CliftonStrengths®: Relator® – Going deep

CliftonStrengths®: Relator® – Going deep

CliftonStrengths® defines Relator® as “enjoy close relationships with others. They find deep satisfaction in working hard with friends to achieve a goal.”

You thrive when you “connect deeply with the right people to gain friends for life. “

You care

I love to dive deep into conversations in areas of interest. I’ve never been drawn to “shallow” people as I desire to connect more deeply. I will make an attempt to connect with most people I meet to see if I can open you up and if not, I move on.

I build businesses with a focus on the impact of people. I have Relationship as my #1 BP10™ talent (Builders Profile) and Relator® is my #8 theme so this focus is what I bring all across the board.

I’ve always had a fascination in exploring what makes people tick from a curiosity perspective. Some people have loved that, others not. Most people tend to trust me quickly and I think that’s where this talent theme shines and influences.


A small circle of close friends

Many “Relators” have a few friends that they are super close with and may be guarded in letting new people in. Some of us have many close friends (that would be Woo® influencing) or open up to strangers quickly that you then never see again.

When I look at all the places I’ve lived in over the years I definitely have many close friends, yet it’s a couple at the time and some are more active than others.

I think some of that had to do with the BS meter that many of us have. It’s a “trust” theme and once you trust people you’re there for the ride, make time for your friends and have their back.

On the flip side, if you play us, you’re out and won’t necessarily be allowed in again. Next!

People that are shallow or that don’t let you in may evoke the same reaction.

You build long-term

I have friends from early childhood, like my childhood BFF that I met when I was 2 years old. Now, we haven’t spoken or seen each other for many years, we’ll comment on each other’s Facebook walls now and then AND if I saw her today I bet we’d connect in an instant and continue without missing a beat.

The same goes for all of my close friends. That to me is the gold in this theme.

The ones that are in your lives have a friend that has their back.

My Adaptability® theme influences this theme quite a bit. Many years ago I took on the belief and life philosophy of “People come into your life for a reason, season or lifetime”, long before I knew of this quotable.

It has supported my Relator® theme and offered freedom and allowance as you never know who ends up being your “lifetime” friends. There’s been many “surprise” turns along the way and that’s totally fine with me.

Being real

It’s super important for you to be real and authentic. Fake people rub most of you the wrong way as you really want people to be themselves. To me, I don’t really have a judgment of what you choose to do in life unless you hurt people or animals intentionally.


Do you have Relator® as one of your dominant talents? Do you go deep too? How does this theme play out in your life? Please comment below, I’d love to know.

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CliftonStrengths®: Adaptability® – Going with the flow

CliftonStrengths®: Adaptability® – Going with the flow

Gallup® defines Adaptability® as “prefer to go with the flow. They tend to be “now” people who take things as they come and discover the future one day at a time.” 

Adaptability® is about being urgent, current, present, responsive, in touch and calm. It could be a protector from chaos. You react, immediately, and can be a positive force for change.

Going with the flow

Yes, maybe it’s a cliche and when it comes to this theme it’s one of your strengths. When you’re taking a spur of the moment action you thrive. And that’s key, you like to have short-term, in the moment goals.

For me rollerblading and sports symbolizes what this theme is all about. You are present in the moment, quickly adjusting to what’s coming at you with little to no hesitation and you’re absolutely not in your head.

You’re fully alive and present, taking in everything around you.

When I’m blading, especially when I’m on the beach, I’m in the zone. I experience an inner freedom, joy, and flow when I’m gliding along the ocean, with no other sounds than the wind. Ah, it’s just the ultimate feeling of peace for me, I feel so expansive yet alert and not missing anything around me. Being in nature is another one.

You thrive on change

You don’t do well in a rigid structure as you thrive on change and easily adjust.

While you may be able to manage long-term projects due to your other themes, it doesn’t nurture your Adaptability® theme. What has you thrive are the constant changes, a loose framework, and short-term targets.

You’re calm when there’s chaos around you

You react and then quickly change course. It’s a very fluid theme, and for me who have moved a lot and been in environments with constant change, one that I’ve tapped into a lot.

I was a Scout growing up and the motto of “always be prepared/ready” was one I often found myself quoting. It’s been part of my life motto and one I credit to the Adaptability® theme.

To outsiders your constant need for variety, and talent, to easily change course may occur as you not sticking to things. In a way, you’re like a butterfly going from one flower to the next, or a squirrel going from nut to nut, abandoning what you were focusing on. I’ve learned to trust the nudge, change course and take action (hello Activator®).

Do I have abandoned projects? Yep, in my personal life mostly. And that’s OK with me. It may call me another day so if it’s important it gets done.

You’re calm in chaos

Adaptability® is my #7 theme. I personally thrive on change and even when there’s chaos around me, it’s the theme that helps me adjust quickly and move forward while focusing on right now. My Strategic® (#1) and Futuristic® (#4) themes influence this theme in addition to Activator® (#5).

