8 Areas to Consider Before Your Next Sales Call

8 Areas to Consider Before Your Next Sales Call

Being in sales you know that it’s not necessarily about you when people say “no.” The product is important, how you pitch it, your approach to selling and your personality — when that all comes together the stars align. 

Having said that, the sales process from introduction to close does vary depending on the product or service that you sell and the reason why people buy. 

During this quarantine, many have had a forced purchase break limited to online shopping. Some are hungry to purchase items that haven’t been available during this time while others will focus on necessities until there’s ample cash flow.

For many of you, there may have been time to evaluate what and why you spend your money on. From eating out to cooking at home, reevaluating your wardrobe with your business attire hanging in the closet, home decor and office needs, you’ve had an unprecedented time to catch up, organize, plan, and prepare for what’s next.

Here are 8 areas to consider reviewing as you prepare yourself for phase 2 with businesses reopening in the coming weeks that you may or may not have already addressed:

  1. Your strategy

How are you going to approach your clients? With all of us being super busy as we reopen, what is going to be your strategy to get your business going? Have you looked at why your clients buy from you? Have the needs of your clients changed?

  1. How you conduct business

Masks and physical distancing may be part of our new normal for a while. That could mean fewer people in stores and businesses. Ventilation of any place of business will become more important than before, and more business may continue over phone/Zoom over in-person. What changes do you anticipate in your business?

  1. Your need vs. their need

You have a need to close sales to get your business going. What do they need now that they didn’t need before? For many, purchase patterns may continue to vary as their businesses reopen; for others, it’s going to be from 0-100. What many may struggle with is cash flow so explore what flexibility in payment terms you can extend, it could mean the difference between closing now or later. What do they need?

  1. Your questions

Questions are always key to anything in life. Asking open-ended questions helps both the client get clear on what they really want and need, and it also helps you get clear on providing a solution that fits their needs. Do you have a list of open-ended questions that helps you probe without being pushy?

  1. Your connection

For many of you, it will be business as usual as you’ve stayed in contact with your existing clients during this time. This has no doubt created a stronger bond and will pay off in ways you can’t foresee. The company I work for has bonded more than ever before just by staying in touch and connecting several days a week via Zoom. What comes out from that is a loyalty to a company that money can’t buy. The same goes for our customers.

  1. Your sales pitch

Review what you’re pitching. Has anything changed during this time that you can tweak? Is there a different story or argument as to why they need your product that wasn’t there before? Do you pitch before your client is ready, and if so can you add in some qualifying questions that you haven’t thought about before?

  1. Your solution

As you know when people say no, it’s not necessarily about you or your product, it’s no for now. Sometimes small tweaks in how you present your solution make the difference. The most important one being clear on what your client’s problem is before presenting a solution that matches their need. 

  1. Your sales mojo

What do you provide that no one else does? How can you use this to your advantage moving forward and continue creating a win-win? Your natural talents and strengths create an edge that no one else can replicate. Do you know what they are? Is now the time to invest in you?

What else can you address before you hit the streets again?

How to Stay Positive During Challenging Times

How to Stay Positive During Challenging Times

Right now, as I’m writing this, the citizens of the State of California are about to start week six of staying at home. Globally we’re all in quarantine bombarded with mixed messages from media and statesmen, each area managing this in a variety of ways. 

With so much of the focus on death, it’s so easy to get sucked into the drama when you watch the news and lose hope, especially if you’ve been fired, furloughed, or lost someone close to you.

In times like this, it’s more important than ever to pay attention to what would bring you joy to make the most of the time that you have. 

I’m the kind of person that can always find something to do so I haven’t even reached the “boredom” stage by far and don’t expect to, so I may be a rarity and maybe some of the activities below can inspire you if you run out of things to do.

Here are some suggestions in random order, some I’m doing, others I haven’t even gotten to:

1. Catch up on outstanding projects 

What are the projects you never seem to get to that you really want to dig into? Is now the time? I’ve been cleaning up notes from the past 3 years that and placing it all into my Evernote account. It’s so much easier to have my relevant files in one place for easy access.

2. Move your body

What exercises can you do from home? If you live close to nature then take long walks or runs. Working out from home is another option, from workout programs on DVDs to downloading apps, there are so many great programs out there. Some that I’ve used are, BeachBody workouts: some of my faves are P90x, Les Mills Combat, Core de Force, Cize, and many more; Jaana Kunitz Figure 8 – works your entire body while wiggling your hips (great for loosening up a stiff spine and waking up your muscles); Zumba – I revisited this program yesterday via their free app and I’m feeling it all over my body.

