How Are You Pivoting and Pitching Now?

How Are You Pivoting and Pitching Now?

Yes! We’re open for business!

These are the words many of us have been waiting to hear. 

I just found out that hair salons all of a sudden are reopening. Having gone five months without a haircut that’s the kind of news I’m very happy to hear. 

Yeah, it may be a vain need and when you look at what you’ve been missing in the past couple of months, well-being in its many forms is probably on that list.

From getting a haircut, massage, getting your nails done, going to the gym to connect and work your body, hiking, being able to go to the beach and parks, maybe even getting a tattoo? And then there’s being able to go to a restaurant and dine-in! 

Whatever it may be for you these are industries that help you feel better and with that improve your emotional and/or physical well-being.

What have you learned and created?

With the reset that you’ve had in the past 10+ weeks, you’ve had plenty of time to strategize, do a life review, get your priorities straight and take action on what’s important to you now and moving forward.

While I’ve appreciated this time as I’ve had time to catch up in a way I haven’t in years, I’m super happy to see more businesses reopening and getting business ramped up as fast as possible.

Having access to  Zoom has been an awesome tool to connect that works great for business. When you’re in sales you love to connect with people in person, it adds an element that is extra special after this isolation period and I know that many of you are rearing to get out there.

What the new normal will be is a question that will be answered in the coming weeks. You may have different POVs on that topic and at the end of the day, the State or County governs those decisions.

What you can count on is that people will need to connect with others. 

In addition, everyone is hungry to get their business going, just like you.

What will change, at least for the short-term is how business is conducted.

How can you help your clients? 

Call them and ask what their preference is as far as personal visits or if they prefer to conduct business via phone. 

What do they need your help and support with? 

How can you help them ramp up their business and with that get your sales going?

What skills do you need to brush up on? 

Selling over the phone is a different animal than in person. 

Being able to talk to your customer or prospect may be challenging the first couple of weeks as they ramp up their business.

Is there someone on their team that you can connect with in the interim?

What are your conversation starters?

Do you have a set of good questions to captivate your customers while quickly getting to the point?

Keeping a list of great conversation openers, questions that really help you and your customer/prospect identify their current problem can be one way to be time-efficient. 

Pitching without listening to your customers’ current needs rarely results in a sale, or repeat sale, as you know. 

Providing a solution to a problem that your customer is facing right now offers value and shows them that you care.

What talents do you use to connect? How do you influence, or connect with people?

Getting clear on how your mojo is expressed is one of the keys to creating a life and success that fulfills you internally and externally. Without it, life can feel a bit empty.

Would you like to explore how to get your mojo into gear?

CLICK HERE to explore how I can help you and if you’re not looking for coaching at this point take the CliftonStrengths® assessment, it will provide you with some insightful information, all good stuff. Promise.

What Sounds Energize You?

What Sounds Energize You?

Sounds are so much part of our environment that it’s easy to ignore while we’re surrounded by it all the time. The past few months have reminded many of us what those sounds are. Being awoken by birds happily chirping more than ever has been a welcome reminder of how much nature impacts our well-being. 

In the silence I was reminded of Julian Treasure who I found on Udemy several years back. All of them a very insightful and enlightening – check them out HERE. 

Julian talks about the importance of sound from a different perspective. He’s a sound and communications expert who helps people be present, listen, and then speaking powerfully. He has designed soundscapes – think about that background music that creates an enhanced shopping experience. His content reminded me of insights I gained early in life from all the years I played an instrument. 

When you play in a band or an orchestra you train your ears to listen to every person and their instrument. If one person is off it can mess it up for everyone else. And if someone is off-key – yikes, it’s like fingers on a chalkboard for my sensitive ears… maybe for you too?

The one thing I’ve missed during this stay-at-home period has been to be in nature, specifically going to the ocean and also parks. I’ve recorded nature sounds on my phone when inspired over the years, the ocean being my favorite and most relaxing sounds. I’ll play the sound of waves crashing on a loop at night in periods and fall asleep imagining living by the ocean. So this was my reminder to start that again. 

Last week I went to the dog park for the first time in months and that tiny exploration nurtured both me and my dog. The critters were out exploring, a gopher popped up in front of me to snack on some grass and then popped back to safety. The birds were singing and playing. When you live in a city like LA you don’t always pay attention to that unless you’re up early in the morning.  

Then there’s the sound of the big cities. NYC has a special place in my heart even if LA is my first choice. I just love the vibe of that city and several others. From the slower pace of the magical morning when the city awakens, to the midday with more intense energies with people and traffic moving and creating the sounds and later in the evening as the day winds down. And yet close to all that is the grandeur of Central Park with lots of open space and silence. Every city has a vibe and the ones we connect with tends to be where we stay.

