlier in life.

Knowing how unique you are and then having the language for what you bring is very powerful. You also start looking for what you can do to invest in what comes naturally for you, instead of investing in weaknesses that lead nowhere.  I spent thousands of dollars and many years searching for what I found in black and white print. Funny how that works, huh?


I’m known as someone who goes with the flow so I was intrigued when I found GeniusU in 2020 and found out that I’m a Star, lol! Again, things made sense.

The Wealth & Talent Dynamics assessments were created by Roger James Hamilton by combining in-depth research of successful wealth-builders and I-Ching.

This is also a performance-based tool that looks at your natural path, energy, how you leverage, bring value, and create flow in life. Your personality, aptitude for both business and life, and your personal blueprint is included in a detailed report.

The insights from this work great as a complement to both CliftonStrengths® and BP10™ with helpful strategies to consider when building a business, creating balanced teams, and flow.


“What if you could create a competitive edge that’s unique to you? Imagine being successful, approaching your life in your unique way, and imagine it being easy. You being you.” —Pia Jansson

When you focus on the strengths of your people, they thrive in their work, they’re engaged, and it’s a win-win all around for the business, and everyone involved.

No matter what’s going on in your life or business, it starts with you. When you step into a life where you use what comes naturally to you every day and learn to appreciate the gifts you have, you will gain a new appreciation for the gifts other people have that you don’t.

Through strategic partnerships, people seek me out to connect, feel better, brainstorm, strategize, design, and get clear on what actions to take with their current life and work challenges. I’m honored and inspired every time I get to witness a client connecting to their greatness. The transformation in their energy, confidence, and happiness makes them unstoppable.


Advisor + coach focusing on strengths—not weaknesses, infusing people on all levels with rock-solid confidence.

  • Strategic partner, advisor, manager, and leader
  • Executive coach
  • Experienced in setting up small businesses from the ground up
  • A multi-talented individual who has managed marketing, exhibits, education, sales support, and graphic design
  • A master producer who takes tasks and projects from vision to completion

When I’m not helping people get back in the game, I’m thinking about how I can get them back in the game. You may also find me behind a camera, working on my next book, and enjoying life.

My why? “To connect people to possibilities so that they are free to be themselves fully and create a life that inspires them” so that is where I’m coming from when I coach, consult or simply guide people.


People come into your life for a reason, season, or lifetime and it takes two to tango. I’ve come into your life for a reason. Maybe it’s to reconnect with your mojo or make your life flow more easily and make time for more fun. Either way, I’d love to learn more about you!

Let’s cut through the BS and explore what this will look like for you while strategizing what would be fun for you to create?

Let’s chat!