Creating Targets Your Way

Creating Targets Your Way

What is your blueprint as a professional?

I’ve been using BP10™ and CliftonStrengths® from Gallup® and the How to Fascinate assessment by Sally Hogshead in the past 5 years as part of my coaching foundation. I’ve found that the assessments not only complement each other but also connect as true with my clients. 

I was recently made aware of the Wealth Dynamics (GeniusU) assessment which adds some additional information for entrepreneurial-minded people which includes most salespeople, and there’s a bunch of other assessments that I sometimes guide clients to.

What it all comes down to is where you are in your growth curve and how self-aware and hungry you are at the time of your coaching journey. It’s easy to lose your rock star mojo when you feel like crap. Assessments are one way out PLUS looking at your experience to date, your passions, interests, values, skills, and more.

Why does a personal brand matter?

You have a personal brand whether you do something about it or not. What these assessments help you with is to get CLEAR on what you bring and a way for you to communicate that. It’s what’s in your blind spot area and what you bring by merely being YOU.

There are several assessments, tons of books and teachings out there to help you identify HOW you create success best, who that ends up being can only be decided by you.

I’ve had many teachers, mentors, and guides throughout my life and have learned there’s not ONE person that has all the wisdom you need. We continually evolve and our interests, focus, and needs change throughout life.

The key is to tune in to you, establishing what’s really true for you and listening to your own inner guidance. Taking courses, reading books, getting coaches in different areas help speed that process up, you get the shortcuts that can save you time on your journey.

Your personal roadmap

How can you set targets that work for you without it being linear in nature? When you know your strengths, you have the key to how you best do anything including targets. For some, that means linear thinking, for most salespeople it doesn’t.

I was listening to an interview with a fellow strengths coach and they mentioned Wellbeing: The 5 Essential Elements by Tom Rath and Jim Harter. 

The five elements are career, social, financial, physical and community wellbeing. The book is based on a global study by Gallup of more than 150 countries. 

One piece of data that really stood out to me that while only 66% of the global population are fulfilled in at least ONE area only 7% are thriving in all five!… Wowza, that makes you stop and think a bit, doesn’t it?

What that means is that most of us have areas that are not being addressed or prioritized. 

When I was listening to this interview, I was thinking about what I could create with this since I haven’t read the book yet. Since I’m always looking to simplify stuff I was thinking about how I could integrate these areas and some other items into a personal roadmap. Hence this post.

When you’re in sales or marketing for that matter too, you need variety, and filling out forms is not always what inspires. Having said that there’s no way around doing the work, it can, however, be done in a way that makes it FUN for you.

Assessing how things are now

So take the 5 areas of wellbeing mentioned in the book, and take a few minutes to explore what’s working and not working, how happy you are on a scale from 1-10, and what you would like to create in these areas short-term (up to 6 months) and long-term (6 months to 5 years);

  1. Career
  2. Social
  3. Financial
  4. Physical
  5. Community

Looking at what you’ve written above, you’ll see what your priorities are. Ask yourself what experience and current skills you have to achieve these targets and where you may need help or additional education.

How do your values fit into this? What are they?

If you have taken the assessments you will know what you bring, what you need which helps you prioritize how you approach the creation of all of this. If you haven’t, take a moment to explore what your deal-breakers are in these different areas.

For me, freedom and flexibility are important ingredients in everything I do so I will create a format that allows me to tweak, shift and change priorities ongoingly. 

My steps are more related to asking questions like does this add more “freedom and flexibility” to my life/business [insert your values and priorities].

Once you’re clear on your priorities, values, and areas that you want to focus on, you’ll have the beginning of an action plan that is customized to you. Added to that when you apply your strengths to this you’ll create a blueprint that will feel easy to follow as it’s based on how you create.

To find out how you can work with me on topics like this go to my work with me page or schedule a call.

Now what, what’s next? 14 ideas.

Now what, what’s next? 14 ideas.

It’s key not to lose your mojo so if you feel worse after listening to the news – then don’t listen or touch that dial!! The same goes for social media, limit it if you feel yourself getting sucked in. Your friends and co-workers will no doubt keep you informed and you’re better off happy than worried, right?