And that’s the kicker, while there’s power in separating your strengths out so that you can strategically focus on different aspects of yourself to create different results, they still all influence each other.

So for me, with my talent blend, I focus on the now and am also tapped into the future. I am not drawn to revisit the past other than to clear it or learn from it.


Do you have Adaptability® as one of your dominant talents? What creates a flow for you? When are you in the zone? Please comment below, I’d love to know.

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CliftonStrengths®: Self-Assurance® – The built-in compass

CliftonStrengths®: Self-Assurance® – The built-in compass

Following your instincts

Do you follow and trust your inner guidance, gut, instincts?

I remember how I, as a kid, was the one in front guiding the family safely back to the hotel when traveling to new cities. I just knew where to go despite never having been there before.

There was no need for a map, and long before cell phones and the internet existed.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten lost, except that one time in South Central, and that’s another story that worked out in the end.

Nowadays I’ve refined it and play games with myself when taking off on unfamiliar routes in the spur of the moment, just for fun mind you. I know my theme of Adaptability® (#7) is influencing here too and several others.

You just know

Self-Assurance® is my #6 theme and for me, it occurs as another intuitive theme. I just “know” and follow my inner guidance/awareness even when I don’t know where I’m headed.

For many, this theme will show up as someone who is self-confident, it’s connected, after all, our inner and outer reflections. We can be a calm presence in the storm, both for ourselves and others, and people are often drawn to us for that reason.

What others may consider being “risky” is not for someone with Self-Assurance®. If it’s something we believe in we go for it and trust our inner guidance.

It could be a move across the country, creating or joining a startup or simply daring to say no when others say yes because we “know” that it’s not aligned with our desired outcomes at that moment.

Because the inner compass is strong, we’re not easily persuaded when it’s an inner “no” and may choose a different path. Telling us what to do doesn’t fly very well either, and then again I think that applies to all of us, right?

We focus on moving forward

Our focus is on making decisions/taking action and moving forward. We anticipate risk and take the actions needed to solve or clear it. We are not afraid of going solo or creating our own path, walking to the beat of our own drum.

Gallup® defines people high in Self-Assurance® as “feel confident in their ability to take risks and manage their own lives. They have an inner compass that gives them certainty in their decisions.”

We bring the ability to lead the way and take the necessary actions. I personally have no problems asking people for help or directions if needed, others may find that more challenging.

Living life on your own terms

Where Self-Assurance® thrive and what we need to do is to: Trust our gut, and live life on our own terms. We also need the freedom to act independently.

Because we trust our gut, have the ability to take action and lead we’re well suited for entrepreneurship, especially the startup phase. I can attest to that as that has been my path and thriving phase.

Do you have Self-Assurance® as one of your dominant talents? Do you recognize any of this in you? How do you express it in your life? Please comment below, I’d love to know.

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CliftonStrengths®: Activator® – Do you thrive on getting things started?

CliftonStrengths®: Activator® – Do you thrive on getting things started?

You love to take off

Are you the one taking off in full speed once the light turns green? Or when someone asks you to do it, you’re already in action the next second? When an Activator® is allowed to take action fast they thrive. Getting projects started, is our strength. Like the ignition in a racecar or the launch of a rocket, the energy we bring is all about kicking things off.

Please don’t ask us to wait and wait and wait, it’ll literally stress us out. We need to be in action, give us something to act on in the interim. When we’re not, we can occur as a caged animal or literally jump up and down asking you to make up your mind so that we can take off/leave/go.

You have a lot of energy

For me, my CliftonStrengths® talent of Activator® is #5. I’ve always been a high energy person, and even I occur as slow when I’m around someone who has it as their #1. Through them, I get to experience what many experiences with me, the difference may be that I laugh-out-loud in these situations.

While we’re high energy, we’re best utilized and energized when we kick-off a project. To me, being part of startups or re-organizing business areas energizes me. Being in a role where I can take action is important to me. I also need to change ongoingly. Routine maintenance long-term is not our best gig.

You take action

When I was younger I used to leap off the cliff and then figure out what action to take on my way down. It’s when I feel the most alive, still is. I still probably occur as “impulsive” in some areas to outsiders and that’s OK. I’ve learned that for me it’s important to be in action and not spend too much time thinking before acting. I learn by doing and since I’m a fast learner I will correct things before most notice any errors and I don’t tend to repeat the same mistakes.

Yes, some may see us as impatient, we are, as we see the impact of not taking action and creating the momentum needed to kick off a new project/company/idea. We don’t want to waste time. We love getting this started and done. We’re not afraid to take what others consider risks and we are often intuitive in the areas that we choose to activate.


Do you have Activator® as one of your dominant talents? What leaps make you feel fully alive? Please comment below, I’d love to know.

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