3 simple ways to stand out and sell more

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When you’re in sales you represent a company, brand, and product.

Depending on the size of your company, it’s easy to forget what you add to the equation.

Let’s face it, no matter what the size of the company is, in direct sales, at the end of the day it comes down to a person selling to another person.

So, how do you sell yourself when the competition is breathing down your neck? 

First of all, stand out by staying true to who you are as a person, know what you bring, and add to their business and/or life, depending on your sales cycle.

1. Who are you?

Hint, your strengths are a quick way to find a language to express your hardwiring. Added to that are your skills, experience, interests, and more. Being yourself authentically is an attractive quality.

What do you offer as a person – salesperson – experience – knowledge? 

How can you improve your client’s business and even their lives because they were lucky enough to interact with you, ie how are you and your products helping them? What is the need that you’re helping them solve?

When you know what you bring, and have confidence in what you deliver others will too. 

2. Listen to…. [your people?]

To know what your prospects or existing clients are asking for, ask them open-ended questions,  and then shut up and listen while taking notes.

To build trust you need to listen and zap the word vomit pitch that will kill any sale or relationship. Focus on finding out what their problem is and then customize a response on how you and your products can help.

3. Review how you dress

When you present yourself in a way that brings out your best you feel great. You can dress stylish and professionally and be comfortable. You can be stylish in a casual way too. Different industries have different dress codes and there’s still room for some personality.

Suits come in more colors than black and gray after all, and does the shirt really need to be in a crisp white? Pick fabrics and styles that make you feel and look awesome that match your personality, and compliment your skin tone, eyes, and hair color.

If you’re in the tech industry and wear jeans, your tee doesn’t need to be in monochromatic colors, it’s OK to add a pop of color. Pick some rad shoes or socks if nothing else.

So, what colors and fabrics make you feel like a rock star, successful, confident, happy, [fill in the blank with how you want to feel at work]?

The clothes you wear say a lot about you. Shoes too.

You don’t have to be into fashion unless that’s your thing. What do your clothes say about you? I’m not talking about a fashion image, I’m talking about what story you’re creating about yourself, does it align with who you are?

When you dress with intention, you add another layer to the sales conversation. People buy when they trust you (unless you have “THE” product that everyone just wants to get their hands on) but even there I’d say the sales experience comes down to the personal touch of the salesperson.

What impression do you want to project and leave behind?

When you dress in a way that complements who you are without apology, and I’m talking about the best version of you, the people you want to do business with, will be drawn to you, and the rest, will not. Saves a lot of time, doesn’t it?

This works in dating too, whether you’re in a relationship or not 🙂 Create your business with people that actually appreciate what you bring, and who you are.

Here are some resources for you:

  • To get help with colors and styles that work for you, and create your “After” CLICK HERE. Jennifer is someone I’ve worked with for over 15 years and I’m super grateful for everything I’ve learned from her. She’s a genius in selecting colors that bring out the best in you so that you can project who you are and dress in colors that match your personal intensity.
  • There are of course a number of other people around you that you can work with or simply ask for ideas from. Ask the people that dress in a way that you like where they shop or who they use.
  • Many men that I know use stylist services like Trunk Club (for men & women), StitchFix, and Bombfell so that’s another option. They will follow different criteria like your budget, body shape, and desired look.

Here’s a link to an article I found on Business Insider that might be of interest too “12 places to find affordable men’s workwear online.”


Try it and let me know how it goes!

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