Being space

Being space

What does that even mean you may wonder? When you are in nature, on the beach, with your pet(s) and/or feeling yummy in general are you being space? Are your barriers up or down? Are you approachable in a different way? Are you open to receiving in a different way? Are you judging yourself and/or others? Who are you being in that moment?

I have noticed over the years that being space comes easy for me, and it’s taken me many years to acknowledge that it’s one of my gifts and also one of the reasons people often feel comfortable around me. When I’m in facilitation mode it’s very easy for me to be in a space of non-judgment. That doesn’t mean that I do not ever judge or have opinions.

Over the years I’ve also come to realize that most of what I thought was my judgments or reactions are actually were not even mine. I’ve even noticed that the words out of my mouth often are what the other person was thinking, especially if they are holding back! How do I know? I often receive that verbal feedback. Have you ever experienced this?

And a couple of years ago after we had discussed energy projection (like a fireball of anger) in class I experienced a road rage incident later that day. This was the first time when I could acknowledge that the fireball in my stomach and my body shaking of fear was actually not me being upset, it was this person projecting all his rage towards me – wow! (the moment before it happened I was in “being space” and in a very yummy and expansive space).

Talk about two different ways of being crossing paths! This time I had the tools to deal with it! How awesome is that? It was so profound and empowering to experience this and while I do not enjoy being around that type of energy I really got how it wasn’t mine. It had me wonder where else I was taking things into my body on autopilot that were not even mine, buying them as mine?

Your words or thoughts not being yours? Does that sound strange to you? What if the thoughts in your head are actually not yours? The “feelings” in your body? What if you are more aware than you ever gave yourself credit for and actually tap into the energy/vibrational frequency of others? What could you create with that awareness?

What so-called beliefs and values could you release with joy? What would releasing beliefs and values that do not work for you create for you and your life?

To find out more about releasing energy, beliefs and more go to Access Consciousness® or send me a message. One awesome process that releases “drama” and beliefs/values that you are ready to release is called The Bars® (I love having my Bars run weekly).

If you are interested in having a session with me send me a message or to find another facilitator in your local area click here.

Dominant Space

Dominant Space

What is the dominant energy in the space around you? The people you hang with? Work with? Neighbors/ neighborhood? Is it an energy that contributes to you, and the life you wish to create?

What comes to mind for you if I say “this person has a dominant energy?” – do you think of someone amazing or a bully? Will that person include or invite you to play or is it all about them? And how does either of those energies affect you? Can you be you, or do you cave in and let someone dominate you? Could there be another possibility? Are you the dominant space?

In a world where many people choose to dominate by being mean, ego tripping, needing the stage for themselves and are simply insecure why is it that we so often allow that behavior and even cater to it? Does the customer who complain get better service and/or more attention than the ones that are awesome? Where are you in the equation? Who do you choose to interact with?

One of the things I love about living in the US is it’s diversity, especially in the larger cities like Los Angeles and New York. When you live in a city which literally has people from all over the world residing in it you learn a lot. I made a choice many years ago to leave the country I was born and raised in.

I was looking for something different that I couldn’t find where I was at the time. Having moved a lot in Sweden and then taking the leap to move to a different country was easy, exciting and fun for me. To be in a country with so many people, variety and choice it gave me the freedom to be me, explore and create something new for me.

My journey to citizenship was a long one that humbled me and had many eye-opening experiences. The gratitude I have and the privilege I feel for living here has a lot to do with the determination it took to live here legally as a citizen.

The blended energies of this country also confused me at times as people’s choices and perspective, the cultures and more were very different than mine. This was long before I knew a simple question like “Who does this belong to?®” could shift things in a moment or “What question can I ask to change this?” or “What information is missing that could change this?”.

When you live in a neighborhood where the majority are of certain beliefs or cultures it’s really interesting to observe, tap into and also talk to people to see what makes them tick, especially when it’s completely different from your own way of living life. Having had tools to let go of events in my past through different teachings over the years I still often felt “different” and again how much of that was even mine? And when the contrast is palpable it also becomes a tool to distinguish what actually is yours vs. others.

While carrying the past with you is not unique to any particular group of people it provides a greater perspective when you can tap into a group of people that all appear to choose the same. Whether it’s holding on to old customs, dressing to fit in or to follow a religion, when you are of a different point of view than the group. Many of us have experienced some type of group energy where we wanted to fit in, belong and then for some of us it just wasn’t true so we changed our minds.

It’s not about right or wrong from my perspective, I’m curious and like to ask questions. I have however gone from a Q&A conclusion reality to now more actively looking for the awareness matching the energy of what I am asking for, what’s true for me, and yes I still come to conclusions too. So much of what I am asking for nowadays I do not even have the words for. And I now include me in a different way.

