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are you Communicating the energy of you?

Do you like to create different outfits? Have you ever considered taking pictures of yourself in the outfits where you know you look fabulous to see what the magic formula is for you? Or do you avoid mirrors & cameras and just pick something? Do you know what your...

space and Choice

[painted ladies SF] Mar 18, 2015 I am so present to the power of choice and the space it creates today. What if a choice was just something that was good for 10 seconds and then you get to choose again? What would that create in your life and reality?   And what if...

Comfort zones

Do you feel exposed when you step out of your comfort zone? Do you go for it anyway or does it stop you? I was just drinking two aloe beverages called "Exposed" and "Comfort" and it inspired me to blog. I'm the type of person who crave change and have no problem being...

are you distraCting yourself from Choice?

Have you ever wondered or stopped yourself long enough to look at why you take actions that override what your body is asking for, or what you are desiring to create in life in general? I've been looking at that for a while in all areas of life and have found that...

what are you selling?

[image of me] Mar 9, 2015 … and how are you expressing it? Having spent more than 25 years working with “professional” sales people I know that many of them have no clue. So what am I talking about? Do you think sales is only for the "professional" sales people? To...

body movement

I recently popped through a veil of sorts, another illusion busted and with that in action mode galore. And it really had me look at how much of this was me tapping into other people's realities and once again buying it as mine? That is one of the things that never...



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