Thinking of the ocean made me think of what it is about the ocean that I miss. The sound of the crashing waves for one, the breeze of fresh air filled with negative ions that creates calm and chill vibes. And of course the people. 

After spending more time indoors than most of us have in years we’re all longing to be out and about interacting with people. 

What sounds inspire and energize you?

What sounds can you simulate while at home? YouTube is such a goldmine for most things, sounds being another one.

The woods – forest sounds, the sound of water streaming down the creek, the trees and leaves blowing in the wind, birds, animals and other critters moving  LINK to YT

The ocean – the salty air, the waves crashing, how it feels walking in the sand bare feet, laying in the sand and enjoying the sun, being out in a boat cruising, sailing, or going fast riding the waves.

The restaurant – listening to the sound of utensils clicking, the anticipation of receiving your food while taking in the aroma of yummy foods being prepared, the sound of people chatting and laughing.

The mall – simple things like walking in the mall browsing for goods and services which we all took for granted has been replaced by online orders and limited people interactions.

The club – going dancing with friends, letting the music infuse every part of your body and being, having laughs, having drinks, meeting and interacting with people.

Your favorite coffee shop – the aroma of the coffee, tea, baked goods, music vibes, and people.

Concerts – whether it’s a small or big venue the music and band of choice will evoke feelings, and energize you, you get to connect with likeminded people and tap into the energy of the group.

Sports events – the anticipation of the win, cheering for your team in the ups and downs through the game.

The airport – from traffic noise to hauling luggage and going through security, sounds are around you, getting to your gate hearing announcements along the way, people talking, maybe some background music playing in different parts in the gate areas and restaurants

What sounds are you missing that you would add to your list?

The Power of Sharing Your Appreciation

The Power of Sharing Your Appreciation

Do you enjoy giving a business or people testimonials for products or services that you have purchased or received? When you give someone a heartfelt testimonial for something you appreciate with said person or business you spread good mojo.

When words fail, a big smile and a simple “hi, thank you so much” can make someone’s day. You just never know the effect your smile will have at that moment. The cool thing is that one simple action like this tends to make you feel great too, right?

I love acknowledging, sharing, and providing testimonials when I’ve had a positive experience. I focus on spreading positive vibes and I feel great doing that. In fact, it energizes me.

Several years back I wrote a review of a fantastic hotel that I had stayed at and I posted several pictures of the property. Not only did I receive a wonderful response from the hotel and other people considering the property, but it also helped to get the property on the Travelers’ Choice Destinations Award on Tripadvisor! That made my day, I got to see how one simple act of spreading good vibes had impacted someone else, how fun is that?

Whether you’re sharing specific, clearly stated before and after results, how having a great meal made your day at a local restaurant, or not, rest assured that just taking that moment to write something great about someone else will have the desired effect. And the more you practice, the better you get at it!

There’s a lot of talk about being grateful and showing appreciation for a reason, and as many different ways of expressing it as there are people on this planet.

What is your love language?

Over the years I’ve read a couple of the 5 Love Languages books. Whether you take this FREE and short assessment, you may already have a sense of what the order is for you, especially if you know what your strengths are.  And if you want to check for fun, your result will provide you with your ranking in five different areas. These are the areas that you show love or need to receive love and it applies to platonic love as well.

They are: 

  1. Quality Time
  2. Physical Touch
  3. Words of Affirmation
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Receiving gifts

Whether you’re in a business or life partnership, you’re interacting with people daily.

While areas like physical touch may be more applied in your personal relationships, you could hold someone’s hand, or comfort someone with a hug if that is mutually OK.

The rest of the areas, if you think of it when you get grumpy, or your customers, what areas do you think are at play for each person, and do you ask them what’s up?

You often do things on instinct and from your own point of view. When you listen to what people are actually saying, you may actually hear words that fit into these different areas that will help you provide a more effective communication or service.

Imagine hearing your customers saying, wow, it’s like you were reading my mind!

When you buy lavish gifts for someone and get a lukewarm response it could be that you didn’t buy the gift that person actually wanted or you’re spoiling someone with gifts when they’d rather receive let’s say quality time with you.

You’re unique

Just as you are unique with your talents, skills, experience, and more, you also show appreciation in your unique way. When you feel misunderstood ask people what their preference is to avoid misunderstandings.

So back to showing appreciation, there are many options that are free: write a note, buy a gift card, take someone on a walk for some quality time, give someone that you’re close to a hug, call someone and tell them how much you appreciate them. And if you need ideas and want to know more about the 5 love languages simply CLICK HERE.

What my experience has been with providing gratitude is that when you acknowledge someone from a space of gratitude and generosity you often receive unexpected “stuff” back. It could be an acknowledgment back, and it could be something shifting in a completely different area of your life, and it could be you tapping into your internal rock star, how cool is that?