3. Revisit your dietary needs 

Is your current diet working for you or are you sitting at home eating junk that doesn’t make you feel any better? I had a couple of weeks of that and then got a strong urge to make some changes. My target is to get out of this seclusion fitter and healthier than I was before, so I figured why not now? With fewer distractions since I only go to the store once a week or so I decided to go on a purification diet 2 weeks ago (only veggies and fruits). I’m now at the stage where I’m starting to add new food groups every couple of days. In the process, I’ve noticed how little I actually need to eat now that I’m sitting on my butt in front of a computer most of the day. It’s been really easy so far, I’m happy that I did it and I feel so much better than consuming the comfort foods I did prior to this. 

4. Walks, playtime, and cuddles with your pets

Being fully present when walking my dog – leaving the phone at home or not looking at it, is one target. Playtime is always fun and cuddle time is great for the soul.

5. Call your friends

Reach out to friends that you haven’t spoken with in a while as well as your usual network. Connecting with friends has been gold and often brightens their day too. Simply listening to each other, what’s up, etc. makes a big difference. Another option is using apps like Marco Polo to listen and record when you have a moment, check it out.

6. Call your co-workers, clients & vendors 

They too are affected, how are they doing? Do they need support? Keeping each other motivated with momentum is key to be able to hit the ground running. The team I’m on have bonded more than ever before with  Zoom calls several days a week with learning sessions on work-related topics

7. Pivoting 

Are there products you can add to your portfolio that there’s a need for right now? Do you have fabric and a sewing machine? What if you supplied facemasks to the neighborhood?

8. Take a course online

Many individuals and organizations are offering webinars right now, from free to paid. What topics are you drawn to? I’m completing one course as we speak with another one in progress. Want recommendations? Ask me

9. Read

If you’re anything like me you have a long list of books cued up on your Kindle with more waiting on your Amazon shopping list. Finding time to read them is another story, 15-30 minutes here and there though on a daily basis feels like a luxury that I enjoy every minute of fully. The joy of reading or listening to a great book – priceless!

10. Organize your home

From moving furniture, going through cabinets, closets, and papers, purging or saving for donations. I do this every spring and fall and I still have more than I need… When you clear out stuff that you really no longer want or need your home will feel more spacious afterward. It’s so easy to hold onto too much stuff.

11. Watch movies

I love a great Netflix binge [insert your favorite channel]. Being able to zone out and engage in a story or learning expands your mind, or gives you a break. I tend to wait until the evening to limit the hours of viewing to fit all the things I want to do during the day. I just watched Colony and am bummed that there’s no season 4 but oh well I’m already onto one of many other series on my list.

12. Take up a new hobby

Got a guitar in a corner, a piano or some other instrument? If all else fails you can always turn a bucket upside down and do some drumming. Then there are creative projects from sewing, painting, designing, creating new clothing outfits, woodworking, fixing up your yard, etc. Have fun researching topics online that interest you.

13. Google 

Google funny clips on YouTube for a laugh.

14. Take dance breaks

Set hourly alarms on your phone and play a song that inspires you while shaking that booty.

15. Meditate 

YouTube has tons of free stuff, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra, both have channels with many more to be discovered.

16. Take a spiritual deep dive 

To explore what you feel called to that you haven’t taken action on. Here are some spiritual/metaphysical recommendations: Abraham-Hicks, Access Consciousness, Dr. Sue Morter – The Energy Codes, Dolores Cannon.

17. Take assessments 

They help us get clear on what we bring so that we can create a personal brand and sell ourselves better or simply entertain. Most of them can be taken for free, either by purchasing a book or it’s free on their site, others charge or require a coach for access. Some of my favorites are: CliftonStrengths® and BP10™, GeniusU Wealth Dynamics, How to Fascinate, 5 voices, 16 personalities, How to find your why, How’s your heart, Human design, Love languages, Standout

18. Try new recipes:

Two new favorites are: Radhi and Camila

19. Take photographs

Of everday life, the peope around you, nature.

20. Puzzles, sudoki, and crosswords

Whether you solve the crosswords in newspapers or use apps there are many options to choose from. Words with friends and BlockuDoku are two apps that I play when I need a brain break to do something that doesn’t require too much brainpower.

21. Sing karaoke

Find an app and sing your heart out.