Here’s a list of some random ideas to engage in to stay motivated:


1. Connect with your customers: I’m sure many of you already have reached out to your existing customers via text, email or phone, or a handwritten card to express support or a simple “thinking of you, is there anything I can do to help?”. Showing that you care beyond transactions will make a big difference once this is all over. Continue your call cycle even if you can’t sell, ask them how they’re doing or simply just connect. They may be going stir crazy too after all.


2. Take free assessments:

There are many “lite” assessments, like:

  • GeniusU that also has a network of 1M entrepreneurs that you could connect with and now’s a great time for that, isn’t it?
  • Then there are 5 Love Languages which goes beyond intimate relationships. When you know your needs, and learn to recognize that in others, you’ll be even more effective with your existing customers and prospects.
  • 16 personalities add insights to your personal brand, independent of whether you’re selling or not.

3. Take paid assessments for more in-depth knowledge:

  • My favorite is, of course, CliftonStrengths® that measures how you do/approach anything, it’s all about your hardwiring, the part of you that doesn’t change. Diving into your strengths is not only empowering and fun, it provides you with many insights into how you are when you’re at your best.
  • The BP10™ assessment measures how you’re successful in business) adds a similar perspective from a business point of view. Who we are in business can be different than at home after all as we step into roles that either work or not.
  • The paid GeniusU Wealth Dynamics assessment adds another angle to how you’re successful in business and while it’s directed to entrepreneurs I feel that applies to what salespeople are all about


4. Check your plan
What actions can you take now and how can you plan for what you need to do to hit the ground running as soon as you can resume business? What tweaks do you need to make? CLICK HERE for some ideas


5. Mastermind with some of your co-workers or friends – discuss strategies and game plans on how you can stay productive even if businesses have temporarily closed down. Zoom is a great platform to connect with people globally.


6. Research and map out your prospects, check their websites, values, management team, etc. depending on what you’re selling. What problem do they have that you can solve for them?


7. Create a list of open-ended questions you can ask your prospects to get them to answer what they need your help with so that you can present a solution. Remember it’s about them first, you and your products second.


8. Fine-tune your elevator pitch – Review what you pitch everything from answering the question “what you do” to product pitches. More ideas on this can be found in this blog: What’s your sales process.


9. Call and connect with someone everyday – customers, prospects, friends, co-workers, business associates or people you would like to partner up with, recruiters, …


10. Read a book or listen to an audiobook that inspires you. It’s key to keep your mojo in times like this after all.


11. Create a playlist of your favorite songs, songs that inspire, evoke good mojo


12. Work out – if you don’t have a gym at home find an online hub with workouts or go out for a run, walk, hike keeping your “social distancing”


13. Meditate or simply breathe deeply and visualize what you want to create or listen to one of the many free meditations online.


14. Google funny videos on YouTube – I live by a laughter a day keeps the doctor away 😀


Do whatever makes you happy, take one step and one day at the time. We’re all co-creating this shift so why not make it a fun experience?
The Power of Releasing Judgment

The Power of Releasing Judgment

The Power of Releasing Judgment

Four years ago this book I co-authored was published (released Mar 15, 2016). A couple of weeks ago, I was reminded of the book after hearing about another celebrity who had committed suicide after being judged in media.

I’m by no means an expert on the subject of suicide but I do know what it feels like to lose hope and I also know that judgment kills.

Judgment is all around us, now more than ever, turn on the news or go online, more time is spent on bullying than empowering people which I find totally insane. 

It’s so easy to pass judgment on other people’s behaviors instead of creating your own life. Many choose to remove themselves as a result of that, whether by suicide, isolation, drugs, and other ways. 

When you follow your inner awareness and focus on your creations, doing work you love, having fun, and being with people you enjoy hanging with you don’t really have time to focus on what other people do, or don’t do.

We all make mistakes

When you’re in the public eye you get judged harshly, for some, one mistake and you’re out.

It could be as simple as speaking up and offering a different point of view or being human and doing something many of us have done without being on camera.

I’m talking about the individuals who have a desire to spread love and make this planet a better place. Think of all the talented musicians we’ve lost over the years for one.

Listening to negative press creates nothing good for anyone. Follow your own awareness and truth.