Who can you surprise today and express some gratitude for in your life? Remember it can be a simple “I appreciate you for being who you are, “you’re awesome”, or “you make my day”. It will make a difference, promise.

Thank YOU for taking the time out to read this blog post! I appreciate you!

Why Having a Great Manager Matters

Why Having a Great Manager Matters

We’ve all been there, with a sucky manager who squelched the life out of our energy with no appreciation for our contributions.

You get nervous and uncertain of the future making basic mistakes that you normally wouldn’t and beat yourself up for it.

You hope that the manager will leave or get fired or you’re out the door.

You feel vulnerable and left with some tough decisions to make. Do you stay or do you go?

Imagine a miracle happening, the manager leaves, replaced by someone that gets you fully.

Your life and business changes overnight and you’re once again filled with hope.

Your new manager is fun, open, cares about people, and has your back. You can speak without fear of judgment and you find your mojo returning.

Can ONE person create this change?


When you have a manager that truly has your back and speaks up for you, you create trust. You feel safe and with your basic fight or flight mode tempered you can start to relax and get to work.

Judgment kills performance, creativity, hope, and team spirit. Literally.

Workplaces invest so much time and money into their employees, why not ensure that the well-being is included?

When you feel great and have a great vibing work environment you can produce and create so much more.

Being employed or having clients that aren’t appreciating who you are don’t create good business mojo.

What if your pipeline represented professionals that you really clicked with? Why not enjoy the clients that you’re going to spend your time and efforts on?

Life can be easy. It’s our creation after all. Are you the lead “actor” in your life? Or are you, the lead, focusing more time on your supporting actors? While focusing on your supporting cast is important, you need to include you and your needs too.

The past couple of months have provided a great time to reset, catch up with life and inquire what’s important to prioritize in your life and how you best balance work and play, or combine them.

When you have a great manager, you’re energized and feel good about yourself after interacting.

When you’re on a team with people that evoke that energy too, it’s like you’ve hit the jackpot. Work is play, and play is fun.

So how do you create this? Here are 8 random ideas that I know are important for success. There are many more that can be added to the list.

1. It starts with the manager.

A great manager that invests in continual business and personal growth will have an open mind.

He or she will understand the importance of investing in their people and offering coaching for employees helps create a culture that adds extra value.

Emotional well-being is crucial for performance. Caring about your employees and having their back – without playing games or political bs, will create a team that desires to help their boss to succeed happily.


2. Establish what you stand for as a business.

What is your company culture – be real – and what does your ideal employee look like? Do you offer an open and people-focused environment vs. data & number focused company? Are you casual or formal?

It’s super important to create a company brand that clearly communicates who you are. When you’re clear on who you are, what you bring as a company, the people in it, and who you’re not, you’ll attract the people you desire. That goes for life in general too 😀


3. Build a diverse team of people that fit with your company culture.

Set people up to win. Don’t expect people to be robots unless you work with robots. Save yourself time and money by communicating the non-negotiables for an employee/client so that they can easily see if it’s a culture that speaks to them.


4. Remember life can be easy.

Who you surround yourself with in your personal life is just as important when selecting a place to work for/taking on new clients.

When you’re having fun with your co-workers that good mojo will spill over into your personal life. When your co-workers become your buddies or BFFs while keeping it professional, of course, at work, you build a strong culture.

Can you imagine going camping with your current coworkers? Would you have fun hanging with them?


5. There are many different ways to achieve results.

When you’re hungry to sell the fastest way is simply being you, using your natural talents, skills, experience, knowledge/education, and taking action to continually build your pipeline. Be you and create a life you love.


6. Listen to your inner awareness

Doing what other people say is the right thing may not be the right thing for you. Pay attention to how it feels to interact with the people in the company/business. Are people happy? Follow your inner guidance. Be a leader and create your path.

You’re the lead actor in your life remember?


7. Invest in your people

When you care about your people and create a workplace that is energizing, people will stay. What the perks look like will vary.

When you believe in your people and invest in them you’ll get even more back whether directly or indirectly.

A business has an energy that either invites or not, what do you want to invite your clients and employees to?


8. Invest in strengths

Most Fortune 500 companies know the importance of this, and for smaller companies that are entrepreneurial in nature, it’s even more important.

Creating a strengths-based company is part of the winning formula.

As a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, my personal favorites to introduce are, of course, CliftonStrengths® and BP10™ by Gallup®. They also offer something called Q12 to measure engagement.

There are many other offers out there that can help, either way, being aware of what YOUR natural talents and wiring are, creates a strong foundation for success that will contribute immensely to anything you add after that.

Knowing what you need and bring is a powerful first step. Have fun with this!