22. Create a gratitude list

List everything and everyone you’re grateful for. Bonus: email, text or call each person and share the gratitude you have for them.

23. Create a dreamboard

Pinterest is a great app to create boards on different topics and then pin images that fit each topic. You can travel around the world without spending a penny.

24. Take a sales course

I took this one a while back and loved it. It’ll provide you with all the steps needed to up your game and is great to revisit your current steps in your sales process.


These are some of the to do’s on my never-ending list 😀

What would be fun, inspiring and create an experience of maximizing your time while at home?


10 Things My Dog Reminds Me About Life

10 Things My Dog Reminds Me About Life

Many of us have pets, 68% of households in the US alone have one or more. To me, that makes it even more interesting when you consider how few places you can actually bring them to.

When you live in a climate ranging from warm to hot climate most of the year, which I happen to do, running errands or making a simple stop on a road trip takes some planning. That is unless you own a Tesla with “dog mode”!! Finally! I wonder which car brand will be next?! 

That may not sound like a big deal to some of you yet as a pet owner you can emphasize wanting to bring your dogs along, they become part of the family after all.

When you have a smaller pet you’re on the clock so you avoid being away from home for too many hours. Many of us are limited to running errands with our pets in the car when it’s cooler outside or simply leaving your dog at home. 

I’ve often wondered why there couldn’t be more takeout windows on the street level for food & grocery orders when you’re out walking or driving. It sure would simplify life. Maybe it’s something we’ll see more of in the future, especially after our current global quarantine? 

Depending on where you live in the country or world the local laws will of course vary. I heard from a friend in Sweden that they now have eat-in restaurants for dogs and the owner(s), one menu for each, how cool is that?

Anyway, seeing life through the eyes of my dog has provided me with a lot of joy throughout the years (he’s 9.5 years as I write this). Here are some random awarenesses that he reminds me of in my everyday life of city living:

Love fully

You can’t help but love your pets – they are there for us in ways no one but you, yourself, can be for you. The welcome home happiness, cuddles, and appreciation is heartwarming, isn’t it?

Live in the moment

While my dog stops at its familiar places to sniff on new scents and communicate that he was there, I love taking a moment to look around at the beauty around me. This is when I’m reminded to look up at the sky. Right now the birds are happily singing, flowers and trees are blooming and with that, it’s a great time to see the details I often miss.

Explore with curiosity 

Car rides are super fun when you’re a dog (cats not so much). To see my dog’s excitement as he looks around whether it’s into another car, the freeway, landscape or beach, it puts a smile on my face every time. He’s super present and alert and inspires me to be the same.

Trust your instincts 

How people look on the outside doesn’t always jive with who they are on the inside. Trust your hunches and instincts. The most innocent looking person, or animal, can be up to stuff you can’t foresee and the least likely person could be the next best buddy giving you head scratches. In other words, don’t judge the book by its covers!

Be present

When you’re out walking and meet people on the street you wouldn’t go hug a stranger out of anywhere, would you? Same with my dog, he likes a little space and will bark at forced introductions. When you give dogs and people some space you create more of an invitation for interaction.

Take naps

I haven’t really mastered this one but I am happy that he does and takes care of his needs. He does, however, remind me to take breaks now and then.

Be happy 

Life is so much easier when you’re happy, and most importantly you feel better. Have you noticed how pets will run away if you get needy, mad or irritated? Well, I would too, wouldn’t you? Be happy for the small stuff and life will flow better.

Be spontaneous 

Just like your dog loves running after the ball or squeaky toy at a moment’s notice follow your instincts. Join me in giving up looking good and just go for it when you’re nudged to take any action that sounds like fun at the moment. To be clear, I’m talking about legal stuff that doesn’t harm anyone.


It’s fun to play and be silly, all you need is imagination. Remember when you were a kid? Chasing my dog is a game he loves and it has me laughing out loud – the bonus is that I get some exercise.

Be grateful

Happily accept the treats of your liking every time. I had a cleaning lady once who was really great at receiving gifts which inspired me to give her more. A thank you goes a long way even if you don’t want it, it’s totally OK to say no.

Be patient 

Speaking of treats, the patience your pet can have waiting for that can be pretty impressive. Yeah, instant gratification, while appreciated, only lasts so long

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the examples above. If you have a pet, maybe check in with yourself and see what it is that you appreciate the most with your pet and how it enriches your life?

I’m so grateful for my little being that I’m lucky enough to be a guardian for, he’s so filled with love + fun, and makes me smile and laugh daily.


