Being an Invitation for Receiving

Being an Invitation for Receiving

What if money is more about our willingness of receiving than anything else? In other words who are we being around money? What if receiving a new lover, friend, discounts, freebies, new possibilities were also seen as “money”? What energy are you being an invitation for? In other words, what is your current vibrational frequency?

I know I for one have had the awareness more than once that I was shutting down receiving as I was perceiving there needing to be an exchange. How many of us grew up being programmed “to do x to receive y” after all? What if you could just receive without the need to take a specific action? By being you? And what if that also made it a lot more fun for the giver?

I have someone that is so grateful for anything I gift her that it makes it so much fun to give her more. Do you have someone like that in your life? Who are they being to you that makes you desire to contribute? Then, of course, there are those situations where you are gifted items that are just not your cup of tea, what about those situations you may wonder? To me, I nowadays look at what it will create, and who this person is to me and if there are any expectations attached.

A true gift to me has no expectations attached, giving the receiver true choice to receive and either use it or not. What if whatever happens to that gift doesn’t matter? What if it’s simply about receiving it? And what if that includes people? Receiving a person i.e. allowing them to be without judgments or points of views, is to me one of the most generative energies. Have you ever been in a situation where two or more people are receiving each fully with no point of view? When you tap into that space of infinite possibilities and magic?

In Access Consciousness™ it is said that “money follows joy” and I would add that pretty much anything in life follows joy. And joy & happiness to me doesn’t mean that I need to laugh all the time, even if I do tend to laugh a lot. I have my focused periods when I’m in the zone and connected to this yummy creation energy that generates more all the time.

It all looks different to us all, and what if you connect within in whatever fashion that works for you and take the actions that your inner being & body desires? It’s all non-linear, doesn’t make logical sense and yet when you do/be who you truly be there is a harmony with your energy inside and out and infinite possibilities are made possible to you. I wonder how much you would be willing to receive?

What if you would pull the generative energy of life from the earth up through your feet all through your body and out through your head and then start all over again? And what if you could send energy to the earth, plants, beings while doing this? What if that gifted something to this planet just as it could you?

What if you added the energy of whatever your currency is, let’s say starting with $100 and then let that energy flow through your body. Then increase to $1,000, then $10,000, then $100,000, then $1,000,000 and so on at the pace and as far as you would like to take it. You can do this while sitting still or moving your body. Does anything shift in your body when you play with this energy?

What if you activated your body every morning before you went outside? Would that create some new possibilities for you? Would that be a gift to this planet? Would you like to try it? Just for fun?

When I first heard of this it really inspired me, and here’s why. I got that when we are resonant with an energy, bring it into our body, we then become like a beacon for whatever that energy matches to come into our lives. It’s a different way of creating for sure, and how much fun is it to see what shows up? Are you willing to be open to what shows up even if it may not look like you expect it to? You can always shift your energy and ask “How does it get any better than this?®”*.

To me, this new aspect of using energy is the key for me to create whatever is next and then I make choices moment by moment that creates more of that energy that I generated in my body. In contrast, go out and wonder how you are going to pay for x? A different kind of energy, huh?

What would be more fun and expansive for you? What amount resonates with you? (it can vary every day) Who would you like to meet? Where would you like to go? What amount makes your body buzz with yumminess?


* This is a registered trademark by Access Consciousness



What comes up when you hear the word “manipulation”? Do you think of something disempowering or some sort of chiropractic body adjustment? What if manipulation could be a playful and joyful energy that expands the reality of all people involved and where both are left happy? What if we could change the perception of what manipulation is and turn it into what it once did mean in dictionaries prior to 1947 ” to artfully and skillfully manage”?

I listened to a phenomenal class recording last week multiple times on this topic and the way it was presented was so expansive, light and such a contribution. It totally opened up my world in new ways where I see choice from a different perspective, like the choice to ask someone to help instead of doing it all myself, and by asking allowing the other person to be a contribution. Choice creates awareness, how cool is that? The power of asking open-ended questions. 

What if manipulation could be something fun and ease-filled? Have you ever been on the freeway in rush hour traffic yet managed to get from point A to B with ease and speed? Would that be another aspect of manipulation? What else could you manipulate? What if manipulation is simply a different aspect of the willingness to play with energy and then receive what you desire? That leaves people feeling empowered? Would you be willing to give up how it all would unfold and be willing to receive something even greater?

If you are interested in seeing a master in action click here, Blossom inspires me with who she is and the ease with which she speaks by simply being her. What she evokes in me is what being you is all about when you play full out in all areas.

We are infinite beings (my POV), so to me, this version of manipulation is occurring as an elegance of being upfront with a playfulness? I wonder how much fun I can create by simply tapping into a new aspect of me each day and play full out?

I love to explore, after all, how about you? What would be fun for you to be/do that you have been holding yourself back from? Is now the time? What if, when we are being and doing who we choose to be in each moment without apology we inspire others to ask for and have more of themselves? Would that make it worth it to step up and play more?



A couple of years ago I was looking at what had me create what I had created to date, the game changer events especially. I realized that what I had started concluding “it must be hidden anger fueling me into action”, was in fact “potency” (“the power to influence someone”, “the strength or effectiveness of something”). That, in turn, created a willingness to acknowledge my creations so far from a different perspective.

When I’m in the space of potency there is nothing stopping me, I become a demand for whatever is at hand to “happen” i.e. playing full out and not accepting excuses per say rather asking myself “what else is possible?” and I just go for it, thinking nothing of it. I’m calm on the inside and determined/focused. The “ask & it’s given” space with the inspired action 🙂 Have you tapped into that space yourself? How does potency show up for you in your life?

Sometimes it takes an outsiders comment to get us to look at what we perceive as “normal” through their eyes. I had one of those moments a while back where I followed the energy, was a demand for change (in this case getting on a flight a lot earlier than scheduled with a very tight margin) and managed to actualize it, walking onboard 5 minutes prior to departure at a gate at the far end of the terminal (with no running or stress involved). I would never have thought of that as being out of the ordinary until someone asked how on earth I made it on the plane with so little time? I looked at it and realized that yes I had indeed stretched time by being focused on the desire at hand, how cool is that?

This had me wonder, what else I can ask for from a space of potency that I currently am not? How often do we simply stop asking or forget to ask for something that we desire to create? Or get detoured? And sometimes it’s all about shifting the focus or perspective just a little bit to actualize that request. What am I desiring to ask that I am not asking for? What questions could I ask that could shift all that? Now I’ll have more of that!

Is there anything that you are desiring that you have or haven’t asked for? What potent demand could you make? Is there something you can ask of yourself that would empower you to step into more of you?