Losing Your Sales Mojo

Losing Your Sales Mojo

When the deals are not coming through at the end of the month despite your efforts, it’s easy to lose your mojo. When you lose your mojo, you lose perspective and the ability to see clearly. Then all of a sudden, before you know it, your territory is running you, rather than the opposite.

Before you can get back into action you need to get your head on straight and that alone can create a challenge.

It’s so easy to stay in action mode and be busy, in fact, very often that’s what we think will clear it all and while that may be true for some of you, there comes a time when it’s beneficial to take a timeout and assess why it’s happening in the first place. Is it the market, product or client target group needs changing? That alone will require adjusting your approach. 

When we stay busy and keep pushing through the day, are we really productive?

One of the most common things I see many salespeople not doing is reviewing their business plan on a regular basis.

The most successful salespeople that I work with on the other hand are very focused and intentional in everything that they do.

Now how they go about this will be very different. If you’re familiar with CliftonStrengths® you’ll know that we operate from not only different strengths perspectives but also domains. What that means is that we all have a unique mix of executing, influencing, relationship building and strategic thinking which makes how we approach our sales challenges equally unique.

Someone strong in executing will, in all likelihood, create a plan before executing but at the same time will be eager to get into action and just do.

When you’re strong in influencing, on the other hand, you may actually be best served by being out and about just talking to people, networking and while an outsider may judge it as random and unproductive to you this is how you make things happen.

Connecting with people is important if you have relationship-building talents, your actions come from the heart and build trust and business from that space. 

Lastly, we have the strategic thinking domain and you need to have some alone time to process and think things through or even dream and visualize what to do next before taking action.

So what do you do to get out of your funk? Here are some ideas to consider:

You’ve heard it before – take some deep breaths – are you?

What I found is that many of us forget to breathe deeply when we’re stressed out and while it may seem like we don’t have the time even – 2 minutes can shift things. The cool thing with breathing exercises is that you can do it anywhere even while driving (keeping your eyes open and on the road in that case) or simply pull over and take a 5-minute break. 

  • Turn off the radio and take in your surroundings
  • Take long deep breaths for 2-5 minutes at whatever pace you desire. This alone can shift your mindset and at a minimum make you feel present in your body
  • Go ahead and take a deep breath from the top of your head all the way down to the tips of your toes
  • Imagine your breath going into the earth and then up to, and in through your head all the way down to the tips of your toes
  • Repeat this a couple of times while just focusing on your breath

CLICK HERE to listen to a 2-minute guided audio.

Invite a friend or group of friends to meet up for a brainstorming session or simply go for a hike and talk. Go to the beach or out in nature. A movie or a workout does wonders for clearing your mind.

What would be fun for your to-do, right now?

Do You Know What Your Purpose is and Why?

Do You Know What Your Purpose is and Why?

When people ask you what your purpose is, what your “why” is, why you’re in sales for example, do you know what to answer or do you freeze up and say, “I don’t know“?

For me, if anything, it was always about having fun and wanting people to be happy. I had no clue what my purpose was. This in itself was a clue to my why long before I knew what it was, so there were many “I don’t know’s” in the process.

The more experiences you have in life whether you are living the dream you envisioned as a kid or young adult, or not, it often comes down to if you are clear on what your actual why is – why you’re here – and if you get to apply it. It doesn’t have to be complex, and while I still think being happy is a priority I now know why, it’s my “why” that creates more of that, and also my “how” and “what.” 

So many of us get stuck in a brain freeze of significance or confusion while trying to get clear on our purpose. The confusion often originates from needing more information or resisting inner awarenesses – your truth. Even when you have a desire to know, it’s easy to distract yourself to avoid the truth of how gifted you are. So many people stay in the space of not knowing. 

What creates the results you are seeking can be found in many places. 

Getting clear your “why” starts with your talents and interests, what you love to do and inquiring into why you’re drawn to doing this in the first place. Assessments are helpful tools that can open you up to new clues and get you out of over-analyzing yourself.

In my quest to becoming my best self I’ve taken numerous assessments over the years to drill down to the core of what’s important to me. When I started seeing the patterns of similar responses it helped me embrace the gift I am and the needs I have. 

I’ve also continually taken courses to expand my awareness, get tools, educate myself as continuous transformation and growth are two of my passions in life. What I learned by taking on all different teachings at the same time first of all was that they all provided different aspects of the same thing  Now, that doesn’t mean that you need to, we are all drawn to different activities which ties into our talents, what they each bring and need, and why you’re doing it in the first place.

Imagine what life you would be living if your basic needs were taken care of — where would you live, who would be around you, what would you do, how would you contribute and why?

Questions like this help you get clear on what’s really important to you.

Getting clear on your why

When it comes to finding your “why” there are many teachings to sort through and while CliftonStrengths® is all about HOW you approach everything, it also offers clues to your “why” too. 

Knowing your “how”, and getting clear on your “why” and then what you do to express it is equally important.

I read the Finding Your Why by Simon Sinek several years back and later did the exercises found the How to find your Why book which helped me get my purpose which was very similar to the tagline I created from my dominant CliftonStrengths® talents.

Now, there was still something missing that I couldn’t identify and when I made friends with Jamie Douraghy at a course a couple of years back, he took me through something called a “Why Stack”. Through a series of questions you get what your “why” is, “how” you express it and “what” you’re able to do as a result of that. He recently published a book about it, On Guard and On Point – read it, it’s a short read, focused and packed with great insights.

Consider this:

  • What are the things that really trigger you? Why?
    “It drives me crazy when________ (trigger) when it can be ___________ (like this). 
  • What can you not stop yourself from doing?

In short, your inquiry will lead you to select three of the following whys:

  1. To contribute to a greater cause
  2. To create relationships based on trust
  3. To make sense of the complicated
  4. To find a better way
  5. To do things the right way
  6. To challenge the status quo
  7. To seek mastery
  8. To clarify
  9. To simplify

My Why Stack is: “I simplify (why) by challenging the status quo (how) so that I can contribute (what)”.  My greater cause is connecting people to their rock star self. This is who I am at the core in everything I do. 

If I’m in situations where things get too complex it would trigger my need to simplify. Added to that, if I’m asked to behave or dress in a specific way then I don’t get to live full out and contribute which is how my why is expressed at its core. 

To take the Why assessment click here or contact Jamie directly HERE.

So what would this look like for you? Comment below.

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