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Do you thrive on change or do you resist it? Are you surrounded by people that enjoy change or that support your choice to change? And does it matter? When things are not working in your life, do you stop and inquire within if a) the [mood] is even yours? (!) or if...

Completions and new beginnings
Completions and new beginnings

What comes up for you when you think of completions or the end of something? Does it make you feel sad, relieved, sentimental, happy, or something else? Do you embrace it and make every moment count? Do you resist it or have you already ended the [...] before the day...

inspiring sounds
inspiring sounds

What comes to mind for you when I say "inspiring sounds"? It can be a multitude of sounds after all. Music is one [obvious] source and choice for many. I love all kinds of music and listen to different styles depending on what mode and mood I desire to create. And...

thank you for being you

Do you enjoy giving people or businesses testimonials? Or writing a review for a hotel, restaurant, etc.? What if giving someone a testimonial or acknowledging them for something that they are really good at, or something that they're being or contributing that they...



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