CLICK HERE if you’re interested in coaching, exploring what your strengths are and how you can apply them to your professional and personal life. I offer the sales mojo method program and more.


Why is Performance Important?

Why is Performance Important?

What is performance?

No matter what area you look at in life it’s tied to performance or lack thereof, it’s just expressed differently. What all areas have in common are that you need to practice = invest time in your chosen area to stay on top of the game.

Imagine if you were assigned to play the tuba or violin, for some that would be torture as they wanted to play the drums, for others, it would be creating beautiful music and loving every minute of it.

Creating a fit body comes easy for some and takes more effort for others. Some require special diets while others eat junk and get ripped…



per·​for·​mance | \ pər-ˈfȯr-mən(t)s , pə- \
Definition of performance
1a: the execution of an action
b: something accomplished : DEED, FEAT
2: the fulfillment of a claim, promise, or request : IMPLEMENTATION
3a: the action of representing a character in a play
b: a public presentation or exhibition a benefit performance
4a: the ability to perform : EFFICIENCY
b: the manner in which a mechanism performsengine performance
5: the manner of reacting to stimuli : BEHAVIOR
6: the linguistic behavior of an individual : PAROLEalso : the ability to speak a certain language — compare COMPETENCE sense 1c
Your talents

Now, if you look at all the areas in life that you’ve practiced in life, which ones did you give up on, and which ones are you still practicing?

It’s easy to give up on the areas you’re talented in if you don’t get feedback on how special that talent is. In addition, when things come too easy for you and you can’t see how you can monetize it, it’s so easy to give up on it, even if it’s fun. 

Our “teachers” in life are so important, so is tuning within and finding your truth and passion. It’s so easy to dismiss personal growth as woo-woo but if you wonder why your company or team isn’t performing that’s the first area to look at.

When you look at the dynamics at play in our world right now, it’s really just a scaled-up version of what’s happening in your company, team, community, or family. 

When you take time out to reflect on what’s important to you, what you have a passion for or interest in, what your personal needs are to feel energized and fulfilled, and more, there are no limits to what you can create. 

There’s something for everyone

Being woke – aware – present – busting out of the matrix of this reality is the path I’ve chosen to explore. Does that mean that I’m present all the time? Heck no! It’s where I spend my time continually learning and expanding as a being.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing what comes easy for you if it energizes you. Why not feel great every day?

The older I get the more I question the insanity of choosing to focus on improving your weaknesses. Sure you need to address those blindspot areas in life. Delegating, hiring someone to do it for you if you can’t, or having someone to brainstorm with that is strong in those areas may be a better use of your time.

Depending on how and where you grew up you got programmed what was considered right or wrong, good or bad. That might work for you, and then if you leave that city, state, or country you quickly find a different set of rules that challenge those beliefs.

When I moved to the US many years ago, I quickly adapted to the freedom to be who I desired to be. When you live in cities like Los Angeles and New York with cultures from all over the world you see the impact of the culture and how some choose to stay the same and others challenge old rules. I love living in a multicultural city. 

Your tribe

Workplaces are similar even when you look the same on the outside, you’re all unique on the inside. Finding your tribe both socially and at work makes a world of a difference. When you find your tribe you will be more of you, appreciated, and use your talents more which leads to more joy and higher performance.

Remember, with talent comes rapid learning and development. If you look at that from an energetic perspective – it’s flow-mode.

Another thing to consider in addition to individual and team performance, intra-company interactions is, of course, customer interactions. Ultimately you’re on the same team when you work for the same company, you just have different targets and perspectives. 

Imagine what would be created if everyone in a company shared the same big picture targets?

One question to consider asking yourself or your employees – are you tapping into and playing this game of life to your full potential?

Improving performance

When you use your talents and invest time in developing your natural talents life becomes way easier and fun. When you’re energized and love what you do and have people around you that you love working with, you perform better. 

When everyone on your team is fully in the game to perform to their best ability using their individual strengths in a way that works for them while keeping their focus on the group target, everyone wins and you create a company culture that simply continues to expand and grow. Isn’t that what you want as managers and business owners? Engaged employees are priceless.

Speaking from personal experience it’s so energizing and FUN to work with people you really love working with. It spills over to all areas of life. The leadership you have around you is crucial – poor managers create havoc in many people’s lives, when you have a talented manager who cares about his/her people, you’ll up your game – it’s priceless!

Having access to a coach at work helps too, what are the areas you want to grow in? Ask in your network who your friends and co-workers would recommend and then see if that person would be a great fit for you.

To find a Gallup-certified strengths coach around the world you can GO HERE or if you’re in sales and interested in working with me CLICK HERE to schedule a call.

Unleash your talents – it’s free and resides within you after all!