How often do you give into the group energy out of courtesy to the people that you are with? That to me is where it gets interesting. How often does the openness go both ways? What would be possible if people totally choose what was working for them? Even if that meant to leave or speak up or both?

An empowered choice is a generative and expansive energy to me. What does it bring up for you? And what would it be like if the people around you could hear what you had to say with absolutely no point of view?

And then there are work situations, an unhappy customer, or co-worker, isn’t it interesting how one person can dominate a space so much, that we allow it even when it’s not working for us? The thing that I find even more interesting is that many allow behaviors that are not inspiring yet resist and shoot down the people that bring joy, happiness, and other possibilities?

To me, that is downright strange. And having been a person who has been happy in spite of people’s moods around me for most of my life, often being judged and not received, I’ve reflected on it a lot. And wondered where the happy people are. It’s so much easier to gossip, complain, get hooked into drama, or could there be other possibilities available? Even when you feel like crap and people are down on you?

Yesterday after listening to an awesome hangout with Blossom I got some awesome reminders – do not listen to it :). I realized [again] that being happy and inspiring is a gift, including others in the invitation, is fun even if they say no, being interested rather than interesting which is what the energy of being inclusive is to me and that is what will create a change on this planet that I am willing to play with.  The kind of change where people are happy and contributing to this planet in another way.

Have you ever considered the impact anger vs. joy creates on our planet? The more I tune into all different kinds of energy, the more I acknowledge how aware I am, the more I stop even for a moment to contribute yummy energy to the plants, birds, squirrels, etc. I wonder how many of us do?

I have this beautiful hummingbird that comes to say hello now and then and that to me is super magical having grown up where I did 🙂 And today someone in my community shared how she was bringing in the energy of a money amount that had her buzzing into her body while running. That resonated so much with me, it got my body buzzing as I tapped into the amount for me, and I wonder what that energy can contribute to the trees and wildlife when I go out for my walk in a bit? And if I stay focused on energizing my body with a willingness to receive this amount or greater I wonder what else that will create for my life and living, and how it will affect the people around me?

What yummy energies can you focus on today? What choices can you make that expand your life? What choices have you made that you would choose again? What choices have you made that you are ready to release? Could it be as simple as just making a different choice?

“What if a belief is just a thought you have thought many times?” – Abraham-Hicks

The Energy and Meaning of Money

The Energy and Meaning of Money

Isn’t it interesting how one word can have so much energy around it? You either have the money or not. Some have too much to spend/invest/contribute, others too little or nothing. And then there’s all the meaning we have around this topic, and all the judgments we have about people that have money. What if that alone is what is holding us back from receiving money?
If money is “the root of all evil” – would you ever be able to receive money? Kind of funny huh? And then there is the awareness of what we know is possible and somehow we still do not tap into the flow of receiving money, why is that?
I’m about to embark on another class where the topic is “money”, creating more of it and releasing all the limiting beliefs, values, etc. that is holding me back from receiving the massive amounts that I desire. As with all things in life what we focus on expands, in other words, what’s stopping us (excuses) will show up for sure (my IPOV). 
I know I’ve used [not enough] time and/or money as excuses for many things in life – buying into “working hard for the money” and other silly beliefs and I for one am ready to release that once and for all and create something more fun, inspiring and ease filled.
A guy like Sir Richard Branson really inspires me, he has always done his own thing despite people’s judgment and has created a fun life on his terms that has inspired so many other people on this planet. That has me wonder how much I’ve been holding back me, my gifts and talents, the full potency of who I am and my contributions to this planet? And for what insane reason?
Have you considered the contribution more money could have in your life beyond the cost of living? How much fun would it be to receive more money than you could ever spend? I am ready to receive more – bring it on! 🙂
So as I embark on this money journey more on this topic will in all likelihood show up in future blogs. Would you like to join the class? (starting May 6 with amazing facilitators Cory & Katherine – it’s only $297 for 10 weeks, how awesome is that?!). And if now is not the time here are a couple of questions (courtesy of Access Consciousness®) that you can ask yourself if you are game to shift your relationship with money:
  1. What have you made so vital about working hard for the money that’s keeping you from creating money from the joy of being you?
  2. What does money mean to you? What possible beyond this?
  3. What capacity are you refusing that if you chose it would actualize as more money than God?
How much fun can money add to your life? Imagine being able to contribute to this planet on a grander scale? It certainly beats not having money from my POV! What would you create? What would you contribute? What inspires you? Where would you focus your attention?