Why would you get a coach?

Why would you get a coach?

There are many different ways of gaining knowledge and wisdom. You learn on the job i.e. by doing, you study by various educational venues or reading books on your own, you study, interact and learn from people to name a few.

Many years ago I read a book called Shortcut to Success by Jonathan Robinson. One of the many suggestions in the book that I loved was the Information Exchange Process. It’s based on bartering or trading expertise over a coffee or lunch.

For example, if you wanted to know about something specific in real estate, wouldn’t it be awesome to sit down with a seasoned expert to pick their brain, to have them provide you with ideas on what to look out for? The time you gain by tapping into people who have the expertise that you need is priceless, isn’t it?

You too have areas of expertise so the idea is that you could potentially have a sit-down and trade information. Before you do, however, sit down and list all the areas you’re an expert in and another where you list what you’re looking to learn. If you have skills that the other person is seeking then you could potentially trade, if not you could offer lunch or similar. The book has more info, check it out.

Coaching options

Having a coach in your areas of need or preference follows the same concept. Finding the person you’re looking for could be a bit trickier. You’re often left to your own devices.

Referrals or website testimonials are often helpful, website content like blogs will provide you with more insight into who your potential coach is and if you’re a fit or not.

Meeting in-person is great and doesn’t always happen, thankfully you can connect online via apps like Zoom and get a feel for if this coach is a good fit for you or not.

No matter who you select, you get access to the knowledge, experience, and wisdom from someone who has a passion for helping others succeed in their specific area(s) of expertise.

Objective guidance

When you have someone who can objectively guide you on your journey you’ll create the success that you desire faster. Now, what the focus is on will depend on the area each coach specializes in and what you’re looking for.

In sports it’s a given to get a coach, so why not in every area of our lives? Your level of success will always be based on your level of participation — action is key. No one else can, after all, do the work for you.

So, what’s important?

The answer to that will vary depending on who you are and what’s important to you. You have a need and then it’s a matter of finding someone that fits that solution you’re looking for.

You could take a group class or do one on one coaching. Both are beneficial for different reasons and sometimes your budget dictates which option you choose.

Just like your clients are sometimes looking for specific product features, services, and personality attributes in their salespeople, the same could be said for who you select as a coach.

At a minimum, the following are a given but are not always communicated or experienced:

  • Confidentiality -> creates trust
  • Trust -> without trust there will be no deal and you will hold yourself back
  • Objectivity -> you need to know that you’re not going to be judged
  • Chemistry -> you’re drawn to this person whether you can verbalize what it is or not
What’s covered in coaching?

We all will cover different things, some focus on a curriculum, others free flow depending on what you need, and then there can be a combination of both.

I take my clients on a journey of self-discovery where the focus is to get your sales mojo back. Focusing on what you’re actually a rock star in is an empowering conversation that affects every area of your life.

What I offer is a mix of guidance, advice, coaching and consulting wrapped up in a co-created conversation.

The sales mojo method will create a foundation that follows a curriculum of deliverables, after completion of that program some are complete, and others choose to continue with various consulting or coaching ventures.

Sometimes having someone you can talk through current issues with on a confidential basis is all you need.

What do you get out of coaching?

Well, the short answer would be “you get what you invest” – participation is required for any program to be a success. Going to the gym doesn’t make you fit, after all, you have to use the equipment and break a sweat.

There are often several aha’s in each session and often the magic tends to happen in between sessions when you take your insights into your life with your home plays.

When you’re more self-aware you’ll be more effective, make different choices, understanding that others may not be like you and that’s OK and how you can deal with it in other more empowering ways.

That you need to include YOU in the equation is an ongoing lesson in the journey of life. Keeping a balance between business and life is important if you desire to live it to its fullest or simply create a life where it’s all mixed in a blend that works for you.

Are you happy and engaged?

The more connected you are within, being clear on what you bring, what you need, your priorities and then express that in a profession and industry that nurtures and excites you then there are no limits to what you can create. Life flows.

When you know what areas you’re a rock star in and get the power in focusing on that then it’s easy to delegate what you don’t rock in. Delegating to people that can take it on and create something even better that also inspires them is gold.<

It’s FUN to delegate to people that LOVe doing what you don’t! A win-win that results in increased engagement, performance, and productivity! Every business owner’s dream, right?

With your creativity unleashed you’ll step into the unknown ie outside your comfort zone with confidence anchored from within, knowing that you bring something that others do not and eager to explore whatever that “it” may be.