Those of us labeled as sensitive souls feel the pain of the world and for some of us, it gets to be too much as we tend to judge ourselves more harshly than anyone else could.

Why do some adults feel that it’s OK to bully? Could it be that the bullies are just so miserable that they need to project their pain on others instead of dealing with it?

All I can say on this topic is —STOP IT

Get a life and create a life that inspires!

Start with being grateful for what you have, every day. Seek help if needed and consider for a moment what legacy you want to leave behind and let that guide you.

The book “The power of releasing judgment” was a really interesting experience, we were 27 authors, each writing a chapter on our take of the topic at the time and we all offer many different tools to deal with this topic.

Many insights followed after writing this chapter for me personally I would’ve dealt with the situations differently today and that’s what growth is all about. We get insights and do the best we can with the information at hand at that moment.

It may not be an easy read for some, given the subject you may want to read a chapter that interests you and then sit with it before reading another one. You will be left with insights and suggestions on actions you can take.

Always follow your inner guidance.

What can you create instead?

Looking at judgment from a different perspective is why we wrote the book.

Judgment creates nothing good unless you’re willing to speak up, take action and show that there’s another option available.

When you believe the projections and beliefs of other people it’s easy to get stuck in that space, especially if you starting judging yourself.

We all have a choice in how we respond and when people project stuff at you it’s often more about them than you.

Use common sense

As I’m writing this we’re in the midst of a pandemic with many POVs blended with facts and various decisions that will impact us all on many levels globally.

Even here it’s about using common sense, listening to your inner guidance, washing your hands and staying home if you’re sick, feeling hesitant whether you should go or not, or have a compromised immune system.

Connect with your customers, friends, and neighbors and see if you can be of assistance if you get stir crazy sitting at home. Email, text, call or use Zoom and similar platforms to connect.

You can also use this time to tune within, meditate, clean your house literally (clear out closets and cabinets, organize your space to your liking), maybe cook something new?

Take action on what you can do right now and plan ahead for all the action items you can take once the quarantine period is over.

It’s OK to have POVs, judging why and buying into fears keeps you stuck so do your best to focus on what you CAN do.

What can you create today that will light your spirit up? Who can you connect with that would love to hear from you?

Sending you all good vibes, love & light.

Are You Having Fun at Work?

Are You Having Fun at Work?

The importance of workplace engagement

Gallup® polls and studies show that if you have a best friend at work you will not only perform better but you will also be more engaged. Actually as much as 63% more engaged or 7x more than the ones who do not. 

Why is this important? Currently, 70% of the US workforce is NOT committed at work and that affects not only company growth and well-being for all, and it spills over to many other areas of life. 

People leave managers not companies

I’m sure you have experienced or know that. Investing in people that are actually suited for management becomes crucial knowing that and the importance of this is too often ignored. 

When we promote the people not suited for management we create an unhealthy workplace that affects performance. 

I’m not surprised by these stats, considering the amount of time many of us spend at work with our co-workers. It’s super important that you get along and spend time together in a healthy, fun and empowering environment.

Are you having fun?

Having a best friend at work provides you with “I have your back” kind of emotional support, doesn’t it? 

I’m sure that you have been in work situations before where you had buddies and also when you didn’t.

Your strengths obviously influence your social and emotional needs. When you’re in sales it’s key to have people to strategize with that get what you want to achieve. 

So, what is it like in your company, do you have a great buddy where you can brainstorm and be real with, or are you surrounded by gossip central?

Having a buddy that has your back can make the difference whether you stay or leave your company. 

It’s very interesting to me how quickly you can shift how you perceive a workplace when you have a team that is committed and energized.

One person can shift your experience.

Several of my life-long and strongest friendships came from people I worked with that became friends. The bond we created is alive long after we left the workplace where we met.

It’s really powerful to have friends that you have a lot of things in common with that you also enjoy working with.

I’ve experienced different environments in my working life and currently have several people that are my buddies after a long dry spell and boy what a difference it makes.

What talents get nurtured at work?

One of my dominant talents is Relator® and one thing many of us with this talent love is to work and play hard with friends we can trust. Without close friends at work, it’s easy to feel isolated and disconnected. 

Do you have a Relator® as one of your dominant talents? How does it show up for you?

Which of your dominant talents do you lean into to connect with your co-workers?

No matter what your talents are, connecting with others is a need most of us have. Sitting alone on a mountaintop gets old and in sales you need people.

We spend way too much time at work to feel alone or isolated. 

Having your BFF at work is a win-win, it helps create the momentum you need to get out and generate new sales. When you hit your targets your company wins by hitting its revenue targets. 

Read the blog below if you want some suggestions on what you can do to shift your work environment.

3 Actions to take to create a workplace that performs

Your body is talking to you — are you listening?

Your body is talking to you — are you listening?

Many times throughout my life I’ve had the experience of being in an illusion that I just can’t seem to get out of. It’s so easy to get stuck in mind games and ignoring the body in the process until something happens.

We tend to take our bodies and health for granted and then one day we wake up to body pain, a condition, illness or an injury that may occur as random or persistent. When that happens, do you stop and ask your body what it’s trying to communicate, or do you ignore it? 

Pain is one way the body communicates to us when we’ve ignored lighter signals. Another one could be as simple as heartburn, a pulled muscle, headaches,…

When shit hits the fan you often wish you would’ve listened, yet before you go into conclusion, do you ask yourself if this “pain” is yours or who it may belong to? Or “who’s a pain in your life? “  See more here on heavy and light energy.

For some of you asking that may occur as weird, not to me. Our bodies are sensory and pick up all the points of views we have of it, and often what others think too. 

Think about things you’ve tried to change and no matter what, nothing does. Could that be a sign that you’re trying to fix something that isn’t even yours to fix?

Do you have a healing body?

When we have healing bodies we often pop into other people’s realities without being aware of it. It could be your spouse, partner, co-worker, friend or a random stranger…

What if you simply asked, “Body, what’s up? What are you trying to communicate? Show me in a way that I can understand clearly.” 

You’ll often get some type of awareness, it could be an event that pops into your mind, a person, an incident. Continue asking questions, like “what is it all about ?” and “is there anything I can do to change this, if so what do I need to do?” and listen without judgment.

My body has been really stiff in recent months. A sponsored ad for a workout that I’ve seen several times for the past year popped in my newsfeed after I asked that question, and guess what, that workout was exactly what my body required to start loosening up my stiff joints.

Simple things like moving your body makes a difference. I think many of us sit way too much. I know I do.

What’s true for you and your body?

Who do you believe?

This is a tricky one. How many people do you listen to and believe and then try to replicate whatever that is, it could be, do this and get wealthy, or, eat this and you’ll get fit, yet it doesn’t work for you.

You can Google most topics and you’ll get different responses or fixes. The key to living a life that you love is to tune into what YOU desire. That could mean that while you share some beliefs with others and many not.

When you trust someone blindly you bypass your own awareness.

I’ve done it many times, until I didn’t and that often came with the harder type of “lessons”. What came out of it was a reminder to listen to my body, inner awareness and wisdom.

Wisdom comes with age

There’s a reason for the saying “wisdom comes with age” after all. We can be young and ahead of our years in maturity but not in all areas of life, and that goes for all of us independent of age. Some never wake up to who they truly are, their greatness if you will, and stay stuck in various forms of “victim” mode.

I learned many years ago that if you’re complaining about anything and not taking action or owning your part of it—you’re being a victim. While it was a tough pill to swallow at the time, it’s easy to associate victim with the cliche of it after all, I got it. 

Does that mean that I’ve always been in integrity? Heck no! I still put others before myself. I’m a work in progress like all of us. I love to grow though and seek experiences that help me expand as a person, and being happy is a priority. I pay attention to who I have around me.

Follow your inner nudges

I follow my inner nudges, take spontaneous actions in the areas I desire to explore, with many hits or misses, but I’ve had fun for the most part. There have also been tougher experiences. From it all I’ve woken up more and more, stepped out of the matrix, can relate to others on a deeper level and be a better guide. 

I’m naturally happy and see the good in people, some people think that’s naive — I think it’s one of my superpowers. It’s a choice—always. I stand for and believe that anything is possible, and many ask for someone to have their back so it tends to work out.

I recently watched a really cool movie on Netflix called HEAL – check it out if it piques your interest, especially if you’re dealing with any health imbalances. Our health impacts our mojo after all.